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Trump's Obsession with the Presidency

Trump's Obsession with the Presidency was his downfall. The Grand Old Party lost it's foothold to the Party of Trump

1999, Trump on the Oprah Winfrey Show.

1999, Trump on the Oprah Winfrey Show.

Trump obsession with the Presidency

Donald Trump mused about running for President several times in the early 1990's. He appeared on the Oprah Winfrey Show discussing the fact that he'd never had any major disappointments in his life. He spoke of the possibility of Oprah running as his Vice President.

In the year 2000, Donald Trump made his first attempt at a White House run. He chose to run under a third party; the Reform Party of the United States of America. The Reform Party was started in 1995, by former Presidential Candidate, Ross Perot. A party for Americans that were disillusioned with politics as usual, corruption and lack of values. With poor showing, he withdrew from the race.

In the year 2016, Donald J. Trump ran again, this time he ran under the Republican Party Ticket. After 16 years, the Trump agenda took a turn to the Alt-Right. Splitting his own party. Trump managed to get elected as a Republican, but his actions proved to be that he was really still the candidate for the Reform Party of the United States of America. Alt-Right members of the Republican Party switched sides and supported Donald J. Trump in actions that were completely out of character for the Republican Party. Trump took the fact that disillusioned Americans would make a great group to target to gain control and push his agenda and went after their support.

In the year 2020, Donald J. Trump ran for re-election. As members of America's Republican Party chose to vote for a Democrat for the first time. Many because they were tired of Trump's Reform Party actions, many felt that they had been lied to and many just did not like the direction Trump was taking the country. Donald J. Trump became a one term President, losing the election to former President Barack Obama's Vice-President, Joe Biden.

President Donald J Trump and Putin

President Donald J Trump and Putin

Four Long Years of President Trump

Trump's Presidency started with the first sign of what was to come. The election was fraught with information of Russian interference with the election. Followed by Trump's reluctance to hold Russia accountable for anything. Trump defended Putin at every turn.

Promises he boldly made about securing our country from Mexico with a wall and getting Mexico to pay for it would not happen, instead he tried to "rob Peter to pay Paul" by attempting to take funds from the military budget to pay for his wall. When he was stopped from doing so by the courts, he opted for trying to take the funds from elsewhere. He continually showed "fake" photos of walls that he claimed were his walls being built. The actual portion of wall that was built with American taxpayer funding would later fall over; due to shear winds.

His immigration policy was a failure as lawsuits found his action against the law. In restructuring Home Land Security and stopping immigrant migration, they took children from their parents and after four years, hundreds of children have still not been reunited with their parents because they did not keep records as to where those children were taken.

From the very beginning, Adam Schiff (D- CA) warned America that Trump could not be trusted to do what was right for the country. Trump proved him right at every turn.

  • During Hurricane Dorian, Trump sent out incorrect information. When the information came to light, he appeared on live television with a map that had a sharpie hand drawn arrow showing that he was correct and the Hurricane was heading for Alabama. That information was correct at the onset, but by the time he had reported it, it was old news and the updated information did not match what Trump was pushing, therefore putting Americans in danger from the hurricane.
  • To pull in the support of the Religious Right, Trump planned photo ops. During a peaceful protest, Trump had the US Park Police and National Guard Troops, tear-gas and remove protestors from the area so that he could take a photo in front of St. John's Church, the "Presidents Church" as many Presidents have attended the church. Trump did not pray, he did not say any words of encouragement. He held a bible and took a photo and left. Minutes before he had delivered remarks at the White House, demanding that Governors "deploy National Guard units and dominate the streets."
  • During Hurricane Maria, Trump refused to release funding to Puerto Rico.
  • During the California wild fires, he blamed them for not raking the leaves and tried to cut funding.
  • Trump continues to fight to make changes to Social Security and unemployment. Making it as difficult as possible for people to qualify for benefits.
  • At the beginning of 2021, it was learned that a pandemic was coming. Donald J. Trump knew how deadly COVID-19 was and he mislead the American people, calling it a "hoax". He even asked medical professionals if using bleach or Lysol internally would work. He tried to say he was just kidding, but video contradicts what he said days later.
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Trump Knew How Deadly Covid- 19 Was

Bleach a Cure? Economy is Going to Get Better

Trump the President who wants to be king

Trump the President who wants to be king

End of Trump Presidency- the Mad King

Donald J. Trump has always wanted to control everything in his life. The situation, the people and with it the power to know that he could do it.

Since being sworn in as the President of the United States, he hinted at staying past his term, using "legal" reasons to extend it. Seeing how he manipulated the courts, his allies and supporters, it wasn't a far fetched idea. Trump wanted to rule like a King. He manipulated his allies, the religious right, right wing media and his supporters to believe and defend every lie he told. Like all cult leaders, he craved the power over the people, but Trump wanted power over everyone in this country and he wanted to destroy anyone who disagreed with him or stood in his way. That is ruling by a Mad King.

To the bitter end, he has been defiant, malicious and some claim treasonous.

  • Donald Trump used distraction to cover his corrupt endeavors. And try as he may, paper trails and people with moral conscience have not let his misconduct lie in the quiet and disappear. Trump's lies have quickly caught up with him.
  • Several weeks before the election, Trump quit taking or giving COVID-19 briefings. His only concern with his re-election. This would be the downfall of his Administration. American's were worried about the pandemic, survival of life as well as financially and Trump could not be bothered.
  • Trump's refusal to sign a stimulus bill continued to put Americans is financial peril, but Trump was and is angered because of his loss and in Trump fashion, has chosen to make everyone pay for his loss and what he sees as a betrayal.

Trump will end his presidency with his legacy:

  • 300K plus deaths on his hand due to COVID-19.
  • The worst unemployment rate in decades.
  • Interference with democracy and trying to overturn the 2020 election of the United States so he could stay in power; he lost with 74 million votes to Biden's 81 million votes and Biden also won the electoral votes 306 vs Trump's 232.
  • Losing 51 times in court trying to hold on to control of the White House by nullifying American voters votes and changing the electoral votes to make himself the President.
  • Trump destroyed the Grand Old Party, a house divided cannot stand.

Trump has continued to manipulate the government to set up blockades for the incoming President and cause issues for the incoming Biden Administration.

The Mad King, will lose his castle and his power on January 20, 2021 and America will once again be great and it's democracy will reign again.

The inner circle view of Donald J. Trump

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