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Mass Formation Psychosis Explained by a Cult Expert

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Author of "I AM JEZEBEL: A Jehovah's Witness Breaks Her Silence"

Protect Yourself from MFP

Knowledge is Power. Being able to spot danger is the best way to protect yourself. This is true in many aspects of life, especially in these tumultuous times.

CDC Website Screenshot from Spring 2020 (Age/Risk chart)

Screenshot from Spring 2020

Screenshot from Spring 2020

What is Mass Formation Psychosis?

MFP is a form of mass hypnosis or "brain washing" performed on a large group of people. Once a tenet is established within the group, no amount of evidence can change their minds. Acolytes lose their ability to think critically and independently, and anyone who dares to dissent is immediately discredited / censored.

I know firsthand the devastation of MFP because it stole twenty years of my life. If you haven't yet read my last article (Full Circle), I highly advise you do because it will give you a better sense of understanding. Click HERE

Comparing the government's MFP techniques to the JW ORG brainwashing I experienced from 1977 to 1997 will hopefully enable you to spot cultlike tendencies and protect yourself from harm.

Keep in mind that, like brainwashing, MFP does not happen overnight. This is a gradual process over time that involves various steps.

Fear = Compliance (images from my childhood / JW ORG publications)


Step One: Fear and Panic

My indoctrination with JW ORG began during an impressionable phase of my childhood. I can still recall with startling clarity the vivid illustrations in the JW publication titled, "MY BOOK OF BIBLE STORIES" because those images were the foundation of many nightmares. Imagine being six years old and seeing pictures of fire and sulphur shooting down from a smoky sky, the earth opening to swallow people- including children- terrorized people trying to escape the carnage...and then being told, "THIS is what happens to people who do not obey Jehovah."

Armageddon was as real to me as my fleshly body, and fearing that dreadful day came as natural as breathing. Back then, I was ready to do just about anything to prevent being destroyed. After undergoing intensive therapy (deprogramming), researching destructive cults in college, publishing an academic paper on the topic AND a book, I am immune to cult thinking. In fact, I can spot a cult a mile away.

Flash forward to March 2020. As someone who is married to a health expert and has volunteered in an ER herself, I was puzzled by the creepy manner in which the daily Covid death counts were presented by the mainstream media. I kept thinking: why are they trying to induce panic and fear in the masses? There was never any mention of exercise, healthy diet, sunshine, vitamins...Only a brutal lockdown. Never before had the healthy been restricted in such an oppressive manner.

Being OSHA trained on mask / glove use, I saw health violations everywhere. Masks strewn on sidewalks, people constantly touching their masks, no proper receptacles to dispose of these supposedly biohazardous materials. My anxiety blossomed as I began to feel that something was terribly wrong. The media / governments appeared to be terrorizing the masses. "Preparing" them, so to speak, much the same way cults do with newbies.

Cognitivie Dissonance is a Cult Symptom


Step Two: Isolation and Loss of Freedom

One of the first things my parents did was cut off ties with "worldly" friends and family. JW members avoid association with those who do not share their beliefs. This deliberate strategy isolates people, thus making them more vulnerable and easy to control. Once my parents had left the Catholic Church and began attending meetings regularly, then their freedoms (and mine) were gradually taken away.

First I was told that holidays would no longer be celebrated. No more Christmas or Halloween or Easter. Birthdays were also prohibited. Certain films, books, music, and artworks were banned. Sports were deemed too competetive for JW members and cheerleading involved cheering sports. College was simply out of the question due to the dangers of independent thinking, drugs, and immorality.

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The key point is that this happened slowly. Gradually.

Similarly, two weeks to "flatten the curve" morphed into months, and now we are in 2022 under totalitarian oppression with our freedoms being stripped away more and more each day. We've lost everything we once took for granted like going out to the theater, having a cocktail, taking a flight...

Needless to say, my post-cult trauma has been triggered (sirens blaring) for well over a year. Each new mandate, each new rule, each new loss only confirms that the Covid Cult has nothing to do with public health and everything to do with control.

Blindly Trust the Media? No Way!


Question Everything!

During my first year of college after leaving the cult, a professor encouraged the class to "Question everything, regardless if it's in a textbook, on the news, or mentioned in a lecture." He taught me to never accept anything at face value, but rather compare and contrast opposing data, employ context and objectivity, and think critically before forming a cohesive, logical theory. After 20 years of allowing others to think for me, his wise words pierced my soul and changed me forever.

3. Censoring Dissent

Cutting out a man's tongue doesn't prove him a liar, it only highlights whatever you're trying to hide. Questions should be asked, debates should be encouraged, and no information should ever be banned. Of all the academic disciplines, this applies the most to SCIENCE. Lately, science has been manhandled and molded into a religion where certain "scientists" control the narrative. This is absurd.

The very essence of my experience as a Jehovah's Witness revolved around control, compliance, and censorship. Questioning JW ORG's tenets was strongly discouraged since it risked one's reputation within the congregation. Dissenters who went public were promptly smeared, discredited, and shunned.

We were constantly reminded that rejecting JW ORG was the same as rejecting God. Remember when Anthony Fauci stated that an attack on him was an attack on Science? Cult leaders suffer from narcissism and delusions of grandeur. Drunk on power, they will double-down rather than apologize whenever they get caught in a lie.

Back in the Spring 2020, whenever I pointed out discrepancies to my peers, I was immediately shot down by those who repeated word for word what they had heard on the news. As time wore on, anyone who questioned Fauci or the mainstream media's tenets were rudely labeled "antivaxxer" or "conspiracy theorist."

Doctors, nurses, scientists, virologists, immunologists, etc are being smeared and censored for merely presenting an opposing view or showing data going against the established narrative. Imagine telling someone ten years ago that he or she would lose their job and their good reputation for refusing to take an experimental drug that has potential health risks. Yet, today, this is happening at an alarming rate. Worse still, there are those who support this violation of human rights.

Let's NOT Allow History to Repeat Itself


Step 4: Blame and Problem Solving

Satan the Devil and his evil followers were to blame for all the wickedness in the world. JW ORG stressed the importance of completely rejecting anything linked with Satan and his followers. Only when "the unbelievers" were destroyed could JW members enjoy peace and happiness. The "us vs them" mentality ran deep in the cult, to the point that we viewed non-believers as lesser beings. Today, I admit this with shame in my heart. I had been raised to believe that we held the exclusive truth and anyone who disagreed deserved death.

I see this same sickening sentiment every day. The mounting discrimination and hate toward "antivaxxers" is similar to what cult members experience toward the wicked ones. Mass Formation Psychosis has caused perfectly healthy people, many with natural immunity, to be the target of unscrupulous politicians. They are counting on cognitive dissonance to be on their side.

For example, President Biden is constantly inciting division by blaming the unvaccinated for spikes in Covid cases, yet he has deliberately kept the southern border of the US wide open throughout the pandemic. Thousands flow into the US daily with no test or vaccine, yet no Democrat dares to blame these people. Do they believe that Covid can select who it infects based on immigration status? Given the amount of brainwashing on TV, I wouldn't be surprised if they do.

It's clear that politicians need a scapegoat for the mess they've created worldwide. Millions of ruined lives, thousands of failed businesses, "vaccines" that don't work as promised, repeated lockdowns, not allowing access to life-saving medicine like monoclonal antibodies...Someone has to bear the blame because these politicians, like cult leaders, cannot admit defeat let alone apologize for the atrocities they've committed.

The unvaccinated, like the Jews during the Holocaust, will take the brunt of the blame. It doesn't matter if they are perfectly healthy or have natural immunity. My fear is that the solution may involve hurting them further, which would be unthinkable.

There is still time to prevent this crime against humanity from going any further. Talk to your friends and family about the data being shared by respected, published, peer-reviewed scientists who are currently being censored. Read their material and judge for yourself before believing mainstream media. Remember, these are the same propagandists who elected Adolf Hitler as man of the year!

You have your own brain so use it.

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