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My Recipe for A Bright Future for Humans

People are always interested in the origins of the esoteric, and all that is part of human nature is one.

If there is a thing on which the whole world is on agreement, it is only this. That there is something wrong with human race. Not only that all are in agreement here, but also, there is no one who is not in the search for an explanation or a remedy. In fact all the divisions we find in our midst, except perhaps for the strictly natural ones like gender, or age, are nothing but an offshoot of the answer, each one happen to be aligned with. I think we are overlooking a few issues.

A Double Whammy?

Firstly, and most significantly, answers rarely reflect the reality in full. For, all of us tend to imbibe and assimilate well, only one or a few facets of each and every situation, encounter, or whatever confronts us. And on those, such answers are, almost always, based. Those chosen facets are in fact nothing but the ones that would have been suiting to our current temperament the most. We then go on a mission to propagate and strengthen those facets. We accord the highest status for such facets, accepting those as the most essential part of our life with much fanfare.

And as a result, all those who achieve great success in this mission acquire a larger-than life status, while being remembered or revered by posterity. (I do not know why we overlook the fact that these produce no reckon-able benefit and could even be counter-productive.)

Secondly, and just as significantly, the answer remains under the influence of external force, and always subject to change. Which happens at random, sometimes for good reasons, and sometimes not. It is a fact that a plethora of powerful determinants due to the prevailing social environment are always in action, everywhere. And much of our actions, and more importantly, almost all our reactions are under its shadow. Naturally, grouping will take place. Both where actions or reactions, or some of the constituent elements, synchronize, and where it does not happen. In the end, rather than uniting us, each and every answer has come to multiply the divisions.

This is a simple explanation to the question, why is the human society, effectively at war with itself.

Next Steps

We need to confront reality. So far we are hugely successful in finding answers to complex problems, both for things without life, and for things with life except for ourselves. But come to ourselves, and see that we need to go a long way.

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The Problem is with the Pedestal

Where do we begin? From the above, one thing is very clear. Ever since the dawn of history, each solution had been adding at least a few problems more than what it solved, which we overlooked, and also cemented it, by terming human society as unfathomably complex. I think we are nonchalantly continuing in this manner, even though we are not happy and contented with the resultant style of living, since we constantly remind ourselves to feel proud of being part of a complex race. Perhaps it will continue for ever, given our propensity to condone, or rather celebrate, the foolish, irrational, or destructive traits that are always there with us, as unique features of the complexity. Instead, let us try the proven methods of problem solving that has been fetching success in all other areas, whether of matters related to the earth or to those beyond, or of things with life or about those without, and see what comes out. (In fact we would have been doing all this, long back, hadn’t we kept ourselves at a high pedestal, and consequently, away from the natural scrutiny that would have taken place wherever curiosity gets a free run.)

Try a Different Pedestal

In fact all the successful ventures owe to one maxim. We accepted as constants, things that wouldn’t change, and controlled as variables, that would. This, till we accommodated all the effects, both of the change, and the lack of it. Obviously, correctly identifying the constant and the variable parameters is at least as important as formulating and administering the corrections. This, in a nutshell, is the whole story of our success, wherever we achieve it.

Evidently, the above should not be holding true in human affairs. Otherwise ours would have been a serene society.

This opens an important point to ponder. Since long, concerted attempts have been taking place to organize and administer human society. Like providing a new direction, instituting a fresh value, or offering a sweet hope. Though none of it showed any signs of success, I think for the want of an alternative, we continue to experiment with the same recipe, and that too, with more vigour. But by concentrating fully on the corrections part of it, as far as human life and living go, we have totally overlooked the other part, that is, the one of identifying the constant and the variable elements properly. (Since it is thanks to those variable elements that we are occupying the highest pedestal of life, a change could happen now)

The Recipe

In fact human life, unlike all the others, consist of two distinct elements. One, which is more or less the same for all, however different is the life, each one leads. The other, which is clearly different from that of the others, however same is the life, they all lead. And, say the word life, denotes only the former, and living, only the latter. (I think much of the ideas we entertain, like the present ones about life, are of geocentric universe vintage, and a correction was long overdue)

Separate Life and Living

Life and living shall then get identified respectively as the constant and the variable elements of life. There won’t be a need to waste much of our social output on areas like traditions, lifestyle or other varying components or parts, and as a result, all the on-going, and thereby more significant, aspects of life will get full and undivided attention. And, the future will need to do less for undoing the past, which is an important job for the present. Thereafter, just like we are, in things that interests us, in human life also, we shall be emerging victorious.

© 2020 ROY T JAMES

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