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MOD: Has No Plans to Investigate UFOS.

Sighting of Alleged UAP or UFO By US Navy Pilot.


The American Defence Dept has released footage of alleged UAPs or UFOs. The footage of various flying objects was recorded by onboard cameras carried by US Navy fighter aircraft. One object is called a 'Tic-Tac' because it resembles the mint of the same name. One is called, 'The Gimble' which is American speak for the shape of the craft.

The Pentagon, hot on the heals of these pics of alleged unknown craft, released a report on the phenomena. The report states that of 144 sightings reportedly seen, by US Navy pilots, only 1 is explainable. The Pentagon admits, it has no idea of what these things are.

The Pentagon accepts two possibilities for these strange crafts, in our atmosphere. One, they are highly advanced craft, drones, etc, from Russia or China, or two, they are indeed, extraterrestrial craft. If they are of human origin, either clandestine craft of the US itself, then why does the US demonstrate them to their own forces? In this case, a US Navy task force complete with, an aircraft carrier, various types of warships, and pilots in the air. Possibly, to see how these advanced crafts perform, up against conventional US military assets. Or if they are Russian, Chinese, or even Iranian military hardware, then the US and the Western world in general, is in big trouble. The speed and maneuvers of these crafts are certainly above our or our enemies' capability level, of current tech, (that we know about at least). Stealth aircraft, for example, was under development for years and some of these no doubt were wrongly identified as UFOs.

If these unique and remarkable aerial phenomena, with their awesome abilities, are from beyond our planet, two scenarios come into play. One, are they friendly or otherwise, and what specifically, are they coming here for. Certainly, they are interested in our military capabilities, and indeed, over the years, there have been reports of an unknown craft flying over military bases.

In the UK meanwhile, former MOD employee (Military of Defence) Nick Pope, has said that we did indeed, have a special bureau set up to investigate these things. Although officially denied to the public, the UK government has been investigating these things for years, according to Mr. Pope.

Many in the UFO community would be expecting, the British MOD, to release a similar report or footage of UFOs. The matter was raised in the House of Lords, Baroness Goldie was taking questions in the Lords, on the subject of the Pentagon Report. Ms. Goldie said these objects do not appear to be a military threat to us. And that, the MOD is always monitoring UK airspace in case these crafts, alien, or earthbound are a threat.

Lord Sarfraz, said the Pentagon has officially stated in this report, that these airborne crafts are real, (whatever their origin). And, that many people, who have genuinely witnessed something odd, whether they be military or civilian, might now feel somewhat vindicated.

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Baroness Goldie also, indicated that NATO, also, monitors Europe's skies for any hostile craft. But Ms. Goldie concluded that the UK does not investigate UFOs officially, as they are deemed, not to be a military threat. However, if people like Nick Pope are to be believed, Ms. Goldie is being rather economical with the truth.

Finally, in 2017 we had our first interplanetary visitor. A cigar-shaped object (some UFOs are cigar-shaped), that entered our solar system from somewhere else, in the cosmos. Scientists speculated as to what it might be and gave it a Hawaiian, name, 'Ouamuamua'. Some scientists speculated that it might be an alien craft. While others thought it might have a more down to earth, (no pun intended), explanation. On the heels of the Pentagon report and the UFO fighter footage, some scientists and some in the UFO community, have speculated that 'Oumuamua' might have been dropping off smaller craft to investigate earth.

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