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Meet The Mahama Brothers


John Dramani Mahama and his youngest brother who is also known as Ibrahim Mahama are part of the top ten Ghanaian richest men corresponding with their Net-worth. The Mahama family has been very successful in all their endeavors due to how they’ve been very supportive to each other.

The family is mainly known as a family of four (4) handsome and intelligent men who have been successful in all their business and political endeavours.

The list of the brothers are listed in their respective age order. Below are the lsit (and photos) of the four Mahama brothers.

Alfred Abdullai Mahama

Mr. Alfred Abdullai Mahama is the oldest among the Mahama brothers and works as an Environmental consulatant and project manager in Ghana and overseas.

As the oldest, Mr. Alfred began to set standards for his little brothers by also building his own business which can be classified as a multi-million international company.

It is in no doubt that his brother employed him as a government official because he already has his own fortune.

Mr. (Formerly His Excellency) John Dramani Mahama

Mr. John Mahama is the second born of the Mhama brothers and is the most popular or most known among the Mahama brothers. He is a politician who has served many roles in the country.

He started off as an Assembly Member, Member of Parliament, Vice President and then President of the Republic of Ghana. This shows how he has been working very hard since he was very young and therefore deserves everything he has now.

As the second born, he has also set standards for the ones below him and currently ranks among the richest men in Ghana; one which people associate with his political career. But, I see it as a result of his hardwork and determination.

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Mr. Ibrahim Mahama

Mr. Ibrahim Mahama is the second most popular among the Mahama brothers mainly because of his riches. Mr. Ibrahim Mahama is the founder and Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of Engineers and Planners, a multi-billion business in Ghana, Africa, Europe and the Americas.

Aside his many riches, Mr. Mahama gives back to the society every time of the year no matter the season or the occasion. In this COVID-19 pandemic era, he has donated to almost all the main hospitals in the country and some public universities.

Unlike many people whose riches cannot be traced to their source of income, Mr. Ibrahim Mahama's own can be linked directly to his multi-billion company that provides employment for over three thousand (3,000) Ghanaian workers.

Samuel Adam Mahama

Mr. Samuel Adam Mahama is the youngest and last of the Mahama brothers. He is one of the least known among the brothers until the Interpol recently announced his arrest due to the "Airbus Scandal".

He has strong political interest just like his big brother John Mahama and could as result become the next John Mahama in politics.

He is based in the United Kingdom where he work and has lived most of his life.


These brothers have worked hard to get to the top and deserves everything they have achieved. Their parents would be very happy and proud of the men they have become wherever they are.

© 2021 Gabriel Agbobli

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