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Maxine Waters Didn't Incite A Riot

Maxine Waters didn't incite any kind of violence on our streets. Republicans never tried to Censure Trump.


Trump Throw His Supporters Under The Bus

Protesters in Minnesota were protesting the shooting of a 20-year-old black man, who was shot and killed by a White Police officer. Congresswoman (Dem-Cal) made remarks about the trial of the former police officer Chauvin, who was on trial for killing George Floyd. Congresswoman Waters said, if Chauvin was acquitted protesters should stay on the streets and get more confrontational. Some Republicans accused Waters of trying to cause violence.

Republicans made the story about Waters, not the trial of a police officer, who killed an unarmed African-American. Rep. Kevin McCarthy,the house Minority leader made an effort to Censure Waters, but Democrats defended Waters.

On January 6, President Trump held an American stop the steal rally, telling his supporters he would march with them down Pennsylvania ave and take back their country, Rep. Mo Brooks spoke at Trump rally, telling the crowd to take names d and kick a--, for president Trump. Brook's words were and an act of violence, that caused the death of five people including a police officer.

President Trump unleashed his angry Supporters on the U.S. Capitol building Knowing Members of Congress were inside certifying the victory of Joe Biden. He promised his supporters he would walk with them but left them, to do their own bidding.

From the White House Television watched the riot on the Capitol building, doing nothing to stop the riot. At any given time, he could have called off this Supporter (Mob) but refused to do so. Trump was looking for revenge, against anyone he felted betrayed him. During the insurrection at the Capitol building, it was the duty of President Trump to deploy the National Guard, but he didn't. He had no intention of calling off the riot. Trump lied about calling the National Guard, he said he immediately called the national guard which was a lie. The National Guard didn't get to the Capitol Building until 5.40 P.M. after most of the violence was over.

Republicans knew the President had incited the Violence at the Capitol and did nothing, they acquitted him at his impeachment trial and censured those who went against Trump. Donald Trump and Mo Brooks's rhetoric and lies incited an insurrection at the United States Capitol, where lives were lost. Congresswoman Maxine Waters, remarks didn't start a riot in the streets in Minnesota, the President and Mo Brooks words in sighted a riot in the Nation Capitol.


Maxine Daniels (author) from Randolph Ma on April 27, 2021:

Rep. Maxine Waters,made a remark that could have caused violence in our streets. She said we must get confrontational

if Chauvin is found not guilty. Waters words was dangerous and should never be used to Protesters. No one wanted to see Derek Chauvin, acquitted for taking the life of George Floyd. Maxine Waters, did the same thing the former President Donald Trump did, at the United States Capitol. No one held him accountable. Waters didn't incite a riot,Trump did.

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