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More Mass Shooters on the Way

John is a middle-school business teacher, happily married since 1989 and grateful to have been given the gift of life.

Missing Parents

The reason we are having more shooters is because of social-media-fueled political divisiveness, popular culture igniting and embracing and stirring controversial ideas, vigorously mixed with a tidal wave of missing parents. Not missing in the sense of being abducted or leaving the home; rather, they are missing in the sense that they are horribly inept at being parents. They are addicted to the social media fray and other habit-forming gratifications as well as trying to cope with life themselves and don't realize that their offspring need guidance through the morass of world events and news which characterizes life on this planet. Their children never learn the skills which are needed to cope successfully with the bonfire of life's contests. All of this is destabilizing for a faction of the population: young people who are trying to grow up and find purpose and meaning in their lives yet discovering that much of the adult world is mired in things unrelated to raising children.

The Beleaguered Male

Especially susceptible to carrying out violence are boys and men who have had their gender devalued and condemned for a few decades now. The worst culprits have been the advertising and entertainment industries which portray males as either inept fools or instinctual animals.

“Men are tired,” [Suzanne]Venker wrote. “Tired of being told there’s something fundamentally wrong with them. Tired of being told that if women aren’t happy, it’s men’s fault.” The War on Men, Fox News Opinion, November 26, 2012

While boys and men must learn to be responsible in their interactions with girls and women, feminist hate-merchants and other far left activists have sent messages which are simply destructive to the male psyche. As though all men dart about town with giant erections looking to rape and beat and demean and take controlling ownership of the next woman they see. And far right consciousness elevates the gun as though it should be a body part, as though the “speeding bullet” is all we need for social betterment. Further, if you don’t embrace the Holy Spirit and worship the Bible, hell will be your eternal hangout. While social and political messaging and change can be invigorating and helpful, if it occurs without proper respect and communication regarding what’s changing and why, some people, boys especially who are hard-wired to protect and preserve, experience that as their “world” breaking up, about to be slapped back together by extremist operators. Feeling helpless at the hands of perceived unwanted changes to their lives, finding their place in the world seeming untenable, social media-fueled hatred jumping into the mix, and nobody’s at home guiding them through it: that is the recipe for a suicide killer.

No Hands

Men have historically had clear roles in society. In addition to protection and preservation of the homestead, working with their hands in one way or another has always characterized the masculine role. Yet, if you examine the public schools, there are few "working hands" opportunities. Public schools, instead of pushing their ridiculous college-for-all, white-people-bad narrative, should provide instruction in the trades for any student who wants it. The very system which has been tasked with preparing young people for life, touting its social justice efforts in diversity, equity and inclusion, has succeeded in alienating young men. Plan to go to college or be a loser and, by the way, beware the pain of darker-skinned races is the message received by young men. Hey, public school system, listen! Some students will not thrive in college! This includes students of all races who will get along well enough with each other, and not needing your half-baked social justice lightning strikes.

Gun Legislation is Not a Panacea

Addressing the issue of young-male gun violence is much more complicated than insisting that the NRA and gun-owners have “blood on their hands” or enacting a blitz of “tower of power” invasive gun legislation to be happily ignored by the very folks who are causing the carnage. While the goofy lawmakers are grinning and slapping each other on the back, the next "crazy" will be finding a gun or some other weapon via some “other” distribution channel. Attacks will continue, and then you’ll have two groups of victims: the ones shot dead and the many more who had more freedoms taken from them for no reason. And then the next fun wave of progressive gun “legislation” efforts will take place.

Somehow, a faction of our population believes that legislation, not holding the actual criminals responsible, yet removing freedoms from innocent people, is going to make a better world. Background checks are a reasonable practice because they don't infringe on the rights of law-abiding citizens. The progressives don't understand that their well-meaning legislative efforts to ban and restrict and delegitimize, as well as their other "totalitarian-flavored" ideas are contributing to the destabilization of our society. When testosterone-powered males, with missing parents and a social-justice-centered school system, sense that their already shaky existence is about to be made worse by "progress"…we know how that can progress.

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The Fix: There Isn't One

Orgasms should somehow be restricted unless we are celebrating alone with our gonads. If it's two people joining gonads, until their offspring have become contributing members of society, the orgasms should be on a delay-timer of some kind. Without that gratification, only responsible people will create babies. Many more children will be raised properly; that is, they will be loved for who they are instead of being ignored and manipulated by distracted parents.

As ridiculous as the aforementioned "solution" would be, the "control-your-life" desires of the aforementioned political group are more ridiculous. The progressives believe that if everyone would just collectively follow them, enacting and worshiping their restrictions-soaked legislations and "equity" producing income redistribution taxations, that the world would be perfect. But their perfect world would not embody freedom. In an extreme example, if you imprison the populace, there will be no more mass shootings.

If a society wants to avoid senseless deaths from mass shooters, it must strengthen its defenses. Not just making certain kinds of guns illegal! Making driving safer, for example, is not so much about making certain types of cars illegal, but rather, making roads and cars safer and having them patrolled more. Teaching defensive driving. How about defensive teaching? Making teaching and learning safer and having curriculum more relevant to the real world, is the only logical answer. Schools of the future may look and operate like military institutions. Hopefully without the blathering intimidations of "college or else" and "social justice" slathered on the student body. Hopefully with more "hands-on" vocational career training available to all students. Are we willing to spend “huge” on these resources which may never be used, since most schools in the U.S. will not be the targets of shooters? Armed guards, screening equipment and perimeter security fencing? Resources to teach the trades? Most schools have never seen the kind of violence visited on Sandy Hook and Robb and never will. Yet to save one young life would be worth it. Yes?

This content reflects the personal opinions of the author. It is accurate and true to the best of the author’s knowledge and should not be substituted for impartial fact or advice in legal, political, or personal matters.

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