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Congresswoman Maxine Water's

Maxine Waters didn't incite any kind of violence on our streets. Republicans never tried to Censure Trump.


Maxine Waters Didn't Cause A riot-Trump Did

Congresswoman Maxine Waters (D-C) is known to some as one of the most fearless and outspoken women in Washington. In Minnesota, Waters made a remark to protesters, who were demonstrating the death of Daunte Wright, a 20-year-old African American,who was killed by a white police officer. Before the verdict was announced, Waters remarked on the trail of the ex-police officer, Derek Chauvin, who was accused of killing George Floyd.

Congresswoman made a remark to demonstrates, she said if Chauvin, was acquitted they should stay on the streets and get more confrontational. The congresswoman was speaking of justice for George Floyd and his family. The remark was made before the verdict was announced.

Waters is known for speaking her mind, there are times her words are misunderstood by others. in

The words, Waters, could have been toxic, but they weren't, she didn't incite a riot on the streets of Minnesota.

The Republicans House Leader Kevin McCarthy(R-Calf) and the GOP wanted Maxine Water's censure and gone. McCarthy, said Pelosi, ignored the congresswoman's behavior. Democrats blocked the effort of Republicans to Censure Waters. They wanted to take away her assignments, and kick her out of Congress

Republicans have ignored the dangerous rhetoric of Donald Trump for four years, It's ok for him to call names, swear in public, downgrade anyone he doesn't like.

Congressman Maxine Waters is a strong Black woman who will not be bullied, she speaks her mind, when it comes to the former President Trump and his administration. The Former President Donald Trump was partially to blame for a riot In the Capitol where four people was killed. Congresswoman Waters commented on a tragedy when everyone was waiting for a guilty verdict.


Maxine Daniels (author) from Randolph Ma on April 27, 2021:

Rep. Maxine Waters,made a remark that could have caused violence in our streets. She said we must get confrontational

if Chauvin is found not guilty. Waters words was dangerous and should never be used to Protesters. No one wanted to see Derek Chauvin, acquitted for taking the life of George Floyd. Maxine Waters, did the same thing the former President Donald Trump did, at the United States Capitol. No one held him accountable. Waters didn't incite a riot,Trump did.

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