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Neither Sunak or Truss Has What It Takes: Alex Phillips.

Johnson, Sunak, and Truss.


A Withering Assessment from Alex Phillips.

Alex Phillips has given a withering and critical assessment of the two Tory candidates. That is Rishi Sunak and Liz Truss. She has also attacked Boris for being on holiday and doing nothing about the increase in the cost of living.

Ms. Phillips mentioned that she thought neither candidate was up to the job of being Prime Minister. Ms. Phillips said while both were lethally turning each other apart verbally the country needs answers. Boris and outgoing chancellor Nadim Zahawi (a Truss supporter) have indicated there is a package of measures to help those struggling to pay their bills. However, no indication was given what those measures might be.

Boris and his outgoing administration have done nothing to ease the minds of worried billpayers. It seems they are leaving it to whoever succeeds Boris as Prime Minister.

It's not only individuals, families, etc, who will be affected by the energy hike in October. Small companies may be forced to close unless help is forthcoming. Truss has attacked government payments as 'handouts'. However, when the lockdown was in full swing the furlough scheme helped many people stay in their jobs. Also, loans and grants kept businesses afloat although some did not survive.

Alex Phillips highlighted the government's statement of being self-sufficient in energy. However, no drilling for North Sea gas has taken place. Ms. Phillips highlighted fracking, a controversial way of getting energy from the ground. A geological survey was carried out in April but nothing has happened since.

Ms. Phillips spoke about how the UK has laughed at Germany for being self-reliant on Russian gas. But the EU has plans in place to deal with energy shortages. As opposed to the UK which has no plans in place.

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As Keir Starmer has pointed out what we have is a zombie government. Alex Phillips who would never be (one would think) a Labour supporter in a month of Sundays appeared to agree.

Alex Phillips also said while the price of fuel at the pump has gone up in the UK in the EU it has gone down.

Phillips mentioned the fact that both candidates were obsessed with Margaret Thatcher. Especially, Truss who seems to think she is Thatcher reborn. To have a potential Prime Minister who thinks she is Thatcher is disturbing, to say the least. The fact of having yet another Tory female Prime Minister who bases herself on someone from the past is mental. Sure, admire your heroes but do not think you actually are them. Ask the French with Macron who seems to think he is Napoleon.

It seems Truss will be the Prime Minister on 5 September. Sunak must know this but never the less he is staying in the race for whatever reason. It seems also Boris another leader thinking he is another leader from the past (Winston Churchill) might or could make a political comeback (like Churchill). We have the same phenomenon in the States where wanna-be Ronald Reagan admirer Trump might run again in 2024.

Truss or Sunak are going to have serious issues in their intray when they become Prime Minister. We have the war in Ukraine, rising crime, migrants arriving every day on our coast, the cost of living, rolling strikes, etc.

In one sense, I hope both have the caliber to handle all these predicaments but ultimately when a general election is called they are booted out of office.

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