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Moral Decline in United States

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Moral Decline in United States

Moral decline or decay in United States. The problem with the moral standard of U.S

Moral decline or decay in United States. The problem with the moral standard of U.S

Moral Decay in United States


Loss in moral practice results to loss in respect. Beyond any reasonable doubt, the moral standard of United States of America is seriously decaying. There is no legitimate culture that is practiced unlike before. In secondary schools, tertiary education, politics, youths, and even among the adults that suppose to be mentoring the young, there is evidence of serious moral decay in the country.

Moral can be defined as the nature of ethics and foundations of good and bad characters. A good moral is doing things which are considered right in the side of God and man without any compromise. Moral decline is the condition of advancing in bad rather than in good character.

There are faces of moral decline or decay in United States. Though some people may see the decline as nothing because their eyes are covered and they cannot see clearly. The truth must be told whether the government, college students or the entire citizens of United States like it or not. Honestly, the country’s moral standard is in mess. Could it be because of poverty or unemployment? None of them are the major reasons for high moral standard in United States. It is true that there is poverty and unemployment in the United States, but none of them are the major reasons for moral decay in the country, as countries that suffer them most still pay attention to good moral.

Moral decline is one of the major challenges in United States of America. Years back during the time of the old fathers of the land, it was not like this. Those fathers of the land think critically and wisely. The product of their efforts which brings good lives to the people of today is now abused. Telephone which Graham Bell Laboured for is now used a means to commit crime.

Faces (Areas) of Moral Decline in United States

There are many areas where moral decline is experienced in United States. These when split can occupy more than two hundred pages of a textbook. So, this heading can just be seen as an introduction to faces of moral decay in the country. Areas where there is moral decline in United States are but not limited to:

  • Colleges and universities;
  • Offices;
  • Political sector;
  • Movie industries; and
  • American Youths.

Moral Decay in colleges and universities in United States of America

An illustration on moral decay in colleges and universities in United States of America

An illustration on moral decay in colleges and universities in United States of America

Moral Decline in Colleges and universities

It is not bad if the name of American colleges and universities is changed to immoral organization. The kind of atrocities committed in tertiary institutions in United States in not quantifiable. Some female youths in United States who are studying in one university or the other have turn their wombs into burial grounds. They are busy indulging in abortion day in day out because they think they have the right to do so.

Rape is rampant in many universities and colleges located in the country. A 2007 study by the National Institute of Justice found that 19.0% of college women and 6.1% of college men experienced rape or attempted rape since entering college (Krebs et al 2007). In the year 2000, the National Institute of Justice and the Bureau of Justice Statistics published a study based on 1996-1997 research and found that 10.1% of college women experienced rape and 10.9% experienced attempted rape prior to entering college. The evidence shows that there is high moral decay in tertiary institutions in United States of America.

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Moral Decline in American Offices

Decline in moral standard in United States does not end only in tertiary institutions in United States but are also observed in offices in the country. The offices are both private and public ones. Some Chief Executive Officers in the country use their positions to take advantage of the other.

In U.S, research has shown that some office heads have had sex with the female gender right inside their offices. This is a place where people come and sign contracts with the company now turned into a place for conducting filthy activities. Men now find it very difficult to control themselves because of what the society is feeding them with which make them to fall victim to immorality in the country.

Moral Decline in U.S Political sector

Some politicians not withstanding their ages are marked with immoral activities. This has spoilt the reputations of many of them. Some are married yet they have affairs with other women leaving their wives at homes.

What happens when they are called for conference in distance places where they spent almost a week? Then, their wives are not there and they cheat in their absence. When such conference is held in hotels, the hotel management usually sell most of their “latex or rubber” product at that moment. It is believed that the information passed in the previous sentence is well understood. A situation where those who lead United States mess around, what are expected from the people they lead? Some of them take part in corruption which is considered an immoral act.

American Movie industries and Moral Decline

At the emergence of movie industries in United States, the movies acted by the country’s movie industry were made good for all eyes. Those who patronized the movies as of them learned good moral lessons from what they watched. Today, the reverse is the case as American movie industries think they cannot make profits if they do not show any scene with sex action.

This is not enough as many characters in the movies go naked because they know that the masses attentions will be captured and they will sell more by so doing-dirty marketing strategy. Many American children get corrupt and morally down through the kind of videos that they are exposed to. This makes them to behave like dogs when they grow up.

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Moral Decline among American Youths

Is there a better and secure future for America if the youths in the country continue to advance in immorality? There is high increase in abortion, prostitution, exposure to adult material, high taking of drugs, criminal acts, just to mention but a few.

How many American youths can boast that he or she has not taken part in sexual immorality since he or she became a youth? They always become interested in discussions of filthy topics and call them jokes. Taking of hard drugs is rampant among American youths and this sometimes pushes them into actions that are considered as social vices. The youths of United States lack moral youth empowerment which is a type of youth empowerment.

Causes of Moral decline in United States

Illustration on Causes of Moral decline in United States. An issue that deserves to be looked into properly.

Illustration on Causes of Moral decline in United States. An issue that deserves to be looked into properly.

Indecent Dressing

Indecent dressing is one of the major causes of immorality in United States. It seems one can hardly watch the television anymore without being bombarded by profanity, sexually explicit content, or barely clothed women prancing around – and that’s just the commercials! (Contender Ministries 2014).

In high schools, roads and streets, young and “old women” in United States move around naked. This nakedness tends to attract men to such women and finally end up in immorality. Indecent dressing parades itself even in offices that put managers into the position of having sex with his female employees.

Causes of Moral Decline in United States

A number of factors are the causes of moral decay/decline in United States of America. Among the causes of moral decay in United States are:

  • Indecent dressing;
  • Poor parental care;
  • Bad government;
  • Religious decline; and
  • Internet.

Poor Parental Care as a Cause of Moral Decay in United States

Because of the quest for prosperity in the country, both women and men want to make more money. Mothers and fathers leave early in the morning just to make more money and leave the children behind to be cared by their house maids. The service parents can give to their children is not the same to that which is being given by house maids. Who knows what happens when the parents of such children were not at home. Maybe the servant watches some “dirty videos” which the children she cares for joint in and such teaches immorality.

There are certain moral standards that are supposed to be taught by parents to their children but it happens that most parents in America do not care for them again. They sometimes believe that the children will be taught these in the school without knowing that it is hard to see schools in United States that observe morning prayers not to talk of teaching other moral standard.

Bad government as a Cause of Moral Decline in United States

The kind of leader that leads any group of persons determines the level of moral that is likely to be observed in that territory. A leader who sees no value to moral will have the country filled with immorality because he does not want any good moral standard.

What kind of president operates in United States? Does he believes and teaches moral to the citizens of his country? Barack Obama does not seem to wholly believe in moral standard. Today in United States, man is allowed to marry man and women is allowed by law to marry woman, and it is a product of the government of the country. It does not end there because the government of the country has given access to any female gender that wants to carryout induce abortion to go on with that. United States, are we decaying or growing by these kinds of Laws that promote immorality?

Religious decline: A Cause of Immorality in United States

United States has deeply dropped in religious worship and thinks they can do it on their own. They think more on the reigning things in the modern age and put religion behind. Religion is now seen as mere organization established by the old and made for the old alone.

Children and youths who suppose to go to church on Sundays to learn new things and add to their moral standards are nowhere to be found in places of worship. The youths see going to church as something that will prevent them from living their normal lives.

Internet: A Factor of Moral Decline in United States

In the argument between the technophiles and technophobes, what is believed by the technophobes is seriously affecting the world power. The advancement in technology which gave birth to internet is now an agent of moral decay in the United States. In the early time when the internet went online, it was meant to help the masses in solving their problems and not to be abused. But today, it has been a means through which people commit crime and indulge in social vices.

There are many websites on the internet that cause moral decline not only to the United States but to the entire world. People now have access to “dirty videos” which are being uploaded online by those who want to make their money without knowing the harm it causes to the entire world. When those who watch such videos finished, they become emotionally high and that can result to "female attack" and prostitution.

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