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MA Sanders Voters File Suit Against Bill Clinton for Campaigning Inside Polling Stations

Bill Clinton posing with voter holding ballot inside West Roxbury polling station during voting hours on MA primary day.

Bill Clinton posing with voter holding ballot inside West Roxbury polling station during voting hours on MA primary day.

Claiming the harm suffered was neither "trivial nor inconsequential," a group called MA Sanders Voters and Volunteers Disenfranchised by Bill Clinton has announced they have officially filed suit against former president Bill Clinton and MA Secretary of State William Galvin for "vote dilution" on the day of the Massachusetts Democratic primary (Boston District Court Docket #16-CV-10631.)

The complaint has been filed by a plaintiff member of the group in Boston Federal District Court. The suit asks that the judge award all MA Democratic delegates to Bernie Sanders as a remedy and a deterrent to the alleged violations of voting law by Bill Clinton and the MA Secretary of State, who allowed Clinton's activity inside the 150 foot boundary declared by MA law as off-limits to campaigning by candidates and their supporters.

The litigant rejects the MA Secretary of State's contention that Bill Clinton was not campaigning when he can be seen in videos and photographs meeting and greeting election workers and others inside at least two polling stations. (See HubPages "Sanders Voters in MA to Sue Bill Clinton for Trampling on Voting Rights - Seek Delegates be Awarded to Bernie.")

The complaint argues:

"This notion is beyond absurd...In his very person, [Bill Clinton] amounts to a walking, talking sign for Hillary."

The plaintiff alleges that Bill Clinton's entrance into the fray was neither random nor accidental, but strategically calculated by Clinton to swing the result of the elections toward his wife Hillary. The complaint reads:

"By the end of the day Hillary Clinton had eked out a narrow victory by 1.4%, which represented about 16,800 votes. The narrow victory in this closely watched race, deemed “critical” for each candidate, bolstered the Clinton candidacy in future primaries, making this a live and active issue to the present day."

The complaint notes that, on primary day, a recent poll showed 8% of MA Democratic primary voters as "undecided" between Clinton and Bernie Sanders, which would represent about 100,000 votes, in an election in which around 1.2 million people voted in the Democratic primary. The complaint states:

"Given the large number of “undecided” voters and the extremely narrow margin of victory for Hillary Clinton, there was sufficient fluidity in the race for Bill Clinton’s illegal electioneering to have made a significant impact, and to have reversed the verdict of the voters by handing victory to Clinton rather than to Sanders. With 100,00 undecided voters and a margin of victory of only 16,800 votes, it is eminently plausible that Bill Clinton impacted the final result."

The official docket number for the civil action will be available from the Clerk of the Boston District Court on Thursday, title Cody v. Clinton. A draft copy of the complaint is available here.

CONTACT FOR MA Sanders Voters and Volunteers Disenfranchised by Bill Clinton: Tom, email:

(Disclosure: The author is a member-supporter of MA Sanders Voters and Volunteers Disenfranchised by Bill Clinton.)


Cheena Graham on April 01, 2016:

Lillcy - PLEASE! Tell us the name of that FB page or group that you left. We need to know in order to not get sucked in by them too! You would be doing a whole lot of Bernie supporters a big favor by telling us.....

if necessary, my e/m is

Thanks in advance!

Sam scar on March 31, 2016:

They're all corrupt to begin with. Sucky.

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Good job MN on March 31, 2016:

The exit polls in MA showed that Bernie won, not Hillary. Google Richard Charnin's 2016 Democratic primary analysis. The same goes for AZ. The exit polls show Bernie won AZ not Hillary.

jgg on March 31, 2016:

I wish the best on this lawsuit. But I hardly doubt anything will come out of it. They are going against the pros. The clintons have been involved in so many scandals, allegations, corruptions since the early 80's, they ( both lawyers) and their best money can buy legal team already have all the tricks up their sleeves to win this case. Bill is extremely intelligent and I am sure he assessed his input/output result analysis before showing at voting station in MA. He decided the potential costs in legal fees is well worth the investment for the output of winning the election for Hillary. He n Hillary r worth 140 mil. They can afford it. This is why wealthiest or poorest people take more risks. Either they can afford the liability damages or don't have a dollar to lose and have nothing to give if sued.

Pineo-Jensen on March 31, 2016:

heck fracking yeah - THANK YOU!

Marion Hoover on March 31, 2016:

I watch the political news constantly (too much) and I haven't seen this covered at all. Bill, control yourself. In the long run, it will hurt your wife (jealous much?) These things are why people are suspicious and not trusting HRC. Give me a man or woman with experience, compassion and impeccable character. I'm feeling the Bern. I've always hoped I'd live to see a woman as president, but it's not right to vote for someone for that reason. We need a president we can respect. The right woman will come along. I don't feel t his is The One.

Doug on March 31, 2016:

Ok. this is getting a bit extreme. Sue a guy for walking? It looks pretty ridiculous. I'm all for Bernie but let's not campaign like the republicans. Never go full republican.

WGL on March 31, 2016:

Thank you for pursuing this lawsuit. This election cycle has been a real eye-opener. Not just for voter suppression tactics (e.g. Arizona) but for all the consistent media bias (including blackouts) across the board. I will never again trust the Boston Globe or the NYTimes, let alone cable or network TV for fair-minded news re: current events. I'm now turning to Democracy Now (on YouTube) and for a progressive slant, The Young Turks. The millennials have the right idea about where to go for news today. Forget the mainstream media.

Lillcy on March 31, 2016:

Delores Kirkwood: THANK YOU! This is a EXACTLY what I was trying to say last night on a FB page, Bernie Or Bust. There are some who are going around in Bernie groups and on Bernie pages posting false articles meant to dumb down the voter turnout or create complacency among Bernie supporters. I tried to explain this (less eloquently than you did) to people posting below two obviously bogus articles and got what i call lightly mugged last night to the point I have left that page/group. I did, however, send a note to Bernie's campaign to alert them to this group. Be VERY aware Berniecats. There are those who are coming out of the woodwork who will promote messages which are NOT in keeping with Bernie's message and style. Be well friends. On to WI and then NY. I am in a NY State of Mind..... :-)

Samantha L on March 31, 2016:

Well seems like the Clintons need to check themselves before they wreck themselves :/

I want thisto go through and justice to be made

Delores Kirkwood on March 30, 2016:

So, why is this NOT in the Boston Globe ? Thre is a lot of misinformation all of sudden going around the Bernie camp. Trying to keep his Supporters off the Voter trail, or what?

Had one call PoliticalAnalyzer with all sort of outrageous polls Wisc, by 20%, NY by 58%, and CA way up there. Problem is … the PoliticalAnalyzers isn a WordPress blog; not real journalism.

Bernie Sanders supporters need to not be gullible now that the Clinton camp across America knows to be on the look out at the polls. So, it seems they are trying to cut Voter participation with a false sense of security.

Words of wisdom from a writer, author, researcher to Berniecrats.

Stop. Think. Use Common Sense to: Look for a legitimate source for the news read. Learn to click on a photo if you do not see a URL, and never react with your emotions.

Linda Hansen on March 30, 2016:

I am hoping with all my might that when this case goes before a judge, that the judge will grant the plaintiff's relief! Bill Clinton was clearly in violation of election laws, and the MA Secretary of State William Galvin ought to be removed from his office for even thinking to say that former President Clinton was not campaigning!

Rich Gagnon on March 30, 2016:

I hope he gets jail time in each state that he gets charges and has to serve each one after the other. Same for Hillary along with her email treason.

Brenda K Bean on March 30, 2016:

What are election laws for. This is a disrespectful, self serving, flagrant violation. I want to see this suit go forward.

cursingoldgoat on March 30, 2016:

"There is a secret to being a supporter of Bernie Sanders. It is something that totally escapes the thinking of most Democrats and Republicans. It is the mental understanding that Sanders is fighting a war that most people are not. It is the war between corporations and the people. Unless you are fighting this war as well, you cannot possibly understand how important it is to vote for Bernie over Hillary. This is not about Hillary or Bernie, it is about fighting your real enemies, the multi-national corporations who are trying to control this nation and the world. You ignore this war at your own peril." - Randolph Greer

Lauren McKeen on March 30, 2016:

Good for them. Waiting for the DOJ lawsuit here in Arizona.

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