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Is Loren Herzog a Satanist?

Loren Herzog 6-6-6?

Loren Herzog. Note the three sixes: Two flank his head on either side. The third six is by his left ear.

Loren Herzog. Note the three sixes: Two flank his head on either side. The third six is by his left ear.

Herzog & Shermantine Murders

On January 17, 2012, Loren Herzog was found hung. A sheet was used to fashion a noose. A few days before, internationally famous bounty hunter Padilla called him and let him know that Herzog's ex-partner in murder was making a map showing the locations of "Herzog's Boneyard" and other body dumps used by the wicked duo.

This article addresses an aspect most major media outlets will never touch, the dates of the murders and disappearances attributed to Herzog and Shermantine are highly correlated with the dates and times of Satanic "high days", when human sacrifice is practiced.

Dates of Murders NOT Random

This analysis of the distribution of dates uses the dates of the murders for which they were convicted, and a list of names posted by ABC (suspected to be) attributed to Herzog and Shermantine, aka the "Speed Freak Killers". But, was their motivation really only the influence of the drug speed?

If their murders were due to the use of speed, the distribution of the murders should fall along the normal expected times: nighttime, all throughout the year, with perhaps a slightly higher incidence during periods of full moons (the increased available light keeps people out longer on nights of full moons.)

However, the dates of the murders fall almost exclusively into three periods: April to May 1st, the three weeks preceding June 21st, and the weeks preceding October 31st.

Dates of Satanic High Days

There are three periods of the year when Satanists regularly offer human sacrifice. There are also other times when an animal or human might be sacrificed. However, Satan has his favorite days for offerings:

June 21st, summer solstice: This is (according to Satanists and ex-Satanists) the second most important ritual day for human sacrifice in Satanism.

Halloween (Samhain): October 31st is the most important human sacrifice day. In some covens, a "bride of Satan" is impregnated each year on this night, and the conceived child is sacrificed the following year on October 31st.

One former CIA agent has said that half of all missing children disappear in the 6 weeks preceding June 21st and the 6 weeks preceding October 31st.

The other time of the year for human sacrifice begins on April 19th, culminating on May 1st. May 1st is called Walpurgis night, or the Beltaine Festival. It culminates 13 days of rituals which include blood sacrifice.

Satanic Rituals Frequently Hidden

Most people have never heard of Satanic Ritual Abuse. However, SRA has millions of victims in the United States alone. One reason most have not heard of SRA is because it is very common for police departments to have a policy of keeping this information from the public.

One of the ways Satanists kill their victims is to stab them multiple times, allowing the blood to run out. One of Herzog and Shermantine's victims was stabbed 45 times. Fourteen wounds were to the neck.

Though most people will want to believe this claim is outlandish, this article will continue to show you deep Satanism runs in America, and will provide more evidence.

Leaders of America Meet Each Year to Sacrifice a Human

"Dull Care" is a human sacrifice conducted each year at Bohemian Grove. All the official families of the ruling elite in America meet regularly throughout the year. These meetings are no mystery. We are often told the topics discussed are non-political, or about some minor topic. However, the truth is, the major decisions of the world are made at these meetings. Do some research into Bohemian Grove, where the demon Molech is worshiped by the Bushes (a low ranking family, in Satanic circles, actually) and many other families member to secret societies like Skull & Bones, the upper levels of Freemasonry, the Shriners, and the highest levels of many other organizations.

Most of the Deaths Attributed to the Speed Freak Killers Fall Around Satanic High Days

I found 19 names attributed (suspected) to Loren Herzog and Wes Shermantine. Of these, I could not find exact dates, only years, for three. Of the remaining 16, 12 belong to the time periods above. That is 75%. The times above account for less than one-third of the year. In a random distribution, there should be only about 33% within those time frames.

I want to use this opportunity to show how much Satanic activity actually exists in the U.S. The following article links and videos should be considered a very minute introduction.

Resources for Further Research into the Satanic Nature of America

An Ex-Satanist Explains How Satanists Rule the World, and gets specific in Music

Many Mass "Suicides" of Cult Members are Actually Satanic Human Sacrifices

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JFK Speaks on Secret Societies- Which He was Going to Give in Dallas the Day He was Killed

Robert Welch Speaking on "Insiders" (Satanists, imo) Who Plan to Destroy America by Overspending (Yes, really.)

Many Abortions Dedicated to Satan

In 2009, I received an email to my youtube account (knowjesusknowpeace). The sender described himself as an ex-Satanist. He told me he previously worked in an abortion clinic. He told me that most of the actual abortion doctors were Satanists. They would enter a closet before the "surgery" and perform a ceremony to commit the act as a murder to honor Satan. After their ceremony, they would go into the OR and kill the baby.

For those of you who learned in school that baby murder is really called "Freedom of Choice", please do some research on Margaret Sanger, the woman credited with birthing PP. She first attempted to pass laws limiting blacks and minorities to just one child each. When nobody would sponsor her bill, she came up with plan B- Planned Parenthood. The vast majority of PP centers are in primarily black and Hispanic neighborhoods. Planned Parenthood is nothing short of a racist genocide machine.

Wars Start on Unholy High Days (Unholidays)

March 19th is the birthday of a demon goddess named Minerva. This is her day to be honored. She is the goddess of war, for pagans and devil worshipers. George W. Bush invaded Iraq on this day. Barack H. Obama (& other world leaders) ordered bombing to begin in Libya on March 19, 2011.


ExoticHippieQueen on May 28, 2012:

A well-written article that I find terrifying!

Man from Modesto (author) from Kiev, Ukraine (formerly Modesto, California) on February 16, 2012:

Annex, One article I read on Bohemian Grove claimed the participants are mostly the Republicans. However, there is not much difference between the Dems and the Republicans, in my opinion. Look at Romney and Obama. Both pursue basically the same agenda.

Do you know that ALL the U.S. presidents (except for one, apparently) have been related? They are all descendants of John Lackland Plantagenet, a British king. I'm adding two videos showing the relationship between all these leaders.

Basically, the satanists work very hard to control every important seat of power.

I had friends who lived in Twaine Hart. They were basically put out of business by two inspectors (who were both lesbians), who insisted that he would join a secret club before they would give him work permits. They would not tell him what it was, so he would not go. I have heard this same testimony from a contractor in Stockton, CA.

Annex on February 15, 2012:

Also, why bother to look hard for satanic murderers and ritualists, haters and murderers of women, etc--these are pro-life Republicans, and they're not hard to find.

Annex on February 15, 2012:

Huh, please post your detailed data to be convincing. I had heard of "satanic rituals" happening in Calaveras county before, but not sure how much of it is... rumors.

Man from Modesto (author) from Kiev, Ukraine (formerly Modesto, California) on February 15, 2012:

George W. Bushes grandfather was a New York banker who funded the Nazis during World War II when they were running out of money to pay for the war. Many people also believe that W. knew about 9/11, and was involved in making it happen.

Do you know that both George W. and Obama both started wars (OIF and Libya, respectively) on March 19th? This is the birthday of Minerva, the goddess of war. The deaths are given as a sacrifice to their demons.

Before you voted down the article, did you look to see if the Bushes go to Bohemian Grove?

American Romance from America on February 15, 2012:

Was interesting until I got to the part about the Bushes, what a wacko! George Bush is one of the most compassionate people in this country, Skull and bones is not a satanic group, it is a group of elites whos children get to be a part of a group that helps each other through relationships and business for life.

voted down!

SpanStar on February 15, 2012:

Frankly I don't care what people call themselves when it comes to crime, abuse or death they don't have the right to put their hands on any except themselves.

These labels they place on themselves or have been placed on them one label for me always rises to the top Sicko.

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