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Macron: Boris Is a Clown Leading a Circus.

French President Emmanuel Macron and Boris The Clown.


We all know that the current spat, between the UK and France, is over the Channel crossing migrants. Whatever you think of migrants coming here, tribute must be paid, to Border Force Patrols, RNLI, Navy, and Coast Guard ships who rescue migrants. Whatever their personal view of migrants is, they do a sterling job in bringing these desperate people to shore. Tribute must also be paid, to those 27 people, who lost their lives in the Channel, whatever your view on migrants, at the end of the day, they were human beings.

President Macron, on a visit to Croatia, as reported by the French newspaper 'Le Canard Enchaine', called Boris "a clown" and that he was in charge of a "circus". All this occurred, after the death of the 27, in the English Channel. Before this, Boris wrote a letter to the French President. The letter, also, published on Twitter, asked the French President to let Border Force officials from the UK work with French Gendarmes to police the activities of migrants and people traffickers. However, Macron thought the letter being published on Twitter was unseemly and this worsened the crisis between the UK and France, over the migrant issue. Boris suggesting that the migrants should be sent back from, whence they came, namely France, has sent French tempers through the roof.

Asked to comment further about his relationship with Boris, Emmanuel said it was a shame that a great country like the UK should be led by a clown. It would seem though, while it might be right to label Boris as a clown, it seems Emmanuel himself, might be a little delusional too. Many have noted a similarity, facially, between Macron and a young Napoleon. It seems Macron might even think he is Napoleon reborn, according, to some reports. You also have to be aware, that this Brit-bashing will make him popular among many French, who see the Brits, as the old enemy. There is a Presidential election coming up in France. Mr. Macron is facing stiff competition from Marine Le Pen and another far-right opponent, wishing to be President. So Mr. Macron's unflinching stance of rubbishing Boris, being anti-Brit, and anti-migrant will make him, (he hopes), seem tough and see him, (he hopes), re-elected as French President.

In a recent meeting last week between European ministers on French soil, British Home Secretary, Priti Patel, was disinvited to attend. The meeting was about the best way forward, in dealing with migrants, not just coming to France or the UK, but in other places of Europe too. Other European nations who are mostly, EU member states like France and Germany, take in far more migrants than we do. Germany took in a million Syrians and while there were some teething problems, it seems, those Syrians have adapted, to their new life in Germany.

Historically, of course, Britain and France, have never seen eye to eye. From Agincourt to Waterloo, it seems we have always had some problem with the French. Even after WWII when British troops along with others liberated the French from Nazi occupation, the UK and France still had a love-hate relationship. De Gaul, for example, who Britain gave refuge to when his nation was invaded by Germany, did not want us to join what would become, the European Union. And now, with the migrant crisis, relations between the two nations have sunk pretty low. In fact, former French Ambassador Sylvie Berman joked that the relationship between the UK and France is as bad as it was when the Battle of Waterloo occurred.

In general, Britain has always had an uneasy relationship with Europe. If it wasn't the Spanish, and if it wasn't the Germans, it was the French. And, yet when push comes to shove, the British have always helped out European allies, when they have been attacked or threatened.

The UK is a member of NATO and has always stood ready to come to the aid of its European friends, should the former Soviet Union have advanced, into Western Europe. Right now, British troops, are helping Polish forces at their border with Belarus, to keep back a torrent of migrants. The migrants want to cross into Poland and then seek a better life in the EU. You cannot blame them for that, but some say, Belarus is using these migrants, as a weapon backed by Putin. And although this story has not been covered lately, it is still nonetheless, a flashpoint.

At the end of the day, despite the British and French being obstinate with one another, they know ultimately, the future is cooperation. To find a lasting and not just a temporary solution to this problem. Other European nations too, will have to be brought on board, as all European nations, right now are facing a massive influx of humanity, at their borders.

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