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Muslim Exodus to Europe: Is it the Second Invasion ?

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Earlier Jihadis

Earlier Jihadis



Europe is swamped with Muslim refugees from around the lands that border the Mediterranean Sea. This includes the Middle East, countries of North Africa, and the sub- Sahara nations. These nations have some common factors like being 99% Muslim. In addition, they are steeped in poverty and have a high birth rate. To these limiting factors, one can add strife in the entire region, an internecine war, ideological war, religious war, and a war against modernization. All these have led to a region tinged with violence, where food is scarce and life is cheap.

In such a scenario millions of Muslims want to escape to a more peaceful environment and Europe which is relatively affluent and peaceful is their target. Hundreds and thousands of Muslims are making the dangerous boat ride across the Mediterranean Sea to try and get into Europe. Hundreds have also drowned in the ocean and yet there is no let-up in the deluge.

This deluge of refugees into Europe is nothing new and from the 6th century, the Muslim armies have always coveted Europe. Spain was occupied by the Moors for close to 8 centuries and Eastern Europe was for years part of the Ottoman empire. It was only in the 19th century that the Eastern European powers could break out of the Muslim stranglehold, but 2 centuries later another assault, though of a different nature is being faced by Europe. The net result of this invasion may very well be the same as the first invasion. At that time it was a battle of the sword as the Muslim armies conquered the Christian lands, but now it is more subtle and is more like a plea for solace, shelter and food. I am afraid the end result of both is the same: the subjugation of Europe.


The Refugee Influx

The entire arc of the Muslim world as pointed out, is in a state of ferment and food is scarce and life cheap. In such a scenario the Muslim masses are being encouraged to escape to Europe. They are being encouraged by the religious leaders and the extremist groups, who see this as an oportunity to invade Europe.The Muslims also are looking fpr peace and food and a better life, as Europe is both peaceful and relatively affluent, compared to the Muslim lands.

There is a catch here as the European nations are unable to sustain the required growth of population and in need of labor. The birth rates are low and Italy for example at 8.4 births per thousand population has reached its lowest ever growth rate since 1861. In such a state with a diminishing population, some European powers are tempted to take in some Muslim refugees to tide over the shortage of labor.

The Muslims thus see a glimmer of hope and some Muslims have been able to get asylum in Europe. Unfortunately, Europe had not bargained for an influx, which has overtaken them. It's a literal invasion and as things stand millions will try and enter Europe. This has set the alarm bells ringing in some quarters as the realization has dawned on the European powers, that a wholesale influx of migrants could very well threaten the fabric of the European civilization.

One reason for this is the very insular structure of Islam, which does not believe in integration with the host civilization. Muslims make their own laws and when having sufficient numbers will resort to any means, even violence to achieve what is their perceived goals. In addition there is mass-scale infiltration by extremist Muslims from the ISI and other groups. The purpose is to destabilize Europe in pursuant to the Muslim dream of colonizing Europe.

Matters are not helped by sermons like the one given by Shiekh Mohammed of the Aksa Mosque of Jerusalem. He has exhorted all Muslims to solve the infertility problem of Europe by impregnating Christian girls and women and then Islamising the entire Europe. It is devious propaganda and can only have an adverse effect. Even Merkel the German Chancellor after taking in over 150,000 Muslim migrants has realized the danger.

The Future

The future for Europe is fraught with danger. In fact most European powers are on the horns of a dilemma. On one side they do need labor and on the other side they are aware of the exclusive nature of Islam. One cannot forget that France which has the largest Muslim population in Europe is beset with myriad problems with Muslim ghettos, where the Sharia rules and Muslims who do not believe in the French ideals and resort to all sorts of terrorist attacks.

The matter is not helped by infiltration of Jihadi warriors in the guise of refugees. Recently in Germany a cache of arms was recovered pointing to a deep conspiracy to spread anarchy in Europe

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Last Word

The future does not need a soothsayer or astrologer as most of the facts are pretty clear. The Muslim population which is presently 22% will rise to over 50% by the turn of the century. This is because of a high fertility rate and the principles of Islam which permit multiple wives. Also to be added is the exhortation to marry and beget children from Christian and Hindu women.

Europe itself is facing a second invasion and one is at a loss as to how the European powers can stop the influx of Muslims. The fact is that their number is so many that no water-tight or selective migration can succeed. The future thus looks ominous for Europe which may find its lifestyle changing in the decades to come. With an influx of millions of Muslims, I do not see how Europe can retain its present cultural identity.



MG Singh emge (author) from Singapore on June 26, 2021:

Thank you, Tom, but who will take care of the birth rate? Without a sustainable population, the dye is cast against Europe.

tom on June 26, 2021:

france and germany have banned madarassa,islamic dress code banned ,mass deportations have begun,mass conversions in india are now under scrutiny,norway crime rate deropped due to deportations ,other countries will follow suit

MG Singh emge (author) from Singapore on November 04, 2015:

Thank you Lawrence, but it will require a real effort to weed out the Jihadis.

Lawrence Hebb from Hamilton, New Zealand on October 27, 2015:

An interesting look at the situation. Personally I'm not sure we should 'close the border' to these folks as it's not just Muslims that are coming!

Christians from Syria and Iraq have been uprooted and are a people without a home, Yezidi folks (Zoroastrians from Iraq , Iran and Syria) have lost everything, yes the fanatics may be disguised among them but with vigilance we can guard against them.

Informative hub.


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