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Most Formidable Intelligence Agency in the World!

The author is a student of a University and also a news reporter.

A man typing on a keyboard

A man typing on a keyboard

We must have heard the name of detectives like Sherlock Holmes! In fact, despite intelligence agencies not working like that, some intelligence agencies work are amazing. Today I will discuss the top intelligence agencies in the world here. Basically, the work of international intelligence agencies is to protect their state from external power and ensure the sovereignty of the state. But apart from these, they also played a role in other matters.

◾Inter-Services Intelligence (ISI)

The controversial intelligence agency of the world is the ISI (ISI) of Pakistan. This intelligence agency is the world's first in terms of competitions.

In the mid-1948, ISI was created on the advice and supervision of an Australian-born British army officer working in the Pakistan army and the deputy Chief of Staff Major General Robert Chatam.

Initially, it was accomplished by selecting the information received by three forces. But since 1950, it has been given the responsibility of maintaining the security, interests and integrity of the Pakistan state only.

The number of possible members of the organization in the country and abroad is more than 25,000 and there are also many information providers. The main work of this organization is to protect Pakistan's state interests and sovereignty.

To manage counter intelligence to surveillance on all persons, groups, organizations, foreign intelligence organizations who work against the sovereignty of the state is ISI's duty. They also manage detective activities in different places abroad.

Impact all the neighbor-countries to keep themselves forward in a possible war against India. Control the government and the army outside and inside. Determine the government's foreign policy.

According to three deputy director generals, 7 divisions work for three core subjects. All the work of Inter Services Intelligence is managed by 7 directorates.

ISI workers usually come from the army's SSG, Navy and Air Force. However, low-level workers are also taken from Paramilitary and Police Forces.

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The original competitors of the organization are Raw and Mossad.Their famous missions are - Soviet anti-Afghan war, Kargil War, War On Terror Waziristan, murdering Bagati in Balochistan etc.

A few military army

A few military army

◾Secret Intelligence Service (SIS) known as MI6

James Bond series movies are quite popular. Agent 007 who is spearheading British Intelligence Agency MI6. He completes various activities with the risk of life. Like James Bond movies, Spys do not work in reality. But in reality, MI6 is working.

MI6 is a special branch of British military intelligence. The organization's official name is Secret Intelligence Service (SIS). In October 1909 it was formed in the name of the Secret Service Bureau. At that time, the Bureau was working in two sections– Naval & Army.

The work of the Naval Division was spying in another country. On the other hand, the work of the Army Department was suppressing internal terrorism. Later, the Naval Division was named MI6 and the Army Department was named MI5.

SIS's headquarter is situated in London's SIS Building. Current SIS chief is Alex Yanger. In 1911, the Secret Service Bureau was changed to the Secret Intelligence Service. The long history of MI6 has involvement in the rivalry and assassination in the rival country. For this reason, the company's intelligence agency has taken cooperation with the USA's CIA and Mossad again and sometimes helps them too. It is known that these three organizations have worked together on different issues.

In the Asia Times, a report related to a short list of murder of MI6, the journalist Richard M Banet, published in June 2003. In early 1970, the main change of Britain's Security Policy came after the tour of the chief of Hit Squad Kidan “Rafael Eitan” in England. After some days of this tour, two leaders of Palestinian liberation movement in London were killed.

The involvement of MI Six and Mossad with the killings. In 1988, three Irish Republican Army soldiers were killed in Gibraltar by the UK Special Forces. There was also the involvement of Mossad.

The report also said that British Prime Minister Tony Blair gave a list of people who threatened citizens of his country to Mossad. MI6 supported the plan of killing Egypt's popular President Jamal Abdel Naser. The organization planned to kill him in the application of nerve gas. However, in 1970, he died of a heart attack.

In the 1960, planned to kill the Prime Minister of Congo, Patrik Lumamaba. He was killed in 1961. Officially an officer named Haward Smith was allowed to kill him. Later this officer was selected as the chief of MI5.

In 1972, John WyMan took a plan of killing political leaders of Ireland. WyMan gave a list of Irish Republican Army leader Kenneth Littlejohn. Samuas Costello, Sin Kenorland and Sin Michael Steyfen were included in the list.

Noted that, the most formidable Commando forces in the present world is UK's The Special Air Service (SAS)

A busy road

A busy road

◾Central Intelligence Agency (CIA)

The history of the CIA organization is quite interesting. World War II will come to discuss its history! We will start from it's history.

Since 1942, World War II has spread to Asia-European. On such a summer evening, two old people are sitting in front of Washington in a royal house. American warrior William J Donovan who received 'Wild Bill' fame for his outstanding heroism in World War II. Donovan left the law business in Wall Street, and Donovan again returned to the uniform, took the responsibility of the newly established organization “Office of Strategic Service” (OSS) .

In World War II, the 'OSS' was formed to manage the strategic struggle of America. Donovan realized that the German and Japanese can not be prevented by war in the conventional way only. For this, the secret intelligence network sabotages war, increasing the conflicts inside the countries and above all the weapons and technology for the secret mission. And to maintain the main responsibility of all these things, he appeared to Stanley Plat Lowell.

Earlier, Donovan proposed to Lowell to take the responsibility of the 'Research and Development' division of OSS. Donovan said,

❝ I want to apply all kinds of weapons needed for the secret war, as long as all the gerrymander, and you will invent everything for this.❞

After getting the proposal, he jumped with enthusiasm. The opportunity to be Jim Moriarty in a Sherlock Holmes episode was present in front of him, he dreamt. Like Moriarty, he will also be a Mastermind of a secret dark world, and manage a silent war worldwide.

But after several days, his enthusiasm started to decrease, he fell into a hesitation conflict. He has appeared to Donovan today to explain these. The idea of spying is also so broad and new to Lowell. Americans are ethnically outgoing. They love to complete it through power and power rather than to do anything through secret or crying. Here's the bilateral place. He felt that Jim Moriarty was absolutely non-American and intelligence agencies don't go with Americans' policy.

Only Lowell is not suffering from hesitation about the OSS, but the opposition came from the other side. One senator said,

"Donovan is now going to be the head of the Gestapo forces of America."

The media was also conducting regularly with OSS. But Donovan did not care about them. But Lowell tried to be the best to convince him and was also able to convince him that though it was a 'non-American' system, if they succeed, then the Americans would be happy in it.

After Lowell managed to convince them, the OSS journey started in the intelligence world with their hands. In the second world war, England was America's allied power. England in the detective network is far ahead of America. So 'OSS' decided to work together with England's Special Operation Executive (SOE).

An agreement between OSS and SOE was signed. The responsibility of the two sides is clearly described and the country is also specified to run their activities. The OSS was in charge of China, Manchuria, Korea, Australia, Finland and the Atlantic Islands. On the other hand, SOE was in charge of India, East Africa, Balkan, Middle East. Besides. Western Europe was also mainly in charge of the British.

With the help of the British, Donovan was completely in the field of developing the organization as the world's best intelligence agency. The people from his known areas to elite class people and who had travel experiences in different countries, were appointed. The appointment is to give a good idea about the first and second generation of immigrants so that the organization could get some ideas about various countries.

The British started to train these Americans in the light of their experience, and provide advanced technology to the latest technology. Within a short time, the OSS members were able to take the risk of this world from the British and began to show their skills.

On the other hand, Lowell has started working on his research and development department full-time. Its goal was to discover all kinds of secret measures, the invention, development and experimentation of chemical substances. In their activities, Americans soon began to show significant differences from the British. The SOE of the British was a civilian organization, their armed institutions & Secret Intelligence Service (SIS) were completely different. On the other hand, OSS emerged as a detective and armed military organization.

The OSS technology invention from the British was completely different. The British fully developed their own technology in government laboratories. But Lowell also appointed all outstanding scientists and engineers in their laboratory as well as making their necessary gear from different private companies. After the first World War, Lowell brought all the great success in this division by using all the scientists and businessmen in the business as a scientist and businessman. Within three years of establishment, the team of Lowell invented more technologies, including 25 special types of weapons, 12 weapons for sabotage and special radio,special technology to conceal documents.

By the year 1944, the OSS was spread all over the world. Their role in World War II was outstanding. The collection of enemy information through spying, the administration of the sabotage was regularly working. Besides, they organized the movement by obstructing 'Nazi opposition' groups in the occupation of Germany and Germany. Japanese guerrilla teams were trained in Japan. China and Burma and their role was notable. They used to do the work of spreading different propaganda outside as well.

However, since it was just a company formed for war, its existence after the war was threatened. But after the war,Donovan realised the importance of issuing surveillance on the defeated enemy. In order to convince government officials, he presented a memorandum to President Roosevelt. But during the peace, the people were not realizing the need for intelligence agencies was too high in Washington. Roosevelt did not take any decision on this.

Later, the proposal was sent to President Trumann. On September 20, 1945, Trumann decided to break the OSS. Although the OSS broke, it was not completely disconnected. Some of its units were under different organizations. However, most scientists and engineers returned to their private companies.

Then the next year America realized that though the war ended but actually it’s not in reality. In the War of nerves with the Soviet Union, there is no alternative to intelligence agencies for this. As a result, in 1947, the Truman National Security Act, signed the Central Intelligence Agency or CIA was established. Basically, the CIA started its journey again with OSS structure.

The primary work of the CIA is to provide information about foreign governments, organizations and people and to provide support and advice to national policy makers. The CIA and its liability changed significantly in 2004.

Before December 2004, the CIA was the main intelligence agency of the United States. This was not just his own activities, but also the activities of other intelligence agencies also looked after. But in 2004, prevention act was changed by Intelligence Reform and Terrorism Prevention Act, 2004. The CIA participated in the secret activities at the president's request. As well as the operation of paramilitary operations and the operation of political influence in other countries is managed through the special activities department.

The CIA can take access to all types of devices in the world. They can get all the information online-offline information with the help of special search engines. Terrorists take refuge in the data encryption method to evade the intelligence agencies like the CIA.

George Bush Center for Intelligence is Its Headquarters. Current director George Tenet. The United States fails to prevent the flight attacks of 9/11 due to corruption and mismanagement of the organization. They did not get any information about the arrival of 10 million Soviet soldiers in Afghanistan and the Saddam Hussein government in Iraq could not be proved by them to have a great devastating weapon.

The most negative aspect of the CIA is that they have been accused of appointment of Hitman worldwide against them. Through which they make political killing.

CIA used this drone to investigate on China

CIA used this drone to investigate on China


Mossad is the name of one of the intelligence agencies in the current world's intelligence agencies. Mossad is Israel's intelligence company that is directly operated from the Prime Minister's Office of the country. The country's prime minister is the head of the organization.

Mossad was established on 13 December 1949. The name of the company's current chief Yosi Cohen. There are members of this organization. After the formation, this Mossad has been conducted in many striking operations so far.

Mossad usually collecting foreign intelligence, directing the counter intelligence, assistance in counter-intelligence, assistance of counter-terrorism, collecting own people and creating new network, surveillance on foreign diplomats, searching for enemy agents, cyber-war etc. Their security is so safe that no one knows about the budget of Mossad. Mossad's main competitor MSS, FSB, MISIRI, ISI, Hezbollah, Hamas.

Israeli intelligence agency Mossad's famous operations are– Ikhman Hunt in Argentina in 1960, killing Herbert Cukurs in 1965, operation diamond in 1963-66,the revenge of the killing of the Munich Olympics of 1972,1990 Operation of Jerald Bull Kinging, killing Atef Bseiso in 1992 and murder of Mahmoud Abdel Rauf al-Mabhouh in 2010.

In 1960, it was reported that Nazi leader Adolf Eichmann fleeing in Argentina. Mossad with just five members, Mossad brought the Nazi leader from Argentina to Israel and execute the highest punishment.

The strongest aspect of Mossad is their technology and talent. In the war of 1967, due to the Mig-21 aircraft used by Mossad, there was a role in winning with the Arabs in only six days.

However, there are many criticisms about the activities of Mossad. Most of the world has identified their activities as terrorist activities. The role of the organization in the United Nations has repeatedly been discussed. Mossad’s assassination is very dangerous. They did not accept any blame on their behalf even after they were assassinated in different countries of the world at different times and after proving these incidents.

It's known that, there was a relevant behind the murder of PLO's popular leader Yasir Arafat. This leader was poisoned by Mossad.

◾The Federal Security Service of the Russian Federation (FSB)

The main name of FSB is федеральная служба безопасности российской федерации (фсб). In short it is known as FSB. It was established on April 3, 1995. However, the effectiveness of the FSB functionality and horrors can not be assumed at all. Guess that keeping in mind its predecessor.

Russia's current intelligence agency FSB's predecessor was the world's trembling intelligence agency KGB. And before KGB, its name was Cheka.The Cheka was the Bolshevik security force or secret police. The number of FSB workers is approximately more than millions. FSB headquarters in Russia's Moscow City Lubyanka Square.It is accountable to the President's Russian Federation.

FSB agency chief Alexander Bortikov The FSB associate organization name is GRU. FSB has a total of 10 divisions. FSB's main responsibility is surveillance on foreign diplomats, collecting foreign intelligence management, assassination, border surveillance, export control, counter-terrorism, export control, counter-terrorism.

Anna Chapman, the world famous agent of FSB. FSB detectives are spread all over the world who are providing secret information to FSB regularly. The number of the total officials of the FSB and the amount allocated for them are kept secret as their own strategy.

◾Federal Intelligence Service or BND

Germany's foreign intelligence agency is named Bundesnachrichtendienst or BND in German. Federal Intelligence Service in English. The organization from the German Chancellor's office is directly controlled and accountable to the Chancellor. It is one of Europe's strongest intelligence agencies.

After World War II, Germany started the reconstruction for a new country. At that time their security system was completely broken. Then they feel that there is a lack of intelligence information for safety. From that need they started building a foreign intelligence agency. BND was established on 1 April 1956. The organization was led by Major General Reinhard Gehlen. Initially, it worked as a US intelligence agency CIA collaborator.

This organization is always ready for any challenges in Germany and the world. BND collects the information about international terrorism, drug terrorism, technology illegal trafficking, arms trafficking, organized terrorism, organized terrorism. Although BND International Intelligence Agency, they collected information about military and civil intelligence.

Four thousand workers work together at the head office of the organization located in Berlin. The huge office is equal to about 35 football fields. BND works to collect foreign intelligence information, directing the counter-intelligence, conducting intelligence activities in different countries, counter-terrorism, collection and network of its own people.

This organization also works in determining the foreign policy of state policy makers, collecting and analyzing information about various organizations and individuals. In a word, whatever they need to do in the sovereignty of the German state in the world. They work as a tool to warn the government about the threat to German interests abroad.

They also work through telephone traps and electronic monitoring. They work in different areas like international terrorism, all kinds of illegal transfer of technology, organized crime, arms and drug trafficking, money laundering, illegal immigration and informational war.

They are engaged in both military and civilian spying so that BND is only the intelligence agency of Germany.

A mobile and a computer

A mobile and a computer

◾Turkish Intelligence Agency (MIT)

The National Intelligence Organization (Turkish: Millî İstihbarat Teşkilatı, MİT) is the state intelligence agency of Turkey.

MIT co-operates with the Central Intelligence Agency and the intelligence agencies of Russia. For the purpose of forming a single intelligence agency capable of collecting information on all issues relevant to Turkey's national security policy, the Turkish Parliament on 22 July 1965 passed Law No. 644, under which MAH was r