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Mike Huckabee Needs To Sever All Ties With The Duggars

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*Note - This article here of mine was initially published on December 3, 2021.

Gage Skidmore is the author of this photograph.  The license for it can be found at

Gage Skidmore is the author of this photograph. The license for it can be found at

I do not necessarily agree with all of former Arkansas Governor Mike Huckabee's ideologies, and I have never voted for him any time that he has run for president of the United States of America. After all, I am a moderate Independent rather than a conservative Republican. However, I do have a great amount of respect for this man, and I would gladly accept him as our nation's president over Joe Biden any time if he had been elected to the Oval Office. I watch his show on YouTube, and I find much of what he says on it to be very interesting and accurate.

Mr. Huckabee has run for president on more than one occasion here in my nation. He is currently a minister. He has a whole host of credits to his name. What is particularly noteworthy about him is that he is good friends with Bill Maher despite that they have diametrically opposing political viewpoints. He has even made appearances on Mr. Maher's HBO series Real Time with Bill Maher to discuss issues that affect our nation as a whole. Mr. Huckabee has also interviewed Mr. Maher on Fox News.

Mr. Huckabee has a reputation of being for the little guy, and he sincerely lives up to it. He always claims that instead of being a blue blood, he is a man who wears the blue collar; and he is genuine in that respect. That is, he looks out for the best interest of the working class in his roles as a public servant and an elected official. He cares about our nation, and he takes a particular interest in methods to improve our economy so that each and every American can have a good quality of life. He is a man of integrity who holds himself up to the highest standards, even though his school of thought may be a little old-fashioned at times.

There is nothing bad that I wish to report about Mr. Huckabee. The concern that I do currently have about him, however, is that he could be endangering his own political career in the event that he is still engaging with the Duggar family on a social level now that Josh Duggar's criminal trial is well underway. If you're not familiar with the child pornography case against Josh Duggar, below you can watch a YouTube video that will provide you with all the nitty-gritty details regarding that same matter as well as Josh's sordid background.

Logan Portenier And Megan Portenier Describe Josh Duggar's Background And Current Criminal Trial In Great Details

In the video above, the Porteniers make it very clear to their viewers that Josh Duggar has a God complex and has lived a depraved life under the deceiving guise of wholesome perfection. Now the truth simply refuses to be kept from coming out to the entire world, and this situation with Josh is way worse than anything that surfaced to light about him back in 2015. What makes Josh's transgressions even more so outrageous is that he has been indulging in this horrendous behavior since the time that he was 12 years old.

Josh is all about appearances, and he couldn't care less about whose lives his true self destroys. Now he must face the music in Federal court. He clearly does not have the right to be preaching about family values, societal norms, and sexual purity to others whom he believes to be morally inferior to him. In their above video, the Porteniers draw attention to the concern that Anna Keller Duggar may have been forced into her marriage with Josh against her will.

"marcn" is the author of this photograph.

"marcn" is the author of this photograph.

Mike Huckabee Stood By The Duggars When Josh Duggar's Initial Sex Scandals Broke in 2015

I admire that Mr. Huckabee stands by his friends through thick and thin. He shows an unprecedented amount of loyalty toward everyone who prides themselves to be his friend, and I believe that that is a quality that every politician and elected official should have. What scares me about Mr. Huckabee's strong sense of loyalty is that I believe that it may have blinded him to the harm that the Duggar family caused his presidential campaign back in 2016.

In 2013, Ken Cuccinelli ran for governor of the Commonwealth of Virginia. It is my assertion that the endorsement and the support that the Duggars gave him may have damaged his political campaign although not to the extent as was done to Mr. Huckabee. The sex scandals regarding Josh Duggar had not surfaced to light yet back then. However, there were still people who knew about Josh and about the kind of monster that he was.

Mr. Cuccinelli lost that same gubernatorial race, and the Commonwealth of Virginia got stuck with Terry McAuliffe as governor of that state for four years. Mr. McAuliffe definitely proved to be a disaster for that same state. Virginians could have likely been spared the indignities of his presence in Richmond if Mr. Cuccinelli had won that election. Unfortunately, at the time, Josh and his wife, Anna, had been living in the Washington, D.C. area; and they and the other Duggars got involved in Mr. Cuccinelli's gubernatorial campaign, which was probably not beneficial to Mr. Cuccinelli's chances of getting elected to office.

After the sex scandals involving Josh broke in 2015, Mr. Huckabee was definitely playing Russian roulette with his own political career when he allowed for the Duggars to endorse his presidential campaign. I am not a big fan of The Young Turks on YouTube. A great number of their viewpoints are way too leftist for my approval. Nonetheless, they did post a very informative video on their YouTube channel in the spring of 2015 in which they commented about Josh's sex scandals.

Ana Kasparian of The Young Turks may not be a famous television journalist, but she has debated on camera with conservative author Ann Coulter, who makes frequent appearances on Fox News. Ms. Kasparian is in the above-described video by the Young Turks. I would like for you to watch that same video below.

The Young Turks Snipe At Josh Duggar For Getting Away With His Sex Crimes Against Children, Among Other Things

I disagree with all the derogatory statements that The Young Turks make about Mr. Huckabee in their video above. I do not believe that Mr. Huckabee stood by the Duggars back in 2015 and 2016 to appeal to his voting base after the sex scandals regarding Josh broke. Instead, I believe that he wanted to be the best friend that he could be to the Duggars while they were dealing with Josh's sex scandals. Overall, Mr. Huckabee is a decent person as far as I am concerned. In any event, The Young Turks were still accurate about everything they said about Josh in their video above.

In agreement with what Ms. Kasparian stated in the video above, Jim Bob Duggar and his wife, Michelle, did not handle the situation with their son, Josh, properly back when he was a teenage boy after they had found out about it. They sent him to church counselors who had no medical background that would have qualified them to provide him with the therapy that he so needed at the time. The most that these church counselors did was have him perform menial jobs as their form of therapy upon him. In figurative language, their actions did nothing to make him a better person or encourage him to confront his demons.

Back in the early part of the 21st century, Jim Bob and Michelle arranged for a law-enforcement official to provide Josh with a chastising lecture to discourage him from repeating the same detrimental depravities that he had inflicted upon his four sisters and one girl outside his family back in 2002 and 2003. This same cop later received a lengthy prison sentence for his involvement in child pornography and is currently serving time behind bars.

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In metaphoric words, Josh has this delusion that whenever he gets caught committing an unspeakable crime against a child or children, he only needs to bathe in a tub full of holy water for four or five hours and magically he will be purified of all his ills and then all the damage he has done to children will be erased from history. Perhaps that technique may work on vampires, but it will never work on Josh. Oops, wait a minute. Vampires don't exist.

There can be no question that Mr. Huckabee did what he felt was the right thing for him to do after the sex scandals regarding Josh broke back in 2015. Then again, let's keep in mind that Josh was never arrested or tried for any of the crimes of his that the world found out about in 2015. There was no criminal trial at the time that could have caused Josh and his father, Jim Bob, to point their finger at the wrong culprit to save Josh's skin. I explain what I mean further on herein.

Below is a video of Mr. Huckabee on his presidential campaign trail in Clinton, Iowa back in 2016. He is clearly furious with a woman who put Josh's dirty laundry on exhibition to an entire room full of Huckabee supporters. His loyalty to any friend of his here is commendable, but, at the same time, it is also concerning in that Josh and his parents don't have that same kind of loyalty toward him or toward anyone.

Mike Huckabee Gets Into An Argument With A Child Molestation Survivor Regarding Josh Duggar

It is sad that something like what happened in the video above took place at one of Mr. Huckabee's presidential campaign gatherings back in 2016. At the same time, nobody can really argue against that woman's right to have raised her concerns about the Duggars. She is a survivor of a heinous crime, and she has every right to question anyone who runs for office about their position on child safety and child-protection laws.

At the same time, I can understand Mr. Huckabee strongly distrusting the mainstream media, even though they were not as dishonest back then as they are now. Also, yes, like with the majority of us, tabloid rags have a way of getting on Mr. Huckabee's nerves. I do not wish to criticize Mr. Huckabee for acting as though someone were raining on his parade at the above-described event related to his presidential campaign, because I am sure that he felt that he was taken completely off guard when that woman decided to put him in the hot seat regarding the Duggars. Nevertheless, fact has it that Josh's criminal behavior has only gone from bad to worse within the past six years, and now he is facing serious criminal charges; and the Federal judge (Timothy L. Brooks) presiding over his trial doesn't appear to have a very high opinion of him, to say the least.

Josh's father, Jim Bob, is an enabler of Josh's predatory perversions. His mother, Michelle, is a silent collaborator. Too many people have been hurt because of Jim Bob and Michelle's actions to cover up Josh's crimes against children. I would only hope that Mr. Huckabee realizes by now that it is time for him to break off his friendship with the Duggars altogether, and I do not only make this statement out of concern for his political reputation but also for his personal safety inasmuch as the Duggars have recently attempted to railroad some of their most intimate friends to keep Josh from going to Federal prison.

"en:Jim Bob Duggar" is the author of this photograph.

"en:Jim Bob Duggar" is the author of this photograph.

Mike Huckabee May Be Placing Himself In Imminent Danger As He Continues His Friendship With The Duggars

The press and the media have only begun to cover the story behind Josh's current criminal matter inasmuch as his Federal trial is now underway. My article titled "The Recent Josh Duggar Scandal Is Receiving More Television Coverage Than Before" provides information about how the mainstream media and television entertainment news shows have been dragging their feet in reporting about Josh's sordid brush with the law as of last spring.

Fortunately, Katie Joy Paulson has been covering this story right from the beginning on her YouTube channel named Without A Crystal Ball, and she has been doing so almost every day since its outset. What is very disturbing is that Ms. Paulson has recently discovered that a 3-month-old child was one of Josh's victims during his involvement with child pornographic contraband. You can watch her video below to get all the details about it.

Katie Joy Paulson Describes The Events At Josh Duggar's Criminal Trial

What it all comes down to is that Josh and his father, Jim Bob, have betrayed even some of their most intimate friends by doing whatever they can to pin Josh's crimes on those same people. How can Mr. Huckabee be sure that Jim Bob and his son, Josh, are not going to do the same thing to him, especially if he falls within their line of fire? Josh and family members of his have already blamed the two Federal indictments against Josh for kiddy porn on Joe Biden and President Donald J. Trump as described in my article titled "Josh Duggar Should Stop Blaming Presidents For His Crimes," even though the Duggars are supposed to be passionate Trump supporters. Therefore, there would be nothing that would stop them from betraying Mr. Huckabee in the same manner.

Now, I don't care if anyone accuses Joe Biden of a heinous crime. I don't like the man myself. However, Mr. Biden is not going to waste his time planting pornographic images of children on Josh's computer to execute some kind of ultraliberal plot against him. He may not be a good president, but he has too many other things on his schedule to be thinking about the Duggars. Also, he's not going to send someone all the way from Washington, D.C. to Arkansas to break into Josh's place of employment and download illegal content on Josh's computer. His cognitive decline would disallow him to think out a ploy like that thoroughly.

Mr. Huckabee? If you are reading this article here of mine, follow my advice. If you have endorsed Jim Bob's campaign for Arkansas state senator, withdraw your endorsement as quickly as possible. Jim Bob does not truly care about his own daughters. Therefore, he will not be the least concerned about passing laws to protect anyone else's underage daughters from monsters like Josh once he is elected to office. The reasons not to support Jim Bob for office far outweigh the reasons to support him for office as described in my article titled "Jim Bob Duggar Is A Fool To Re-enter Politics." It is most fortunate that there are other candidates running against him.

Mr. Huckabee? Don't even offer to campaign for Jim Bob. If he should ever falsely pin Josh's crimes on you as he has attempted to do on others, it will be the end of your political career. Jim Bob, Michelle, and particularly Josh are not trustworthy individuals. They will drag you down with them. All hopes of you ever becoming president will be lost forever. You don't want to be misguided down that same destructive road. You're an honorable man who doesn't deserve that horrific destiny. There is now evidence that Josh victimized a 3-month-old infant. That fact alone should serve as a red flag to you.

Mr. Huckabee? Josh and his lawyers are now trying to mislead the court to believe that someone other than Josh planted pornographic contraband involving children on his computer via remote access, when all the evidence points to the fact that only Josh could have physically committed the actions on his computer for which he is being tried. The Duggars are not as nice people as they depict themselves to be on camera. Unlike you, Mr. Huckabee, they only look out for themselves.

"geralt" is the creator of this image.

"geralt" is the creator of this image.

Final Thoughts And Conclusion

If convicted, Josh Duggar could receive as much as 40 years behind bars for the receipt and the possession of child pornography. The steep fine that he would also be sentenced to in that event would cut deeply into the Duggar family fortune. It doesn't end there either. He may be facing additional charges involving the Federal forfeiture laws because of the way he has been rearranging his assets to avoid the Federal authorities from gaining access to them in the event that he is convicted and goes away to prison. Josh's victims could also entertain civil actions against him as well once he is convicted and sentenced.

There is also a concern about whether Josh has ever harmed any of his children in the manner that he harmed his younger sisters and one other female minor back in both 2002 and 2003. He was a teenage boy back then. In figurative words, it could be that he has now become someone who does not defecate where he eats. Then again, old habits die hard, especially for individuals who have committed the kinds of crimes that he does.

Now, I completely get it. Everyone is innocent until proven guilty in a court of law beyond a shadow of a doubt, and everyone is entitled to an adequate defense in a criminal case. If Josh does get convicted and sent to Federal prison, I don't know what life is going to be like for him behind bars. However, one thing is for certain in that event. If he is found guilty and sent to Club Fed and he goes around his cellblock spewing sermons about wholesome perfection, his inmates are not going to want to listen to him and they may even lash out back against him in violence to silence him. Prison life will not be a walk in the park for him in view of his demeanor.

Back in 2015, the truth about Josh's sordid nature came out into the open for the whole world to see. Mike Huckabee was a very close friend of the Duggars, and he took pity on them because of the scandal. Mr. Huckabee never condoned the crimes that Josh committed against his four sisters and one unknown little girl back in 2002 and 2003. He continued to have faith that the Duggars would deal with the situation the best way that they could do so even after it was discovered that Josh was frequenting the Ashley Madison website to search for opportunities to cheat on his wife. Even after an escort accused Josh of beating her up while he was engaging in hedonistic acts with her, Mr. Huckabee continued to sympathize with the Duggars regarding Josh.

Now we are in 2021, and Josh is on trial for the most reprehensible crimes with which anyone can be charged. Shocking information continues to come out in this Federal trial. Josh and his father, Jim Bob Duggar, have repeatedly asked Josh's criminal defense lawyers to pin Josh's crimes on other people who were once close friends with the Duggars. It is only a matter of time that they will do the same to Mr. Huckabee, unless Mr. Huckabee removes himself from their orbit.

Mr. Huckabee has not been making regular appearances on television to defend the Duggars in the wake of the sex scandal involving Josh lately as he did back in 2015. This pattern of behavior of his could mean that perhaps he has wised up to the perfidious ways of Josh and his parents. It is hard to say. In any event, now is the time for Mr. Huckabee to abandon the Duggar ship before it takes him down with it as it continues to sink. His whole future could depend on it.

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