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US 2020 Elections and Beyond: My Dream

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Are Dreams Revelations?

There are lots of questions still hovering over the US 2020 election. Those questions are still going on, even right now after the certification of Joe Biden as the US president-elect. Many, including me, are still wondering what Trump is going to do? Whether he will invoke martial law or use the insurrection act? Whether Biden or Trump or Kamela Harris, or whether it is Pence or who will be sworn-in as US president?

I have no answer or answers to those questions. I had these same questions on my mind on, or around January 10, 2020, before going to bed. I did not note the exact date of the dream. I was not particularly interested in sharing this dream in public space.

Three things I can say in specifics about the date I had the dream I’m about to share is:

  1. It was between January 7th and 12th 2020;
  2. It was after the certification of Biden as the US president-elect and the Capitol breach;
  3. It happened after the many social media bans on President Trump and the removal of Parler from Apple, Amazon, and Google’s play store.

I know there are too many questions hanging on those who prophesied Trump’s 2nd term in office. Many may have already been declared false prophets for speak what they saw and believed or held to be true. Many are even in doubt of themselves. Some may be crying right now, “My God, my God! Why have thou forsaken me?”

I do not intend to share this as a prophecy because I do not see myself as a prophet. I have always tried to avoid spiritually controversial matters such as prophecies, visions, or revelations. This same reason that kept me from sharing this piece before now.

But why share, anyway? I have become so brazenly taken over these days that I felt the burden of debt for keeping this dream to myself. My inner being has been crying: “It is time to start declassifying your dreams.” My thoughts had been so focused on discerning revelations or dreams lately. Resistance has become very difficult.

If declassifying my dreams, as my mind had grown disturbingly fold of, is the road to peace, then so be it. This piece, out of many, I am forced to share. It is on the state of US election issues and what is going to happen beyond. This piece is a narration of my dream and an attempt at interpretation. It is not final. There is nothing authoritative about my effort or opinion here.

US Flag Flying

US Flag Flying

My Exact Dream as I Remember and Can Best Narrate

I had this dream between January 7th and 12th, 2020. But I cannot remember the exact date now.

The dream: I saw my late father, two of my late uncles, myself, and other family members. We were tending newly germinating plants of different kinds. They were so healthy one could predict a good harvest at maturity of the growth was sustained.

Then the scene suddenly disappeared, and another appeared. This new scene appeared on water instead of the land. The people in this scene were strangers, not the same as those in the earlier one. I did not know them, but they were arranging floating young plants, like flowers, of different kinds on the water. Notable among them was a woman who was doing her due diligence to see everything was in order.

I was helping them kind of, and each time I walked in the wrong path through the field (water about the knee), I disfigure the arranged floating plants or flowers. I would have to rearrange them again. The arrangement was so beautiful and impressive to behold.

Then there was another scene, a wrestling ring, with two men fighting within the wrestling ring. They were fighting over the right of who is the husband of the notable woman busy arranging those young plants. These two were in my dream represented as Donald Trump and Joe Biden.

The woman arranging the young plants on the water about the knee depth was portrayed in the dream as a true wife to both men, but she appeared to like the man shown as Donald Trump more.

She was diligently doing what appeared to be an impossible task—arranging floating young plants or flowers on the surface of the water. Yet, the arrangement was the most beautiful thing I have ever seen lay on any water surface.

One of the men fighting in the ring has another woman (wife) who cheered and supported her husband to victory. But she was portrayed in the dream as a dishonest fake wife to the man representing Joe Biden. The man knew his loyalty was not to her but pretended it. She seems to know, but she did not care.

When finally, her man raised his opponent, flipped him over to the neck, turned him upside down, and piledriver him straight to the ground on the head.

A piledriver is a professional wrestling move in which a wrestler grabs their opponent, turns them upside-down, and drops into a sitting or kneeling position, driving the opponent head-first into the mat.

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My Dream Continues

The man that was represented as Donald Trump lay defeated on the mat. But his action was portrayed to me in the dream as a pretense. It was not a defeat or a surrender that he cannot fight further. He had to pretend that the fight is over so he can move to the next plan. This plan was not evil, but good plans to win in the future.

These pretenses of the man preferred by the noblewoman and the noblewoman herself, which seems to be in agreement, were efforts with the potential of winning in the future. It seemed intended for the long-term.

As the piledriving action took place, the fake dishonest women celebrated. But the woman portrayed as an honest woman and noble wife to both men, who appeared to have the power to change the situation but did nothing. She was unhappy but did nothing to help. She did not celebrate nor mourn but concentrated on her job of arranging the flowers or young plants on the surface of the water about knee depth.

She looked at her more beloved husband lay “defeated,” but she was not very disturbed about it because she knew he (portrayed as Donald Trump) was “undefeated.” She knew he had plans to do something to win in the future. More so, what she was doing was portrayed as been very important to future events. So, she concentrated on it for a while.

She then raised her head and looked at the two men again. Then she said, referring to the fake and dishonest woman celebrating the victory of her husband: “Let her think her husband had won.” Then of the man portrayed as Joe Biden, she said: “Let him think that he had won.”

About the time she said those words, her meticulous and marvelous work of arranging those flowers or young plants was about to be completed. It was just a small portion of the water surface left for her and her team to complete.

Trump Verses Biden's Debate

Trump Verses Biden's Debate

Interpretation of the Dreams

This part of the article is my honest effort to understanding the dream I narrated above. It has nothing more than a human attempt. I prefer to put it that way. For a fact, I want to avoid controversial language or divination. But as we know, nothing is a human effort when you have to think it through to arrive at a convincing explanation. Most times, our efforts are aided by drops of thoughts and ideas in our minds. And who says they are divine? And who says they are not? That’s another thing entirely.

To begin with, this is one of the complex dreams I have had in recent times. Somehow, it appeared the easiest to understand from a self-convincing position.

Now from a personal perspective, self-conviction is the hallmark of dream interpretation. Most, if not all prophets, prophesied based on self-conviction. I think so because revelations are not always ‘sufficient’ enough to explain themselves. Missed symbol, character, scene, or other elements vital to or for interpretation could mar the entire dream or vision and/or cause misinterpretation of the whole or a part of revelation. This could be out of context event which happens too often. I will explain that in the light of Trump’s second term prophecy is yet another article.

Symbols of Nature

Symbols of Nature

Breaking Down the Dream

What was this dream revealing? It is about a new beginning: first in my family and then in the United States of America. I will leave that of my family out of public space.

To better explain the dream, let me first bring out the symbols, characters, and scenes.


  1. Young plants or flowers (New beginning)
  2. Tending as in the case of my family at the beginning of the dream (care)
  3. Family (loved ones)
  4. Arrangements (order)
  5. Wrestling rings (battleground)
  6. Land (solid support or more closely bound group as in the smallest unit of a human bond)
  7. Water (liquid support or more loosely bound group as in the case of a country or transparency)
  8. The depth of the water (level of crisis or degeneration)
  9. The calmness of the water (a sign of peace)
  10. The act of arranging flowers or young plants on the water surface while the person is inside showed a sign of peace (possibility of peace). I will explain this along the line).


  1. The two men fighting in the ring; one portrayed to me as Joe Biden and the other as Donald Trump;
  2. The woman was revealed as noble and dedicated who was wife to both men fighting in the ring;
  3. The dishonest and fake woman portrayed as wife to the man revealed as Joe Biden;
  4. Me and others (we were minor characters).


  1. The scene where my family and I was featured (as I said earlier, I have left that part out for a reason)
  2. The scene where the noble and dedicated women were featured before the wrestling scene appeared.
  3. The wrestling scene itself.
A woman walking through field

A woman walking through field

My Comment and Analysis of the Dream

The two men wrestling in the ring were depicted as Donald Trump, and Joe Biden was a direct representation looking at the premises of this dream. The battle of ownership or who should be the husband of the noble and dedicated woman. In my opinion, this was not a very direct representation in the sense that being a woman’s husband is not a direct representation of being president of a country. But that, in some ways, is simple enough an illustration.

Understandably, being a husband to a woman can be equated to being president of a country. That showed the woman in the dream as America. Equating the noblewoman to America was confirmed by further revelation. She was the wife of both men.

Some parts of the noblewoman characters possibly contradicted her equation to America as a country. Here are the points:

  1. She preferred the man portrayed as Donald Trump to Joe Biden;
  2. Revelation showed she had the power to help the man shown as Donald Trump, but she did not;
  3. She was busy arranging flowers or young plants on the surface of the water that was about knees in depth;
  4. She pretended not to everything was alright even when she knew they were not; and
  5. Finally, what she was doing was revealed as being very important to the future successes of the man who was defeated.

The above gave the woman human attributes which a country (America) does not directly have. But a country (America) does have these attributes through its citizens and institutions.

Now looking back at US courts and even up to the Supreme Court's rejections of one lawsuit after another, the media ignoring of affidavits, testimonies, and in some cases, evidence of dead voters and other irregularities. It is those institutions that could change the outcome of the election. But they did nothing to help Trump. Not even at least a listening ear or a day in the Court. That was weird. It was the same as the character exhibited by the noblewoman.

In real life, the investigation of claims is the only way to get to the truth. But that did happen. The legal team for Trump claimed there was election fraud evidence ignored without examination.

The woman portrayed as dishonest, fake, false wife to the man portrayed as Joe Biden and cheering him up to win represented the Democratic Party, the Big Techs, Media, the lobbyists, and any other persons who supported Biden to win. But do they own Joe Biden as they thought, like the false wife and dishonest woman in my dream? I do not think so.

She celebrated when her supposed man won, but her celebration was not a lasting one. In my opinion, this means they might not have a long-lasting victory. It also indicates, in some sort, they might not enjoy this victory because Biden only pretended to love her to win.

The woman was showed to be an "at the moment," beloved. Going from unknown to unknown, Biden was the favorite of those who seem to gang up against Trump. They did everything they could to get Trump out of the way, necessarily for the love of Biden but the hate of Trump. From this scenario, one could expect things to turn against them.

Clampdown on the Media, Big Techs, and even withdrawal of loyalty to the Democratic Party if there was one before? Exactly my understanding, but let see what the Biden-Kamala Harris Administration has in stake for all of us.

The second man portrayed as Trump in the dream pretends, he was defeated. The shown of pretense after the piledriver shows he had not given up. But why did he have to pretend he had surrendered as portrayed in my dream? He had to accept defeat for peace to reign while he works or leads in the background for a future win. The action of the noblewoman confirmed.

The article is continued here because of length Analyzing-the-Character-of-the-Noblewoman-in-the-Dream-Continuation-of-My-Dream

This content reflects the personal opinions of the author. It is accurate and true to the best of the author’s knowledge and should not be substituted for impartial fact or advice in legal, political, or personal matters.

© 2021 Ajodo Endurance Uneojo


Ajodo Endurance Uneojo (author) from Lokoja, Nigeria. on January 23, 2021:

Thank you. I think too we all should go with the good will. Although conflicts are inevitable, but they can be negotiated and resolved without violence.

Violence benefits no one. We pray for peace! We pray for greatest! Without them we can't have a common space.

Thank you, Manatita. Peace!

manatita44 from london on January 23, 2021:

A thought-provoking dream. There seem to be a wave of good will at the moment. I will go with that. Thanks for sharing

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