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Mexican Drug Cartels Dangle Over the U.S. Border Fence

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Sometimes, daring catches the other side unawares. Thinking outside of the box works really well at times. The Mexican drug cartels are not exempt from being creative. In fact, their operations of drug smuggling across the border demand creativity, daring and being extreme. The cartels have tried submarines of cocaine, underground tunnels that make the "Great Escape" tunnel of WW2 pale in comparison, parachuted drugs hoping the target is hit, stuffing body cavities with drugs and other extreme methods. But sometimes, the most daring is the most obvious that can work if all goes well.

Near the US-Mexico border at Yuma, Arizona, the border fence is about 14 ft. tall and made of metal. Around midnight, two drug smugglers with a load of contraband in their Cherokee Jeep took that daring move by driving OVER the 14. ft. fence with the help of metal ramps. Okay, it is dark, the area was remote and infrequently monitored by the border patrol, so, it might work. The two men somehow had been able to create the ramps on both sides of the fence. The incline was steep, but, it is a JEEP they were driving!

So, the two men with cargo in bay, proceeded up and hopefully over. No doubt, this must had been a harrowing attempt. Just driving up the ramp had to be perfect, as one cannot move too quickly, easier said than done. The Jeep mastered the incline and as it tried to start the decline, so far so good, so they thought. Then, Murphy's Law intervened- go figure. As the drug laden Jeep started down, the chassis snagged on the top of the fence! Ay, carumba!

Panic settled in. It was just too precarious and off in the distance, headlights were spotted belonging to the border patrol.


perrya (author) on November 03, 2012:

This IS funny and interesting, must admit.

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Ghost32 on November 03, 2012:


Dang, I needed that! Of course, we can see the border fence from our place (which is well east of Yuma, not that far from Naco), so it's pretty easy to "get" the picuture.

On the other hand, our 14-footer (where it's 14 & not something else entirely) is of entirely different construction, not those steel picket fence palisade looking verticals at all.

Voted Up and VERY Interesting.

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