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Lowering Your Carbon Footprint

A lot of people seem to think that it takes extreme action to make a difference, when in reality, lowering your carbon footprint can be quite simple. Here are 10 ways to get started.


Actions to Take

1. Have a meatless Monday. For just one day each week — or more if you choose — skip eating meat!

2. Save a flush — if it’s yellow, leave it mellow. This can reduce your usage of water.

3. Have leftovers for lunch! That dinner you didn’t finish will probably end up in the garbage — just more waste. Eat it the next day!

4. Brush smart! While you’re brushing your teeth, don’t leave the tap running! You’ll save water, and money too!

5. Purchase a reusable water bottle! All that plastic goes to dumps where it takes years to decompose — or worse, into the ocean.

6. Shower with speed! Showering for five minutes or less will save water and money!

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7. Let the sun in. During the day, open the curtains of any south-facing windows — it’ll bring some warmth to the room and give your heating unit a break.

8. Pack smart! If you take lunch to work, or pack a lunch for your kids, use a reusable lunch bag. Also, skip the plastic forks and use your regular ones. Both of these steps will save money and waste!

9. Drive smart. If it’s only a few blocks away, consider walking or biking instead.

10. Scrap the plastic bags! Use reusable tupperware instead.

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