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Museveni’s 2021 Campaign Slogan “securing Your Future”, a Mockery to Ugandans

Kaweesa Kaweesa is a political activist in Uganda (Africa), a country which has been under a dictator for almost all his years on earth.


Dictators have no future or even moral authority to talk about securing any citizens future as they spend all their rule destroying the same. Records show the only position indigenous Ugandans have in Museveni’s future is being slaves of his family.

He spent the first 10 years destroying whatever he found. The second ten years taking over whatever he couldn’t destroy. The last 10 years destroying the countries future and directly turning all present citizens into his family’s social, economic and political slaves.

From his campaign slogan “SECURING YOUR FUTURE” It’s clear the current 10 years are for totally wounding up the country, turn the indigenous communities into refugees and “secure the future” of his children, grandchildren and clans-mates enriched by his 34 years of theft, destruction and self enrichment

The slogan is part of a long term plan designed to totally sink the country and and turn all indigenous Ugandans into refugees

The slogan rhymes with his recent hasty admission that he is a Rwandan migrant named Tibuhaburwa, the destruction of monumental sites like; burning Makerere university Ivory tower, breaking down “essawa ya queen” round about, removing Mbarara city’s historical “Bihogo” symbol, tagging himself on Uganda’s independence monument, destroying the historical Nakivubo stadium, burning cultural sites etc

The slogan is obviously not targeting people whose land has been grabbed, whose jobs have been taken, whose natural resources are dilapidated, who are over taxed, who are victims of poor education, health and infrastructure development but those for whom all these evils are done. Those who are settled on the grabbed land. Those controlling the countries wealth, those in charge of the army/police, those heading all institutions without proper qualifications, those who have arrogantly killed Ugandans with impunity and not arrested (Kanyamunyu etc) such are people whose future Museveni wants to secure against the disgusted citizens.

Actually if Ugandans want any secure future, its one without Museveni their oppressor.

Being aware of this Museveni now intimidates the gang members with whom they have robbed the country to protect the loot.

No single Ugandan is in Museveni’s future plan whether you’re an NRM diehard an army or police officer, whether you are from Central, North, East or West, he equally hates you and only wants to use you to legalize his occupation and later destroy you with the rest of Ugandans.

Uganda's Museveni is worse because he combines elements of dictators, colonialist and apartheid rulers. His economic policy is to destroy whatever he found, then return it as a favor to citizens when it is his own. The best example of this is he removed Uganda airlines in early 2000, in 2019 he used Uganda as collateral borrowed money to restart Uganda Airlines owned by his family cycles.

This is the same in medical care, all his 34 year have been spent destroying the health sector. Hospitals are destroyed to an extent that people fear falling sick. meanwhile many have died for luck of money to treat them outside, In 2018 he took a loan, took Lubowa land to build a specialized hospital literally of his own!
Currently he plans restoring Uganda Development corporation UDC and restore all factories destroyed but owned within his family circles.

Expecting such a financially greedy aging person to secure a dissatisfied citizens future is maybe expecting to drag them along the grave yard where age is heading him to.

The activities he does to cling to power like excessive army and police deployments, buying opponents, intimidation and restricting all media to himself plus denying opposition access to citizens on top of giving them only 60 days to campaign in 120 districts show a sham election ahead with an incumbent unwilling to shift power.

The set election is cheated already, as the electoral commission itself looks an arm of the ruling party, during registration of voters, especially in western Uganda many foreigners were registered as many Ugandans were disfranchised.

Our grandfathers stood bravely to fight white colonialists, our grandfathers fought so hard to settle here, we need wake up against our oppressors.

The biggest mistake one can ever make is expecting a dictator to secure your future because destruction is part of them. They enjoy seeing citizens suffer and pushed into a position of meekness.



Corrupt Dictators never secure countries futures. Actually none has ever secured a future by destroying the past and killing the present

Corrupt Dictators never secure countries futures. Actually none has ever secured a future by destroying the past and killing the present


Kaweesa Joseph Kaweesa (author) from Mukono Uganda on November 09, 2020:

After 35 years of incompetence, robbery of public funds/resources, corruption, militarised Land grabbing, Unemployement destruction of road, health and education infrastructures, massive murders plus installing stinking poverty anongst us, *_MUSEVENI has accomplished his mission of destroying Uganda,_* We dont want more destruction.




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