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Mike Lindell Is the New Sexy Bad Boy

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Mike Lindell Is What Women Want

You didn't read that wrong. Mike Lindell, the MyPillow guy, has what it takes to make women swoon, and he's one of the hottest bad boys on the market.

If you find that hard to believe, it's because what constitutes a bad boy has changed.

From the beginning of time until 2020, a "bad boy" was someone who displayed these characteristics:

  • Bad boys broke the rules. They disobeyed signage like "no smoking," they weren't punctual, and they never picked their dates up at the door.
  • Bad boys never opened up. They were aloof enigmas and refused to share feelings. Women considered it a challenge and fell all over themselves trying to find the key to unlock the bad boy's heart--they never succeeded.
  • Bad boys lived dangerously. They drove too fast, drank too much, and disrespected authority.
  • Bad boys defied convention. They were arrogant, and they dressed and styled their hair differently than everyone else for the sake of rebellion. They didn't treat women like ladies but rather like objects to be physically dominated. Girls wanted to slap them but melted in their arms instead. Think Rhett Butler and Scarlett O'Hara.

A bad boy always left a woman wanting.

Where have all the bad boys gone? The feminist movement crushed the testosterone out of some of them, and many others lost their edge in a culture that caters to snowflakes. The few stragglers who remained devolved into mere thugs.

Then Mike Lindell arrived.

What woman wouldn't dream of trading places with that pillow?

What woman wouldn't dream of trading places with that pillow?

Mike Lindell Revolutionizes the Bad Boy Image

As Leftist radicals assault our American liberties and flagrantly disregard our Constitutional framework, they leave mass carnage in the wake of their freedom killing policies. The environment and "woke" ideals are worshipped instead of our Creator, jobs are eliminated, oil and gas industries are decimated, our once safe borders allow unchecked evils to flow into our communities, and politics is more important than people in an administration bent on an "America Last" agenda.

Patriots who fight back to protect our nation from tyrannical dictators are vilified, demonized, persecuted, and cancelled.

Mike Lindell is one of those patriots, and watching him in action makes a woman's pulse race and her face flush.

There is nothing sexier than a bad boy patriot standing up to power.

Not only that, but Lindell hasn't sold his soul to China. His products are made in America, and he's a living testament of the American Dream.

Lindell has been banned from Twitter, and stores like Bed, Bath, & Beyond, Kohl's, Wayfair, and H-E-B have all dropped his MyPillow product line.

No, it's not ZZ Top, Osama bin Laden's offspring, or a caveman.  It's dead-eyed Jack Dorsey, Twitter's CEO.  He doesn't  look like he sleeps well.  Maybe he needs a MyPillow!

No, it's not ZZ Top, Osama bin Laden's offspring, or a caveman. It's dead-eyed Jack Dorsey, Twitter's CEO. He doesn't look like he sleeps well. Maybe he needs a MyPillow!

Retailers have been intimidated by the radical mobs that don't patronize their stores anyway--unless you consider looting a form of patronage. After writing to Kohl's to voice my disgust over them bowing to fascists, I received this sham of a response:

Kohl’s has made the decision to exit the MyPillow brand. There has been decreased customer demand for MyPillow. We will sell our current inventory and not buy additional/future inventory in the brand. We’ve shared your feedback with the appropriate teams.Sincerely,

Annette W.
Executive Correspondence Lead | Office of the President
Kohl's, Inc.

Sure, Annette W. Your claim is as believable as the Dems asserting climate change poses an existential threat to humanity, 2020's summer riots were "mostly peaceful," we only need two weeks to flatten the curve, Biden isn't compromised by China, or that Hunter's laptop isn't oozing filth.

The demand hasn't decreased. Lindell's company is currently working night and day to fill orders and are running approximately two weeks behind due to the overwhelming number of orders they are receiving from Americans who are revolting against cancel culture.

If you haven't placed an order lately on mypillow.com, it's time to show your support for this amazing culture warrior. Besides pillows, Lindell offers robes, blankets, pajamas, towels, and more. The communists might want Lindell's company to dry up faster than the Keystone XL Pipeline, but we can't let that happen.

Dropping Lindell from their stores enhances his bad boy image and makes him appear all the more titillating. The only way Lindell could be any hotter is if he let his bangs fall a little forward so that he'd have to toss his head back a little to clear them from his eyes.

What's Lindell's crime? He's a Donald Trump supporter. Plus, his winsome smile, bubbly personality, twinkling eyes, and Godly character are offensive to angry Leftists who crave misery.

Trump says he uses a MyPillow and will support Lindell, should he decide to run for governor of Minnesota.

Trump says he uses a MyPillow and will support Lindell, should he decide to run for governor of Minnesota.

Lindell has also been known to drop the "F," "R", and "D" bombs--fraud, rigged, and Dominion. Big Tech and the Mainstream Media have removed those terms from our public vernacular, so to hear such words fall from Lindell's sweet lips whets one's appetite for more of the forbidden fruit. Women implode like Fembots from Austin Powers when Lindell insists on talking so dirty!

Even Newsmax, once thought to be a conservative replacement for Fox News, had a meltdown when Lindell was a guest on their program. Bob Sellers interviewed Lindell about Big Tech censorship after Lindell was banned from Twitter. Ironically, Sellers censored Lindell as well for dropping the "bombs" mentioned above.

Dominion has threatened to sue Lindell for his claims that their voting machines were used to steal a presidential election. Does Lindell cower in a corner? Hardly! Lindell responded, "I welcome Dominion to sue me. I welcome it. Please. Please sue me...and then you can show us all about your machines."

Taunting the enemy--now THAT'S what you call a bad boy!


Lindell Is a Bad Boy And Even Wrote a Book to Prove It

Lindell doesn't keep it a secret that he battled cocaine and gambling addictions for many years before he accepted Jesus as his Savior and turned his life around to become the wildly successful CEO of his own company with a net worth of over $300 million.

His book is truly inspiring because it shows no matter how low you've sunk in life, there's hope. You can turn your life around--against all odds.

Lindell has a passion to help others, even if it means airing his own dirty laundry. Women are drawn to his passionate nature like Dems are attracted to bogus impeachment proceedings.

Since Lindell has toyed with running for the governorship of Minnesota, he checkmated future opponents whose opposition research would expose the depth of his past misdeeds. Lindell doesn't leave skeletons in his closet for anyone to find. His life has literally become an open book.

Regardless, the radical mob tries to compromise Lindell's employees by pressuring them to spill the beans on the boss. Lindell's staff love him though, so agitators come up empty-handed.

When haters throw his past back into his face, Lindell doesn't get rattled, but is quick to offer them a copy of his book where they can read the sordid details for themselves so they can appreciate the miracle of divine intervention.

Mike Lindell's Book is Blockbuster!

Lindell overcame the destructive bad boy he once was, but he has evolved into a new type of bad boy--the kind of guy who is a countercultural revolutionary, and women love him for it.

If you play his commercials backwards, instead of hearing "Sleep well, America!" do you think you might hear "America, wake up?" Some people in this country are too sleepy, or blind, and need a shaking or rude awakening to snap them out of their trance. We have Goliaths to fight!

One Woman's "Boring" Is Another's "Sexy"

Understandably, Lindell's destructive lifestyle torched his first marriage of 20 years. His second marriage to Dallas Yocum lasted less than a few weeks. Yocum looked at him while he was driving and said, "I don't love you. I never loved you. You're boring."


Lindell's 1970's moustache alone puts him in a racy category reserved for the manliest of men. He looks like a bad-ass police chief from some 70's cop show.

All of his talk about pillows, mattress toppers, and Giza Dream Sheets is like one sexy, subliminal message beckoning women for a roll in the hay. He doesn't guarantee "you'll get the best sleep of your life" just because he can make ladies cozy and comfortable.

You might have to take a cold shower though because Lindell has been dating Kendra Reeves since 2014.

Mike Lindell and Kendra Reeves attend the movie "Unplanned"--a movie in which Lindell invested $1 million.

Mike Lindell and Kendra Reeves attend the movie "Unplanned"--a movie in which Lindell invested $1 million.

Women flock to Lindell, but he humbly deflects their adoration by saying, "A lot of people recognize me from the MyPillow ads, and they often stop and ask for pictures. It's a blessing."

Lindell rubs elbows with all the conservative big names in America, and he refuses to be silenced about his convictions. In today's world, that's living life on the edge, something bad boys always do. Being the target of Big Tech and media censorship is a badge of honor.

Lindell is an outlaw in our increasingly immoral, cultural wasteland, but he never ceases to extend grace to his enemies while fighting to protect America and all that she stands for.

Mike Lindell is a true patriot and an American hero and icon who rebrands what it means to be a sexy bad boy in our cancel culture era. Let's hope more will follow his lead.


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Vivian Coblentz (author) on February 07, 2021:

Hi, A B!

Thanks for taking the time to read my article! I just hope patriots will keep flooding Mike Lindell's company with so many orders that it will keep him afloat for years to come!

Did you see David Hogg, the Parkland shooting survivor, now wants to make his own pillow to try to put Lindell out of business? What an evil creep! Usually, people develop products because they are creative entrepreneurs, inspired geniuses, or at least someone who's trying to strike it rich. Imagine creating a product birthed from your hate of someone. We are seeing evil rush in like a flood, but I can't wait to see how God will raise up a standard against it!

A B Williams from Central Florida on February 07, 2021:

I had to scroll back quite a distance, but found it!

I knew you had published recently.

I love this piece, great job!

I have mentioned Mike Lindell in a couple of my articles. He is such a likable person and has overcome so many trials and tribulations. I am sure that he never expected such tribulation for supporting and trusting in Donald Trump!

He was just the happy, lovable pillow guy, until he dared to firmly plant his feet, take a stand and not back down! Gotta love it!

Vivian Coblentz (author) on February 05, 2021:

The Logician,

Thank you for the link! My mom just sent it to me today too. I'll watch it as soon as I get the chance. I appreciate it!

The Logician on February 05, 2021:

Hey Vivian!

Did you know Mike released a 3 hour video today showing specifically and undeniably that and how this election was a fraud, a joke, a coupe!

He and it is banned everywhere but I’ll email you the video.

It is so simple and obvious it boggles the mind why the courts ignored this.