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Looking at the Presidency of Biden From Outside

An senior air warrior and political observer who has the pulse of the region and can sense a change when it comes.



Once an empire falls it is mainly because of incompetent leaders or rulers or a weakening military situation. I have mentioned the name of Bahadur Shah who succeeded Aurangzeb who was the ruler of the greatest Mogul Empire on the Indian subcontinent. Bahadur Shah was an able man but he had some fixed notions and he had compromised his conduct in many ways; the result was that after the death of Aurangzeb in 1707 the Mugul Empire frittered away inside three decades.

The seeds of the downfall of the American Empire were sown by President Johnson and cemented by that duo of President Nixon and his secretary of state Henry Kissinger. There was some respite when Ronald Reagan became president but from the time of President Clinton and then Obama and now the likelihood of Joe Biden may well prove the last nail in the coffin of the American Empire.

Generally, right from the time of Nixon, the American policy has been 2x2. What this means is that America decided, rather the American leadership decided that they would coexist with China and let China develop as a partner. They expected China to be beholden to the Americans and let America share the sunlight in the world with China also basking quietly in one corner.

The American leadership failed to appreciate that China was not interested in sharing the sun with the Americans and their aim was simple; to replace the dollar as the world currency with the yen and at the same time become the number-one military power in the world. Their aim was to undermine American power while the American smug in their world, continued to pour in billions of dollars of investment and technology into China. I am at a loss to explain this phenomenon but then it is a fact.


The China Factor

The biggest shift in American policy came when Obama was president. To my mind, it will remain a mystery as to how this man became president of the United States when his father was a practicing Muslim, and Obama himself had attended the Madrasas in Indonesia and Pakistan. He had a bias against the Jews and now his latest book which has come out spelled out his anathema of Jewish influence in Washington. Obama formulated an anti--Russia policy and decided that he would be a partner with China.

Donald Trump also started on the same premise though he was soft on Russia. At the same time, he went around saying that present Xi was his best friend. One reason for this could be that his daughter got five or six patents from China and this was not without any pecuniary benefit. To his credit, he reversed midstream when he realized that the virus which has now spread far and wide in the USA was, in reality, a Chinese plan to undermine the US power. My word! 250,000 Americans have died more than all the Americans who died in all the wars they fought for the last 200 years.

What will change with Biden?

What about Joe Biden who has won the election now.? His supporters are clapping with glee that now the "evil "Trump has been defeated and the rule of law will reign in America. Wonderful I wish if it was true. Democrats have been ruling the country of an on for the last 200 years but the lot of the black man has not improved. 100 years back 13 black soldiers were hanged by the US army and now an American cop knelt on the neck of a black and strangulated him to death. If the Democrats had done anything worthwhile for the blacks then why these incidents keep on happening and can anybody cross his heart and say that once Biden becomes president all this is going to stop.

Biden has already made a statement five years back that "we want to see China rise" The same man is now the President of the United States or is going to be one and how is he going to counter China? the fact is he has no plan to counter China and he is looking for accommodation with China. Just look at his statement which he made on his rejoining the WTO. He stated that he would join the WTO and try and control China. What a joke, I could die laughing on a bed of nails. I have yet to hear Biden say anything about the persecution in Tibet as well as the banning of Ramadan and mass-scale incarceration of Muslims in concentration camps in Sinkiang.

Appeasing China

The Americans are guilty of having decided right from the time of Nixon to play second fiddle to China in Asia. President Duterte of the Philippines was very forthright in his comments when he stated that the Americans allowed the Chinese a free hand in the South China Sea. If they wanted they could have sent three or five aircraft carriers and stopped the Chinese three decades back. Obviously, the game was to let China have a free hand in the South China Sea and other places so that America could rule the world but the Americans forgot that the Chinese civilization is 4000 years old and the American republic is just 244 years. The Chinese go about things in a methodical manner and never put their true intention on the table. They have undermined the American leadership and the fourth estate. How many people know that the top newspapers published in America receive big donations of money as advertisement revenue from China. They cultivate the top leadership and despite all the denials many people have mentioned that the son of Job Biden is not clean as far as his connection with China is concerned. His supporters can keep blaring trumpet that this is not true but the old Red Indian saying that there is never smoke if there is no fire cant be brushed away.


The future

What will happen four years down the line? Joe Biden wishes to engage with China at the same time he is thinking of going tough on Russia. This is bewildering because Russia is no longer the USSR and from a global power has been reduced to a regional power. Russia now is closely allied with China economically and militarily and both of them have formed a monolith block. The American policy should have been to wean Russia away from China but they have succeeded in helping Russia get into the Chinese arms because China has deep pockets and Russian economy is now supported by China.

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I have no doubt that Joe Biden's attempt to placate China is going to fail. You can see his line of thinking and also of his running mate Kamala Harris who in any case knows nothing about geopolitics. This lady has made statements against India on article 370 and the citizenship register without knowing the facts but I haven't heard a word from her on the immolation of Tibetans and imprisonment of Muslims in camps and the spread of terrorism by Pakistan.

These are a few disjointed thoughts that have come to me and at the back of my mind, I am still not able to understand why Johnson didn't bomb the Chinese nuclear facilities back in 64. Nobody has been able to explain why the Americans are making a hue and cry about North Korea which is 1/1000th the size of China and the USA about going nuclear when they never said a word about China or Pakistan.

These are ominous signs that the leadership is bankrupt and whether you bring Joe Biden or anybody else things are not going to change and the successor to the man who built the great American superpower from Roosevelt to Ike is just going to throw all this away for a song just to win the next election.


MG Singh emge (author) from Singapore on November 22, 2020:

Yves, thank you so much for commenting. After I wrote the article I felt sad as I have so many close relations settled in United States and it pinches me to see the type of leadership which is emerging in America now.

MG Singh emge (author) from Singapore on November 22, 2020:

Well, Tom, both `Chinese and Indians are used to the `"danda". China was in a state of anarchy before 1949 as there was no order and discipline and India was happy to be ruled by the British who had the army to back up. Chinese are working now because of enforced discipline while Indians are lazy and having "chalta hai" attitude because of democracy and no discipline. Henry Kissinger by making that secret trip brought America to its knees. He must have been a really foolish man with no sense of history. The Chinese also had border clashes with Russia but I am pretty sure that Russia will in the ultimate analysis break with China,.Lets see.

MG Singh emge (author) from Singapore on November 22, 2020:

Thank you, Robert, for commenting

Robert Sacchi on November 22, 2020:

Thank you for showing this outside perspective of the American situation. You bring up many good points.

tom on November 22, 2020:

1969 sino soviet split,1971 kissinger secretly visits china start of pro china policy vs ussr ,1979 sino liberalisation,outsourcing benefited china,a friend in aramco told me chinese are more hones tand hard working than indians

savvydating on November 22, 2020:

Thank you for stating the truth about Obama quite clearly. Every time I have brought up unpleasant facts about him, my comments or Q&A have been banned. Hopefully, that will not be your fate here.

Biden would be more of the same as Obama, but even worse as the table has been set and because Biden is weak and arrogant, not to mention exceptionally obtuse.

Another great problem that would occur with a Biden administration is that Antifa will be highly emboldened. They and all Progressives who hate America will topple the United States from within. That is how all great nations fall. We won't need China do do that, (although they made significant progress in that endeavor through the virus). Once America falls, the door is left wide open for China to enter in.

These are sad days... not just for America, but for the entire world.

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