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Massive International Naval Force Near China

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It really is massive show of naval force from Allied nations gathering around Okinawa, Japan. It is no doubt meant to send a signal to China's hunger and plans to invade and take back the runaway province of Taiwan.

The three carriers, HMS Queen Elizabeth, with two F35B squadrons, is Britain's newest. The USS America is an amphibious assault ship, also has up to two squadrons of F35B stealth aircraft. The USS Carl Vinson carrier also has a squadron of F35C. This carrier also has 36 F-18's. All together, the sum of this force is one of the largest deployed when you add in the various escort ships each carrier has.

The sum is 36 F-35's and 36 F-18's. That is a powerful force which includes more than 12 escorts and submarines armed with long range missiles and cruise missiles

Currently, China has two carriers in operation with far more mediocre aircraft and in fewer numbers. They have also been showing their force during the sea exercises in the South China Sea as they practice for their eventual invasion of Taiwan. While China may have more inferior naval ships, they have been improving their deadly ship killer missiles in their inventory that is more than needed. For many of their ship killer missiles, the accuracy has improved to within 30 meters of a moving target and their range have increased.

The naval force is sending a message that if Taiwan is attacked, at least the British and American naval forces will try to prevent it. That said, all China needs to do to cripple this large force is to sink the USS Carl Vinson, which carries the bulk of the aircraft. The shock and loss of this (or any other carrier) may force the USN to think twice about intervention. Of course, China can strike Guam or Okinawa, making resupply and refueling quite difficult.

So while the naval force is impressive, how it might intervene in the Taiwan Straits when China does attack the island is going to be a very dicey situation.

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