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Mandated Covid-19 Vaccinations: Good or Bad?

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With at least four proven Covid-19 vaccines with 90% or more effectiveness coming in 2021, the rush to vaccine the world's population will become more and more an issue. The first issue to vaccinating the world or a country's population is how do you track easily who and who has not got it? Will a person be able to try different vaccinations or once you get one, that is it? What are the impacts of receiving multiple vaccinations from different companies?

However the key question most governments will address is, will the vaccinations be mandatory or voluntary? If voluntary, what happens to those who refuse? Will businesses begin to refuse types of entry into stores? Will they require everyone, vaccinated or not, to continue wearing a mask?

How will countries deal with it. in that, if the Philippines mandates that all citizens get vaccinated, and in the U.S., it is voluntary, will the Philippines refuse entry from the U.S. to only those proving to be vaccinated?

Getting a vaccination should be optional and voluntary to avoid curtailing one's personal freedom to choose, much like a flu shot. But unlike the flu, I suspect there will be more government and business control on people's lives. For instance, most businesses now require their employees to wear a mask and to social distance while working. At first, this mask was an option and then became a mandate. If you refused, then you could not work there. What a choice that is and it is one subtle way to control a population behavior. Likewise, the vaccines may follow the same course despite health risks of the vaccines.

One can easily see how a government could enforce getting a vaccine on a group. For instance, anyone receiving Social Security benefits or anyone receiving government subsidized housing, food assistance, medical coverage, business loans could be forced to prove they have been vaccinated, otherwise, the benefits are denied or much less.

Proving one has been vaccinated is easily dealt with. For years now, MIT has created a simple dye method to determine who and who has not been vaccinated. When the vaccine is given, simultaneously, a small dose of dye in injected under the skin. This can be seen with a special ultra violate light. It can last for up to 3-4 years and seems to be harmless. It has been tested on humans and animals with no side effects.

Mandated vaccinations will be an issue but as long governments do not use it in a nefarious manner, as described above, it should be fine. But can one trust businesses and corporations from using it as a discriminatory weapon against employees? One can see how Human Resources could select a candidate who has been vaccinated over one who has not citing the safety of its workforce despite discrimination laws. Businesses could use it to weed out staff by laying off those who are not vaccinated, controlling who enters their business.

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Already, the first airline, Quantas, has announced that if you wish to fly with them, you need to prove you are vaccinated in 2021. They cite that it is for the safety of the passengers. I am sure, many other airlines will follow their lead. This trend will continue with not only airlines, but other corporations and businesses in 2021.

Personal freedoms and choices are slowly being eroded.

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