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Meet Kenyan Pastor Who Is Selling His Kidney to Buy Church Land

Nyamweya is an investigation journalist currently working with a leading media house in Kenya.

Pastor Chris Juma who is selling his kidney to buy church land

Pastor Chris Juma who is selling his kidney to buy church land

Pastor Christopher Mukhwana Juma from Kakamega, Kenya has caused sensation on social media after posting his desire to sell one of his kidneys for the purpose of purchasing a church plot.

Pastor Juma or Samboja as he is popularly known in the locality created the controversial post early this month which drew mixed reactions and a lot of backlash on the comments section.

The post read in part;

How are you my friends? I am pastor Christopher Mukhwana Juma from Kakamega County in Kenya. I have a very young church called Moment of prayer and Healing Ministry that is growing. I would like to buy a plot and build a church. Unfortunately the financial issue is really wanting. I have found 1/4 an acre just where my small rental church is. I have tried to seek for help even from dedicated men and women of God, but No one really cares. I have even tried the politicians but still UNFORTUNATELY No one cares and is interested in helping. Due to this and my love to the church, I have decided to sell my KIDNEY to raise funds to buy a land and build a church. Anyone from anywhere who needs to buy one of my kidneys, you are most welcome”.

Now this writer caught up with him in an endeavor to get an explanation from him about the post. In the exclusive interview, Pastor Juma clarified that indeed, it is true he has put his kidney on sale to buy the church plot.

“Yes it is true I am selling my kidney, any willing buyer can contact me through my numbers and we will negotiate. I have a burden for this church and I am committed to sacrifice one of my body part for the work of God” he confirmed to the hubpages.

Asked why he is not doing harambees or at least seek assistance from the local leaders concerning the issue, pastor Juma revealed that his church is still young and considering the fact that it is in the village, it means that most members are poor and do not have money due to poor economic situation. He also says that he has tried reaching out to local leaders including area MPs, church leaders and other leaders but nobody seems to be keen in helping him.

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“As you may be aware, our greatest challenge is the poor economic background and our members are below the poverty line. We are leading people who have a myriad of issues and some can’t even pay school fees for their kids. As much as they may be willing to help or chip in, they do not have that ability to do so and so I don’t want to overburden them even more” pastor Juma told the writer adding that “after much deliberations, I thought about what God has given me and this is when I opted to use my extra kidney. This is the only option I have at the moment”.

According to this pastor whose church now has a record of 60 committed members, the motivation to do this is driven by his strong passion in ministry and executing God’s work. He further claims that he has a strong testimony of what God has done to him and that he knows he has a special calling for this ministry.

“I have a testimony that reveals God has a special purpose in me and I am sure God has given me a responsibility for his ministry. I tell you when you have a special calling and burden for God’s work, you can do anything for it” explains pastor Juma who also argues that the desire to help God’s people spiritually overrides any personal ambitions.

Despite many negative comments that pastor Juma’s post attracted on social media, he is however not moved to drop his ambition. For him, everybody has a right to give his or her view concerning a particular matter but it is the individual who understands his situation and the reason for the decision made.

“Some people have really trolled me; there are some who say I am just looking for sympathy, others are saying I am looking to do business with the church; others are talking all manner of negativities. However, I am not finding this funny as it is something I expected. People have to speak. What matters is your focus; where is your focus?”

However, what irks the man of God from Matungu Constituency, Alaba ward is that fellow church ministers and brethren have come out guns blazing instead of lending a helping hand. He claims that instead of being a brother’s keeper and provides alternative solution if they think what he is doing is wrong, many pastors and Christians are instead taking a lead in trolling him over his decision.

“I am very much disappointed in most of brothers and sisters in Christ who can't manage to deal with issues but can manage to call fellow ministers stupid, foolish, conman. What have I ever conned you? When I requested help absolutely no person even thought of helping. Now I decided to sell what God gave me which no one consulted God to give, again you complain. I, wonder. If only some guys could know what other people pass through, they could not be that quick to judge. Ok you have called me all names, have it solved the problem? What have you gained so far. One day God will do something”. Laments pastor Juma adding that “Some said that am looking for sympathy. Ok have you now sympathized with me? What solution can you offer instead of all negativities you throw at me. I am the only one who knows where it pains. I know the land will be bought and the church will be built one day. May God bless you”

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