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New Alliance to Confront China: Australia, UK and US.

Three Amigos.

Prime Minister:  Boris Johnson.

Prime Minister: Boris Johnson.

President:  Joe Biden.

President: Joe Biden.

Prime Minister:  Scot Morrison.

Prime Minister: Scot Morrison.

New Alliance Announced.

Yesterday, American President Joe Biden, British Prime Minister Boris Johnson and, Australian Prime Minister Scot Morrison announced a new alliance. A new alliance or defence pact between 3 English-speaking nations to confront China. The intention of the alliance is also, to furnish, Australia, with nuclear subs. These subs, however, will not allegedly be armed with nuclear missiles.

China will not be happy and has described this new alliance as "irresponsible". China will feel alarmed and threatened by this new announcement. China, from its point of view, is hemmed in and surrounded by the US, in what it regards, as its own backyard. The US has been making alliances, with nations that feel threatened by an expansive China. India, Japan, South Korea, the Philippines, all have issues with Communist China. Making a defensive pact with the US would make sense, when you are facing a deadly enemy, like China. The US, is the only nation in the world, able, to confront and contain China. Now Australia, building an alliance with the US and the UK, will cause another defensive and geographical headache, for the Chinese. China, of course, will respond, in whatever, way it can to this new development. China is a growing military and economic power, but it knows, any aggressive moves on its part will drive other nations into the US' arms, (something China will not want).

China has major friends in Asia too, such as North Korea and Myanmar, (formerly, Burma). Myanmar has been putting down, a major uprising, with supplied Chinese weapons and backing. North Korea, led by Kim Jong-un, has recently launched yet another missile.

The new alliance, between the US, UK, and Australia is called 'AUKUS'. A combination of Australia, the UK, and the US. Australia, once had good relations with China, particularly, over trade. Now, with a more expansive, aggressive, and, confident China, this has now changed. Prime Minister Scot Morrison or 'Sco-Mo' intends to beef up Australia's armed forces, to meet the threat of China. Now, with the Australians gaining nuclear subs, this will be another strong asset, in the Aussie arsenal.

President Xi Jinping of China seems to be President and Dictator, for life. Some say he is following in the footsteps of the Founder of Communist China, Chairman Mao. Under Mao, thousands of people died, though to many Chinese, he is the savior of their nation.

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China is a clear and present danger, and what happens next, remains to be seen. China mocked the US withdrawal from Afghanistan. As far as the Communist giant was concerned, this signaled, the end of US activity, in the world. That America was withdrawing from the world as a power, leaving China to have, a free hand. It seems though, China, in thinking this, has made, a major gaffe of strategic proportions. With the US, making an alliance with the UK and Australia, (to confront China on its own doorstep), China is now looking foolish. Yes, the Americans have gone from Afghanistan, however, the announcement of this new alliance is letting China know, the US is still, very much around.

Chinese President: Xi Jinping.



Nick Bishop (author) on September 17, 2021:

I dont, I'm just reporting this.

MG Singh emge from Singapore on September 16, 2021:

iI you recollect Eisenhower had quite a few similar pacts like CENTO, SEATO, etc, All of them collapsed. why do you feel this pact will succeed?

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