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Lynn Ware Jr. Charged With Murder in Laura Wolfe-Orlovich Case.

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Laura went missing while helping an acquaintance.

Laura and her dog

Laura and her dog

On December 31, 2020, 39-year-old Lynn Ware Jr of Martin, Tennessee was formally charged with murder following the identification of human remains found in a cornfield within Springfield, Illinois in October 2020. Authorities have since identified the remains to be those of 46-year-old Laura Wolfe-Orlovich who last spoke to her daughter, Amber Whitlock, on July 15, 2020.

Lynn Ware Jr was the last person to see Laura alive.

Lynn Ware Jr.

Lynn Ware Jr.

Authorities have said that Laura was last seen on July 15, 2020 before she had agreed to drive an acquaintance up north whom she had met through a roommate.

Laura’s daughter, Amber said that she last spoke with her mother on July 15, 2020, but then tried to reach her a few days later to find that her phone was off. Something that is unusual according to her daughter, who was 30 weeks pregnant in October of 2020. Laura’s roommates told Amber that her mother had left the house on July 15, 2020 with a man that she had met through a prior roommate. They were unsure of what the man’s name was, only that he had gone by the nick name snoop. Snoop was looking for help, he needed a ride up north to Chicago, Illinois. He had said that he needed to go because his son had been killed, and his license was suspended, Laura’s roommates said that Snoop’s demeaner was somewhat distraught, but she agreed to give him a ride anyway and said she would be home on Friday.

Amber said that her mother was the type of person that would always help those in need, especially when it comes to children. Laura’s roommates told Amber that her mother called them on July 16 stating that she was in Kalamazoo, Michigan and needed help getting home, she said them she was stuck. Her mother’s roommates said that they had been in the process of getting her either a train ticket or a bus ticket to get her home. It was said that Laura called her roommates again early Friday morning desperate to return home. The roommates said that both times they had spoken to Laura they could hear a man in the background yelling at her to hang up the phone. Laura’s roommates had not spoken to her since then as Laura’s phone was turned off.

When Amber could not get ahold of her mother all day Friday and Saturday, she filed a missing person’s report with the Marion, Illinois police department.

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