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Mark Dolan: "Throw in the Towel Rishi"!

GB News Presenter: Mark Dolan.


Comedian and GB News presenter Mark Dolan is well known for his political, usually right-leaning monologues. Dolan airs his views live on his show 'Mark Dolan Tonight'. Dolan chooses something he doesn't agree with or is making the headlines and lets us know his views.

Dolan has targeted Rishi Sunak for his latest rant. Dolan was a Sunak supporter but has since changed his mind. Why the sudden about face by Dolan?

Its because as far as Dolan is concerned Rishi Sunak to use Dolan's words is a "busted flush". Dolan feels that Sunak has missed his chance to be Prime Minister and should in his words "throw in the towel".

Sunak is well below the threshold of catching his opponent Liz Truss. This was backed up by Sky commissioned YouGov poll. Hence Dolan asking or telling the man he once supported to give it up.

Mark Dolan said Rishi was called "dishy" in the early days when he was the darling of the Conservative party. Then when he came out against Boris and resigned as Chancellor Dolan called him "fishy". Now Mark Dolan is calling him "wishy washy Rishi" as Sunak's bid to become Prime Minister appears to be faltering.

Dolan has said Sunak should call a press conference to announce his withdrawal from the leadership race. Dolan has said the sooner Liz Truss is entrenched in No 10 the sooner we get on with handling issues affecting the UK.

In a sense, Mark Dolan is correct, short of a miracle Truss looks set to be our next leader. Sunak said some time ago though, that even if he does lose he will remain true to his principles at least.

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Sunak was once as mentioned earlier, the Tory golden boy. Labelled 'dishy' by the media he was the man who was billed as replacing Boris. During the pandemic Sunak was called the 'people's chancellor". Sunak unfurled the 'furlough scheme' that did save many people's jobs. Grants and loans were given to businesses that helped many of them get through lockdowns imposed as Covid became rampant. However, there will always be critics of Sunak at that time. Offering 80% of support to workers during those times in furlough was still not enough for many. Some said it should have been 100% similar to what Germany was doing. The 'Eat To Help Out" scheme may have been a good idea but according to one study it helped spread Covid more vehemently. Sunak gave £150 to consumers to help with their council tax bill. Mr Sunak was offering £200 in October to help with spiralling energy costs. However, he did a u-turn when Labour and other critics said this was not enough and people should not have it pay it back in installments. Mr Sunak then scrapped that payment loan and instead offered a £400 grant instead available this October as gas and electricity bills increase. This was probably the last political act Mr Sunak did before resigning as chancellor.

Sunak has also been accused of being out of touch with ordinary folk. Sunak is married to Ashkata Murthy the daughter of an Indian billionaire owner of IT firm Infosys. Sunak is richer than the Queen allegedly and owns lavish homes in the UK and in the US.

Sunak didn't really make it a secret he wanted to replace Boris. When asked about this possibility Mr Sunak played it down or brushed it away as gossip. However, sure enough when Boris agreed to go as soon as a new leader Tory leader was in place Sunak announced his leadership candidacy. Out came a slick video saying why he should be the next Tory leader and Prime Minister. As you would expect from a man with a flawless image and demeanour this video was as slick as they come. However, many Tories in and out of parliament developed trust issues with Sunak. They saw him as being untrustworthy as he said he had nothing to do with 'partygate'. He later admitted he was at some of the gatherings and received a £50 fine alongside his boss Boris. £50 is a shopping bill for some whille for Sunak and Johnson it is but a drop in the ocean. Also, how Sunak stabbed Boris in the back as soon as the chance came has created trust issues between Sunak and Tory supporters.

Sunak was backed by many Tory MPs and seemed to be riding on a triumphal roller-coaster. However, when it comes to the 150,000 Tory members outside of parliament it has been a different story. From the outset his rival Liz Truss according to various polls shot out into the lead. Now as Tory members vote it seems the game is up for Sunak.

If polls like 'YouGov' are to be believed and Sunak does not win what will be his options? He may continue as a backbench MP being a thorn in the side of Truss or any future Keir Starmer administration. He is 41 and a young man and like Boris if he sees the time is right he could mount a comeback in some shape or form. Or he could resign being an MP and do what he likes. When you are a billionaire the material world is literally your oyster.

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