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Lost Innocence / Whodunnit

International Man of Dignity, anthropologist, and socio-economic researcher / commentator.



I’d skimmed across the 9/11 event itself in “Is Questioning Conspiracy”. Nothing dramatic; I simply joined in the chorus of raising questions about and querying contradictions within the “official” narrative as expressed by the discredited “Report of the 9/11 Commission”. No “whodunnits”. No theories, conspiracy or otherwise. Just plaintive questions. Plaintive questions still unanswered despite the fact that they were being asked by, among many others, the very families of people killed in the horrific WTC collapses.

Over time I was impressed by a number of online clips and videos and articles exploring the various issues. But in 2014 I was particularly struck by an online film - Anatomy of a Great Deception – produced by an ordinary but very reasonable sounding man by the name of David Hooper. Hooper seemed to have found himself in a similar state of mind to mine. Like me, he had no interest in pointing fingers. Like me he just wanted some of the contradictions and peculiarities in the “official” narrative explored and explained. In the end, he concludes, as I now have, that there is something more systematic to all these misrepresentations and untruths.

You'll have to be patient if you're going to watch it. It's over an hour. I watched in manageable increments but found many points of cross reference - things I'd known or heard about from other sources. But in the end he refers to the slowly emerging shock, horror, and outright fear grinding in the pit of his stomach that he experienced as the patterns began to emerge. He talks about all but losing his marriage until his wife, gradually, on her own journey, began to see the patterns. But he urges viewers who might experience similar to take heart. He says, “Whatever is behind all this has been there for a long time” and life carries on. He adds that whatever trepidations we might feel in the short term, in the longer term, “what we are left with is a much better understanding of how the world works, which makes the bad guys' job harder.”

He goes on to say that he’s putting away his researches. That, strangely comforted by the limited headway he made, he’s getting back to “normal life”, laughing and living with the rest of us. And, apart from hinting at “whatever is behind” and “bad guys” he has not delved into “whodunnit”. That would make him a conspiracy theorist, right? So no, having pulled together much of the available evidence into a coherent and reasonable whole, he’s stepped back for the time being.

The whodunnit, in the absence of any credible “official” explanation, is left to the “crazies”.

And, in the absence of any “official” activity whatsoever, and after refraining (in order to maintain some semblance of objective balance) for all these years, I’m afraid one of those “crazies” is, finally, going to have to be me.

In the absence of any proper institutional addressing of the “whodunnit” angle, I began to feel a compelling need to explore that angle - thus becoming, perforce, a proper CIA defined “conspiracy theorist”. Something we are all forced into in the absence of any proper investigation.

All my research is basically desktop. I read printed material, search online, and fire off the occasional email, but I don’t have the resources to conduct first-hand interviews or door-stepping or any deeper historical document searching. But, in keeping with basic journalistic practice, I look for, at the very least, two credible cross-references before beginning to take anything seriously. I have not copiously listed sources because I'm

a) short on time and energy and have to make a living,

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b) unsure as to the quantity of my readership (there may be none), and

c) simply providing a kind of alternative narrative from which more curious readers and more serious researchers may spring.

However, if any readers choose to contact me with regard to specific points, I will certainly respond with contexts and sources as best I can.


thus far in my explorations of “whodunnit”, I have identified 3 main strands of inquiry in the form of what I’ve called “runaway” entities. These are:

  • runaway corporations,
  • runaway intelligence services, and
  • runaway secret societies.

As you will see, my theory stems from what I believe has been a fusing of elements of these strands.


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