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My Thoughts XIX: Another Letter to the Minister of Indigenous Services, Mark Miller

The Ganienkeh Flag (Unity/Warrior Flag)

The Ganienkeh Flag (Unity/Warrior Flag)


My name is xxxxxx. I have written more emails to this Canadian branch of gov't than I have written to anyone else in my entire life. This is not a pass-time for me. It's not like I have nothing else to do, please keep that in mind. Thank You.

Now, I will quote Assembly of First Nations’ National Chief, Georges Erasmus, from 1988:

"We may be the last generation of leaders that are prepared to sit down and peacefully negotiate our concerns with you. The next generation may resort to violence if governments continue to ignore native concerns."

That generation is more, or less gone so, we are now where the National Chief said we would be. That is the mood of many people and not just Natives nowadays. The time has long passed for honoring the Treaties signed by the Crown with the First Nations. The time has long passed for unceded territories to be recognized. The time has long passed to show the due respect for the people of the First Nations as the Two Row Wampum Treaty dictates.

In light of the police brutality which continues to happen all across the country and keeping in mind that the list of Missing and Murdered Indigenous Women keeps growing with no solutions at hand, the mood is not a celebratory, or even one of content, by far. Governments keep changing, Liberal, or Conservative, it doesn't matter: no real solutions are presented. Even potable water on Reserves is not possible - am I making things up? Am I exaggerating? Is this acceptable? (Well, it is for the vast majority of Canadian politicians - that is quite clear and that is one of our main problems, really. And that is based in racism.)

So, as much as I am grateful for Mr. Marc Miller's work with the First Nations, we are not nearly where we should be. I listened to him speak just the other day about vaccinations in Manitoba and I am very thankful for that approach, I wish that to be clear but the major problems: Treaties, territories and self-governance regarding the First Nations people are NOT being addressed. All I hear are crickets. I know these are difficult issues. I am not delusional but we have to deal with them. Please. Because the next Wet’suwet’en blockade-type of event is going to be rough, to say the very least. People are tired; sick and tired I might add and solutions need to be presented in order to go forward. The status-quo is unacceptable and nice words are not enough.

Thank You and all the best!




Mr. Happy (author) from Toronto, Canada on March 21, 2021:

Haha, yes Mr. Bill: I am about to write to the Biden administration as well but I am giving them a little more time to settle-in and to get the covid issue under control. I do think that is fair.

As You very well know, running from our problems never leads to a good outcome. Thus, we have to deal with the issues which need to be dealt with. It's as simple as that and eventually it will happen. The question is: how much pain do we want to go through before that happens?

Thank You very much for the visit and comment. Best of luck!

Bill Holland from Olympia, WA on March 21, 2021:

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Sadly this could have been written here in the States to our Bureau of Indian Affairs and the Department of the Interior. On a long list of priorities, taking care of the Indigenous is very far down the list.

I do not hold out hope for this situation. Normally I am a fairly positive and hopeful person, but not in this instance.

Peace my friend!

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