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Minority Vs Dominant Groups


For this blog, I will be talking about minority groups and dominant group. I have learned that minority and dominant group has had an impact in our society today. An example that I have based on the minority group, I was raised in a minority group but I have tried to get out from being in the same group. There is a theory that I believe that can help understand the issues that we have had based on minority groups and dominant group, would be the conflict theory. Conflict theory is when a group of people is trying to fight for equality for everyone. The reason I chose this theory is that I believe that people have an issue between these two groups of not being the same or that they are separated because they are different just because of something so small. There is also another reason I chose conflict because there has been a group that is trying to fight for equality for the minority group and they have tried to bring up solutions to the problem of not being equal. Here is a link to a video that helps explain about minority and dominant group in society.


According to Healey, Joseph F, and Eileen Obrien (2015) stated that a minority group is already determined at birth and this group has a disadvantage towards life (9). I feel like being in the group which is determined by at birth does not mean you should stay there for your rest of your life. I feel is someone wants to get out of being in the minority group it is going to be hard and take time to do so compared to the other group. I have also observed that there are some people that are born within this group of minorities and they believe there is nothing they can do to improve themselves. I feel like people find it hard for them to grow from this stereotype they fall into but it is also easy for them to accept that there is nothing they can do and just accept as who they are.

According to Healey, Joseph F, and Eileen Obrien (2015) stated that a dominant group is benefiting from the minority group (10). From this definition, I understand is that the dominant group is looking to get things out from the minority group just so they can keep pushing to be on top of everyone else that was not able to be like them. This is a link that is trying to get dominant groups to be able to see that they are not stepping over minority groups and questioning if the dominant group’s privileges they have.

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For the first article, it will be talking about what do people think about ethnic attitudes among the dominant and minority group. Veneciano, C., & Coleman, Lerita M. (1995), have stated that children are able to see what is the good and the bad within the two groups. So, we can see that children are able to give a better understanding of things without being prejudice towards an ethnic group. For the next article, will be talking about the dynamics that the minority group with empathizes with the dominant group during social interactions. Vorauer, J., & Quesnel, M. (2016), has stated that they had done two studies involved with face-to-face intergroup still ended up with the same results which were it consisted with a meta-stereotype. I feel like these two articles to help understand better the difference between minority and dominant group but also how people are trying to figure why people think they belong to a certain group and why others would fall into the other.


Veneciano, C., & Coleman, Lerita M. (1995). The Influence of Culture and Cognition in the Development of Inter-ethnic Attitudes among Dominant and Minority Group Children and Adults, ProQuest Dissertations and Theses.

Vorauer, J., & Quesnel, M. (2016). Empathy by dominant versus minority group members in intergroup interaction: Do dominant group members always come out on top? Group Processes & Intergroup Relations, Group Processes & Intergroup Relations, 11/24/2016.

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