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NWO (New World Order): William Pawelec On RFID Chips - The Disclosure Project

An implantable RFID chip.

An implantable RFID chip.

William Pawelec - former US Air Force Computer Operations & Programming Specialist

William Pawelec - former US Air Force Computer Operations & Programming Specialist

RFID Chip Disclosure

William Pawelec is a former US Air Force Computer Operations & Programming Specialist who, as part of Dr. Steven Greer's Disclosure Project, left deathbed testimony (only to be released after he died) relating to the allegedly planned implementation of RFID chips to be used to regulate a one-world, digital currency, which is eventually to replace all other currencies worldwide.

All financial transactions are to be carried out through a wireless transmission system via RFID chips, which are planned to be implanted in either the head or the right hand - just as the mark of the beast is described in the bible.

According to some, a shadowy, secret, inside government are attempting to use the bible as a blueprint in order to carry out their mass deception.

Despite the consensus amongst the general public that these claims are nothing more than paranoid conspiracy theory nonsense, particularly in the UK, anyone who has adequately researched the (seemingly) mysterious Nick/Nicholas Rockefeller, will know how a pilot scheme for such a wireless transmission monetary system for a cashless society has recently been tested out in China.

For those that don't know, movie director Aaron Russo who directed the movies Trading Places and America: Freedom To Fascism, claimed that Nick Rockefeller had told him about plans for a false-flag operation which would happen some time around September 2001, which would then lead on to an invasion of Afghanistan. Russo was told this eleven months before the 911 attacks occurred.

Russo also confirmed that the ultimate goal was to create a one-world government via a one-world, digital currency, to be regulated by implanted RFID chips - he claims that Nick Rockefeller told him these plans directly.

The idea is that, just as described in the bible, if people do not pay their taxes then their RFID chip will be switched off and they will no longer be able to buy nor sell and will have no choice but to resort to bartering.

Many people do indeed believe that RFID chips signify the mark of the beast, as documented in the bible.

For those that are taking such claims with a pinch of salt, we should bear in mind that RFID chips are already everywhere - they are used on security tags in shops and stores, they are used on bank cards, passports and they are even now being embedded into the fibres of $20 bills, which allegedly explode when you try to microwave them!

In the UK all dogs must be micro-chipped by law, by the year 2016.

William Pawelec on RFID Chips

Alien Implants

Quite remarkably, there seem to be some very strong ties between RFID chips and the claims of an alien presence on Earth. Most notably, as part of his writing (now available on the internet), Lt. Colonel Philip J Corso had claimed that documents he had access to, whilst head of the Foreign Technology desk at the Pentagon, indicated that a charred microchip he was also in possession of, had been retrieved from a UFO which exploded in New Mexico thirteen years earlier.

This means that the year the UFO exploded, according to Colonel Corso, was 1949 and sure enough, a declassified FBI memo confirms that two reliable witnesses who were miles away from each other at the time saw a UFO explode above New Mexico in 1949.

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The document was not publicly available at the time that Corso's writing was produced.

Colonel Corso claimed that the microchip we use in our computers, laptops and smartphones today, was an extraterrestrial technology that had been retrieved from UFO crashes, reverse engineered under the guise of foreign technology and seeded out through corporations who were granted permission to register the patents.

Even more amazingly, in 1994 a Californian company which manufacturers RFID chips and has firmly established relationships with Wal-Mart, US Army and DoD (Department of Defense), was founded - the name of the company is, perhaps not coincidentally, Alien Technology.

Dr Roger Leir on RFID Implants

Dr. Roger Leir

Although I originally believed him to be a fraud for many years, Dr. Roger Leir is actually a highly credible and massively reputable Podiatrist, much more credible than I could ever have imagined, who claims to have removed implants from alien abductees.

Dr. Leir recently testified at the Citizen's Hearing On Disclosure and made an extremely compelling case to suggest that alien abductees are indeed having anomalous objects implanted into their bodies in mysterious ways.

Although previously criticized by Joe Nickell and being unwilling to co-operate, Dr. Leir offered up plenty of physical evidence to prove his case at the citizen's hearing, if necessary.

Leir claims that he has surgically removed approximately a dozen implants, which appear to be bits of meteorite from outer space which emit some kind of radio signal from the bodies of alien abductees.

Leir claims that implants have moved on their own accord, seemingly trying to avoid being removed from the body and that laboratory testing shows that they are extraterrestrial in origin.

Dr. Leir also claims that the abductees bodies showed no, or extremely little, inflammatory reaction to having the RFID devices implanted, which is currently an impossibility in the medical field.

Dr. Leir seems to be more concerned with carrying out research in order to find out how this is done, rather than trying to prove the existence of alien intelligence, as it could prove to be a revolutionary step forward in the medical profession.

So, if we know for a fact that Earthly corporations are bulk manufacturing these RFID chips, then who is responsible for abducting people and implanting the chips into them?

And more importantly, why?

By Sparkster

Aaron Russo on the New World Order & RFID Chips

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