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Myth of Democracy Pushed by Monarchial-Like Western Governments

Val is not an expert in political matters, just a lay observer sharing his impressions collected from news which may or may not be reliable.

Once elected, leaders assume powers of monarchs, ignoring voters' will.

Once elected, leaders assume powers of monarchs, ignoring voters' will.

In the absence of justice, what is sovereignty but organized robbery?

-- Saint Augustine

Untouchable and Sovereign

The topic is big, and it won't really matter from which side we start. So, how about a question that's particularly relevant to the current global events.

The question to be asked is -- does anyone of a sane mind in this world believes that any nation has anything against any other nation -- aside from what their elites and governments are instigating out of their own politico-economic interests?

If not, then wouldn't it be nice if those at the top once and for all admitted that the friendly, peaceful, and cooperative mindset of their respective nations don't matter one bit to them.

For that's what we can clearly see going on. What may be a little less obvious to so many is, that the myth of democracy is exactly that -- a myth, not a political reality. So we can call our leader an idiot, we can protest, we can write scholarly reviews about the political practices going on -- but does any of it have any consequence at all?

Of course, not, since governments keep doing their thing with a monarchial sovereignty, and they are enough of a force not to worry about anyone seriously disrupting their agendas.

In other words, they are telling you that you have the freedom to vent, to bitch, to rant, and peacefully demonstrate all you want, but the law is setting the limits to all that. It would boil down to barking at the moon.

The word "democracy" originates from Greek words: "demos" -- meaning "people", and "cracy" being a suffix denoting "rule" -- together "rule of the people". Albeit, with a little sarcastic twist, it might as well be more of a "rule over people" which is actually more like what's going on.

As for your voting role -- it's really a cosmic joke for gods to laugh at -- because no matter who gets elected, they will cater to the corporate elite that's calling all shots.

They, and the bankers alike, are the ones carrying on their shoulders all of the economy, so they are those "men in black" whispering behind the throne into the ear of the "official" ruler.

And their whisper will always be louder than all the screaming coming from the streets.

Big Money started every war, every act of economic terrorism -- usually called "sanctions" -- and we might also add pandemics, and use of weather as a weapon. They are behind medical school curriculum, and at the very source of the cultural paradigm that's keeping human race at the bottom of their available conscious potential.

News media is their main tool of unholy manipulating with the masses.

Indeed, I mentioned weather as a weapon, albeit it's been officially agreed upon not to mess with the nature that way. International agreements. like so many others for that matter, are only created with purpose to be broken one day.

So, "El Nino...La Nina"...-- my ass, it's all only a fraction of a colossal dirty game going on between the Biggies of this planet.

Thus, some over eight billion common folks are merely in a role of spectators at that political Olympics, like brainwashed sheeples with no part in any of it -- other than as consumers and soldiers when "patriotism" calls for it.

"National interests" are a magic word used as a justification for anything -- whether bribing a country of a strategic position, toppling a government by financing the opposition, or shamelessly lying about some country as an "enemy".

Remember the one about Vietnam...another about Afghanistan...Iraq? Now it's Russia, China, Europe, North Korea -- all "conspiring against America".

With hegemonic ambitions being so evident that only a moron wouldn't recognize them, they keep lying about all those who simply don't agree to dance to their tune, labeling them "enemies". And we all agree, of course.

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In the age of globalization, pooled sovereignty means more power, not less.

-- Jose Manuel Barroso

Voters' illusion: since they voted, they think that they also have a say in running the country's affairs.

Voters' illusion: since they voted, they think that they also have a say in running the country's affairs.

Duped into Useless Politicizing

So, what's really a difference between a medieval king and a modern times leader?

Your head will not roll down into a basket for calling your leader a moron -- but look how little your name calling really matters to a king to whom you are one from the mass of nobodies. So, we are not losing our head, but neither are we keeping it in place, because there are more pressing things in life than politicizing -- how about attending to our own lives and its burning issues.

It's like we know more what has to be fixed in the White house, than in our own house.

At this point I feel like adding to my article the following poem, call it prose in rhymes if you will.

No Change of King Makes Any Difference

What's the difference who is sitting on the throne

one king or another, results are always the same

because you can only live the life that's your own

not life of a nation like being part of the Big Game.

There have been homeless and those super rich

no matter who ever got elected to be the king

inspiring for that old saying "Life is a bitch"

or for seeing it as one delightful thing.

This fascination with leadership and power

at best serving as pastime for a boring day

though able to make sweetness of life sour

turning blue skies into many shades of grey.

National prosperity, not a blanket covering all

and no economy figures have you in sight

some march through life, others crawl

and no laws are for everyone right.

So it's all one game of kicking the crap

with that familiar aroma of a toilet seat

life responsibility sitting on our own lap

excluding dancing to others' drumbeat.

As the next king happens to come around

you're bound to hear the same social noise

giving some more ranting a justified ground

while king will keep ruling with a usual poise.

The best argument against democracy is a five minute conversation with a voter.

-- Winston Churchill

Democracy means that you may vent in form of peaceful protests, which, by its effects, boils down to barking at the moon.

Democracy means that you may vent in form of peaceful protests, which, by its effects, boils down to barking at the moon.

No Protests Make Any Difference

So, as they are pretending to represent us, we can also pretend that we believe it.

Let's face it, they are a force, a monarchial one, and there is nothing that we can do there, even if we wanted to.

Back in February this year we had that historic truckers' convoy protest in our capital of Ottawa against mandatory vaccination. So what happened?

Our own king, officially called a "Prime Minister" invoked an Emergency Act, threw the organizers in jail, and froze their bank accounts. Long live democratic freedoms!

There was nothing that we could do, he had guns on his side, and law didn't matter, we, the people, who elected him, or coronated him, didn't matter. There is a public hearing going on these days about the legality of that Emergency Act -- but one doesn't need to be a psychic to prognose the outcome.

Did those huge demonstrations against Vietnam war change anything? Or those against the war in Iraq? Any at all -- did they make any difference?

That's a part of the reason that I became a political cynic. I just can't trust those political careerists that are merely minding their own status of an alpha-in-the-pack.

Long ago de-hypnotized from the suggestive assaults from the authorities, I am not a typical rebel, not a typical conspiracy theorist -- simply a dude with a knack to recognize a political, religious, medical, or business racket when I see one.

So I don't vote at all. Not because my missing vote will make any difference, but for my own being honest with myself, and true to my convictions.

Being an individualist of my own design, I'm not a normative type expecting anybody else to see things with my eyes. Just expressing what I think, sharing it -- while others should be exercising the same freedom to use their own mind.

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