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Luis Alfredo: One of the Worst Serial Killers, to Be Released in 2021

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I have researched and learned about serial killers and murders. I also am very interested on how they committed their crime well.

Luis Alfredo

Luis Alfredo

What happened before the incidents?

Born in Genova Quindío, Columbia, Luís Alfredo Garavito Cubillos was the eldest among their seven siblings who each had a traumatic childhood due to their fathers alcohol problem. Luis wanted to start a new life at the age of 16, so he ran away and started to work for himself. He found a girlfriend who had a small child whom he treated well.

His friends told that he was very kind but had a temper issue. Unfortunately, his father's alcoholism was passed unto him. The police who investigated his case found that he once attempted suicide and was in psychiatric care for five years.

In 1964, Columbia had a civil war lasting for decades. There were many children who had lost their parents. These children would roam the streets an would have to sleep there. Since Luis was full of emotions, drinking every night and possibly be reminded of his childhood, he found this as an opportunity.

How was his crime committed?

In 1992, Luis' first murder happened. his victims were from the ages between 6-16. So how did he lure them? Basically, he would offer the children a place to stay, candy, or money. These children were desperate for comfort, they had lost their parents and their minds were unstable meaning that they couldn't think straight. Luis would not kidnap them directly, instead he would earn their trust. At times, he would go the extra mile and dress as a priests or anything to get their trust.

Once he earned their trust, he would corner them and bring them home. At home he would torture and rape them. Sometimes, he would cut their genitalia and place it in the victims mouth. He probably kept his victim for several days and dispose of them since one of the bodies found contained a journal with details of what he did. There were several ways he disposed the bodies without getting caught. One of these was too bury several bodies in a grave that had no name placed. He would also cut he victims body parts and hide them away.

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Until the police found 2 naked bodies by the river. The children had bite marks on them. Alarmed, they searched the area for any murder weapon. Indeed there was, but that was not the only thing they found. There was also a third body with an attached note. What was interesting is that the note was from his girlfriend. Once the police contacted her, they went to the most recent location Luis was. Apparently Luis was not there. They did find papers having his guilt written down.

One day, a homeless man noticed a young boy with and elder man. In the investigation this elder man was indeed Luis. The man saw Luis about to harm the child so he stepped in and saved him. This is where the police had finally caught him on April 22, 1999. In summary, he had continued his crime from 1992-1999.

His sentence

Luis was brought into court, he had admitted his crimes. He had said that he was drunk while murdering those children and did not realize what he was doing. He helped the police find the victims' bodies. He had admitted around 180 crimes, concluding him having a number of of 138 victims. Though the police determined that he had done more than 400 victims.

His sentence was in total for 1,853 years and 9 days but due to some laws in Columbia and the fact that he helped the police, it was lessened to 22 years. Meaning that he will be released this April 2021 if nothing more occurs. It could be possible that his sentence could be extended because of the new laws.

The guards have reported that Luis is doing well in prison and that he had been more in control of himself. He is currently studying and is getting ready for his release.

What do you think?

Luis Alfredo part of the world worst serial killers

Luis Alfredo part of the world worst serial killers

Basic summary of his crimes

Basic summary of his crimes

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