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Nigerian Women Nigerian Ladies

I am Mrs Lawretta Ayodeji; a minister of God with a Law degree. A lover of Jesus Christ. I love life and live it to the full God's way


Nigerian Women Nigerian Ladies

Nigerian Women, Nigerian Ladies, it is time that we all woke up and took part in the current happenings in our country Nigeria. Gone are the days when we were told to take the back seat while the Men drove us all into a ditch! It is time for all Nigerian Women and Ladies to Stand-up for what is right. Enough is enough with archaic idiosyncrasies. We are in the 21st century and in this century, Women all over the world are very much enlightened and advanced. Many of us women or ladies as you prefer to be referred to have master’s degrees and or even Doctorate degrees in well recognised fields.

So, I am calling upon all Nigerian Women and Nigerian Ladies to wakeup and participate in todays politics, business, and every other facet of life. We need to get involved. The involvement of women in social political activities make for a better Nigeria. Women all over the world are known to generally add a touch of spice in everything they lay their hands upon to do. So, if Nigerian Women and Ladies wakeup and begin to consciously get involve in our Community activities like politics, business and Social welfare, the country will turn out much better than when we leave everything to the men alone to handle.

Nigeria is a rich and powerful nation on the face of the earth, and we need all hands-on deck if we want to really standout and be counted for. Nigerians are great minds all over the world, you just check the statistics, go online and do your own research. We need these great minds working for the betterment of Nigeria, rather than just being an international trophy. Come home great minds every now and again and support our nation the best you can to move us forward. You don’t have to live in Nigeria but somehow you can affect changes when you participate in the goings in Nigeria from wherever you are, and from your occasional visits to homeland Nigeria. Remember there is no place like home, after you have toiled and soured the earth; the way you left home may remain how it is until you then return home to repair it or participate in its repair.

I am calling on Nigerian Women and Nigerian Ladies because it is the easiest way to start my rally on the participation and repairs needed to move the country forward. When women and ladies get involved in any situation, things begin to speedily move forward. So, I invite my fellow Nigerian Women and Ladies to the issues on ground Now. Nigeria needs you!

For the last time and in all sincerity of heart, I say; Nigeria Women and Nigerian Ladies wake up and get involved before it is too late to do anything about some of the situations, we find ourselves.