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Muslim Exodus and Propaganda to "Fertilize" European Women

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The Agenda

The exodus from Muslim lands in the wake of the unsettled conditions in the Middle East to Europe was initially taken lightly. People in Europe were happy, that migrants would be available for labor. Europe is facing a manpower crunch and the labor force is needed to run services like public health and sanitation. This is because of two basic reasons. Firstly, the new breed of European men do not fancy doing hard work, in particular, menial jobs. The second reason is the low birth rate.

The present birth rate for the entire Europe is 1.5. To sustain a healthy population growth the birth rate required is 2.1. Europe is aging and requires a young workforce. With falling birth rates, Europe needs young men for labor. This issue is of great importance as younger workers are not available and those who are available do not want to do menial jobs. This is one of the reasons that European nations like Germany welcomed an initial lot of refugees.

The migration to Europe also follows the classic "Push and Pull" theory. Throughout history, migration has always taken place from poor and war-torn areas to affluent and secure areas. This is classical migration, but this migration or exodus of Muslims to Europe has a rider as it is fueled in addition to the classic push and pull theory a desire to spread Islam. It must be noted the Muslim scriptures look favorably upon migration as a way to spread Islam.


The Exodus

History is witness to many exoduses and mass migrations. Earlier, it was from an area of less affluence to one of affluence. This was triggered by war, famines, anarchy, and religious persecution. The Parsi's migrated from Persia to India to escape Muslim persecution and even earlier the Aryans entered the Indian sub-continent and drove away from North India the original inhabitants, the Dravidians deep into South India.

Migration always took place during a time of calamity. Most migrations consisted of both men, women, and families. From Europe, we had the migration to America, but women in almost equal numbers migrated along with the men. In addition, there was no religious zeal behind these migrations, for which the main reason was economic.

Compared to the old migrations, the present exodus from the war-torn lands of the Middle East namely Syria and Iraq has a slightly different connotation. Here the migration is not homogenous but concentrated in males crossing and seeking asylum. As per figures, 90%+ of the migrants are men and women are just a sprinkling among them. It appears strange that the men alone are escaping from the war-torn lands and women are being left behind. There is another side to the coin as well. Many Muslim migrants who are joining the exodus are not from the areas of conflict but from faraway places like Pakistan and Morrocco. The aim is to make use of the present crisis to enter Europe. The Europeans in need of labor initially ignored this phenomenon, but now with numbers running into millions, the matter can no longer be brushed under the carpet.

Europe for long was under Moslem domination for hundreds of years. Spain and parts of East Europe were for centuries under Moslem or Turkish rule epitomized by the Ottoman empire. Islam was stopped at the gates of Vienna and the naval battles of the 19th century when the Ottoman fleet was annihilated. When the Turks were ruling they believed in conversion and also imposed the Jizya. They also killed almost a million in Armenia which now is termed as genocide. Europe was able to get rid of the Turks, but the dream of a Caliphate remained in the hearts of many Muslims.

The Islamic clergy has now decided to use this exodus to further the spread of Islam in Europe. As already pointed out, the Islamic religious scriptures look favorably on migration as a means for conversion to Islam. Muslim clerics are now exhorting their men to go to Europe and Islamise the continent by 'fertilizing' the European women.

Fertilize means to sow the seed and it means to impregnate the women. The Imam of Al Aksa mosque has harangued the Muslims to do their duty as the Europeans need labor and this influx must be used to procreate children who will ultimately Islamize Europe.


The Future

As things stand the majority of the Muslims who have entered are men. These men do not integrate with European and Christian culture as they are governed by a faith that feels it is superior. It has been seen that Muslim men born and bred in Europe have still attacked the nations of their domicile without raising an eyelid.

The future for Europe is thus bleak. The bigger culprit is the shortage of labor and that in the first instance led to the influx being welcomed. One can recollect the small country like Belgium allowed selective Muslim labor to enter way back in 1967 and also allowed Saudi Arabia to construct a mosque in Brussels. A Center of Islamic studies was also permitted. This has borne a bitter fruit with Muslims born and bred in Belgium resorting to terror attacks.

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I have not touched on another aspect of this exodus and that is the infiltration of the ISI cadre. All one can say is that Europe faces a testing time and perhaps too much affluence leads to complacency, that is not a good thing.


MG Singh emge (author) from Singapore on January 25, 2020:

Ken Burgess, very valid points made by you. The peril to Europe is greater as the population coming in has no affinity with christian ideals. America is better placed and there is awareness about the type of oeople migrating.. Lets see how things pan out.A big factor is the birth rate.Whats the EU going to do about it?

Ken Burgess from Florida on January 25, 2020:

Europe's collapse to third world status is certain... and by that I mean, it will occur within our lifetimes and is beyond reversing today.

America itself is at risk of falling, however the majority of immigrants coming to America are from South and Central America, and they are of Christian backgrounds and believe in generally the same systemic ideals which made America so successful for so long.

Europe on the other hand, as you noted, is being overrun by a population which does not share the same religious or social/systemic beliefs, and in fact, most of these immigrants disrespect those that do not believe or identify as they do.

It is well documented in nations like Sweden and France, that have opened their borders to millions of immigrants from Somalia and Afghanistan in particular that they do not assimilate to the culture, they take over regions within the nation and isolate from the host population.

And when their numbers become substantial enough, these immigrant populations will assert themselves and take control of the host population that has been programmed to harbor the innate self loathing and culturally suicidal ideals nations like Germany & France are awash in.

MG Singh emge (author) from Singapore on January 24, 2020:

Dear Yves, yes I had earlier read this article. There are many more but the West must understand the peril.

savvydating on January 24, 2020:

Interesting article, MG Singh. I found another article from the Pew Research Center which states that Muslims are that fastest growing population and Islam is the fastest growing religion. The article explains why Islam will exceed Christianity in time.

Once that happens, in just a matter of decades, then we will all be "up the creek," just like those who live in Muslim countries today.

So, I agree that the West and Europe should not be so "complacent." But unfortunately, that ship has left the dock....

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