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Micromaterialism or Nanomaterialism is a scientific philosophical approach coined by the scientist and philosopher Foyez Ahmed.


Micromaterialism or Nanomaterialism is a scientific philosophical approach coined by the scientist and philosopher Foyez Ahmed. Ahmed developed this theory while he was researching in Mechanical Materialism and wrote a book named ‘Micromaterialism’. Micromaterialism provides a more scientific and comprehensive world outlook on which historical materialism and dialectical materialism will be a sharper weapon. It breaks down the matters into the tiniest possible particles so that the inner structure is completely explained.

Micromaterialism or Nanomaterialism uses in research, analysis, and critical thinking. In his book ‘Micromaterialism’; Ahmed adduces how the global leftists, communists, revolutionaries, seculars, and progressives are highly afflicted with Mechanical Materialism, Utopian Hyperopia, and Utopian Myopia in the name of Social Science and Scientific Marxism. In his research, Ahmed acknowledged that Mechanical Materialism is a pernicious orthodoxy to the development of revolutionary theories and social progress. He also analyzed the dilemma of global revolutionaries between Utopian Socialism and Scientific Socialism. These contradictions led Ahmed to dissect Materialism and develop a theory called Micromaterialism or Nanomaterialism as a corrective evolutionary antidote of Mechanical Materialism.

In his book ‘Micromaterialism’, Ahmed criticizes Marxist for exaggerating and overstressing on Principle contradiction blindly and solely. Ahmed asserts that Mechanical Materialism makes a Marxist monist in respect of identifying the social contradictions like they pretend non-principal contradictions are trivial or do not exist. They do not care that contradictions can trade places of importance and the principal and non-principal contradictions are not static and will over time transform into one another. They do not look at numerous contradictions of the society rather pivoting on a debatable one that seems to them a superior.

Micromaterialism or Nanomaterialism treats everything as a material but urges to split problems on Nanoscale to recognize and rectify the problems in the origin. It is a very effective method to analyze the historical circumstances and social contradictions at microparticles or nanoparticles and track down the socioeconomic evolution. It is a method for understanding and predicting social, economic, and material phenomena by examining their historical trends based on Historical Anthropology, Political Anthropology, Economic Anthropology, Biological Anthropology, Cultural Anthropology, Linguistic Anthropology, Archaeology, Anthropology of Religion, Cognitive Science, Neuroscience and Social Science Fiction.

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