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Media Coverage in the Black Police Shootings

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I am.

That is NOT to say I am mostly on the side of the victims much of the time, I am, it is the media coverage that is turning me deaf on the subject regarding police brutality whether accidental or not.

The spin that CNN, MSNBC, introduces in their coverage is certainly not fair to police much of the time. At times, they purposefully leave out key facts regarding the traffic stop gone very bad or they simply gloss over it focusing only on the most sensational and highlighting police wrongs. FOX news (not their non-news opinion shows, like Hannity, Tucker, the Five etc.), in my opinion, approach the coverage on a more balanced platform, with a hint of spin in supporting the police actions. Even if you disagree with them, at least all of the facts are given as they develop.

This brings the mother-of-all cases, the trial of George Floyd, and the police officers charged with the gross murder of this black man. I would hate to be the defense team trying say the key police officer for the killing was not guilty of a crime while wearing a uniform. He is. There is NO need for a lengthy trial for CNN to broadcast in its entirety. Most of America is not that interested in the nitty gritty legal nuances of this. We have other more important things to do. The police officer with his knee on Floyd's neck is guilty of a homicide. He broke police rules. He was not at risk the last 9 minutes as other officers pinned Floyd. He intentionally and calmly choked Floyd to death and other officers on the scene did nothing. That is incredible and scary and those officers should be held as accomplices.

But the left wing media is numbing Americans with daily broadcasts of the trial. There is OTHER news in the world that IS equally important, believe it or not, and CNN chooses to ignore it for Floyd. There is such a thing as overkill. There is such a thing about balance. Switch to the BBC, SKY (out of the UK), DW (Deutsch World), CNN Philippines, and the balanced approach is used in News broadcast. Again, FOX news presents a variety of news and they do not broadcast the trail all day long as CNN does. Kudos to them.

The more recent killing of Daunte Wright, where a white police female officer mistakenly pulled her gun and not a taser and killed him for a traffic stop, is another media example. CNN minimized the facts not friendly to Wright, while FOX, provided deeper details. CNN accentuated the police actions as wrong and oppressive. The killing of Wright shows he was pulled over for expired tags. Police ran a check of Wright, found out he had a warrant for his arrest for misdemeanors. This forced police to make his arrest. While Wright was being cuffed, he broke lose and a scuffle between him and police ensued while he got back in the car trying to escape arrest. The police woman threated to tase him but instead pulled out her gun (in the confusion) instead and shot him. Wright continued to resist and drove off and crashed. He died from the gunshot.

At worst, the cop is guilty of manslaughter (non-intentional killing), at best, she will be fired from her job for gross negligence, even if, accidental. But much of the media is blaming the cop. Granted, a man is dead who had a criminal record of sorts and since there was a warrant out for his arrest, he was a bad actor. Wright's worst thing is that he resisted arrest and tried to escape, which took a routine stop for expired license tags, to a dangerous level. Had he not done this, he would be alive and well but in jail. His actions caused a sequence of unforeseen events costing his own life and ruined a career of a police officer.

In Wright's case, despite the media coverage and the faux demonstrations and real riots over it, Wright brought this on himself in many ways long before this traffic stop. If you try to run from police, you are putting your life at risk. We all know this. Wright accepted the risk and paid for it. Floyd did not deserve to die.

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perrya (author) on April 14, 2021:

I agree. I was watching the faceoff with police over the Daunte Wright shooting, where the police woman and the police chief both resigned. The new police chief was asked about what he will do it about the situation, he gave an honest response of I don't know. Nowhere in the CNN coverage did it mention wright tried to escape from police, that, he had warrants out for his arrest. They painted him like a saint. Biden will not solve it for sure nor any president.

MG Singh from UAE on April 13, 2021:

I wonder why this obsession with blacks killed by police. I agree it's bad but the racial divide cannot be bridged, not in our time. Whether Biden comes to power and blacks celebrate or any other Dem, the fact is racism is too deep in the American psyche to go away. I don't think it ever will. At the same time, too much coverage exacerbates the situation. The thing is to accept it and let the law take its course. Excessive coverage is not going to solve the problem.

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