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London, ON Murders Spurs Flurry Of Anti-Hate Rhetoric: Do We Learn?

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Nothing But Heartbreak


I Can't Understand Hate Crime

I've always tried to live by the philosophy that we all have the right to be seen and heard. Pretty much the only people I hate are the people who commit atrocities against children, but those who actually commit hate crimes? They kind of rank high on my list of people who need a good shake or something.

The driver that rammed his vehicle into a young family killed almost everyone in that family, leaving a little boy with serious injuries alone in the hospital while I presume the rest of his family was sought out. This reportedly happened simply because the family was Muslim, and to that I ask why? Why did a young family have to die because someone decided unilaterally that that particular family had to go simply because of their faith?

Why is this sort of behavior okay for some people? I don't truly understand racism - I never have - and I barely understand what would drive someone to commit that kind of violence, unless, of course, it was a matter of this particular person having attacked a child and especially my child. But this family likely did nothing to the people in the vehicle - details will surely come out in the investigation that is already ongoing - and the police have openly said that this particular incident was likely a hate crime, meaning this family was mowed down because someone decided they did not like who they were and wanted to harm, if not kill, them.

This was a young family who'd done no harm to anyone, and now, there's a little boy in the hospital without his parents or his sister. His life and those of countless others have been irretrievably changed and it's absolutely appalling that someone would choose to take people's lives in the name of hate. I know I am trying to rationalize someone's behavior somehow in order to try and justify such devastation, but there is no rationale for violence like that.

We've seen vicious examples of terrorism like the situation in London, Ontario, throughout time, and continuing to see them only serves to show us how terrible some people can be. We are left reeling when we see terrorism, and rightfully so. We reach out to each other, hoping we can ignite in each other that reassurance that there is still humanity in each of us to hang on to. It feels like it's all we have in moments like these; we may not be able to do much for the person or family facing such tragedy beyond offering our own thoughts and prayers, but we still need to realize that in spite of the horror that may occur in the world, there is still humanity.

The investigation into the murder of several family members in London over the weekend is ongoing, but it's really important to remember that there is hope out there and that while there are terrible people throughout the world and we will never understand the violence that does occur, there are still good people. It's easy to forget that people are good, especially in a year as trying as this one has been, but it's critical that we still work towards grabbing onto the good.

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The problem is, this is not the world I've tried to show my kids is out there. I've tried to teach my girls that it's important to look for the good, but it seems like we're always being shown the dark side of humanity almost daily due to the crap that's been happening the last 16 months or so concurrent with the pandemic. It's hard to convey to our kids that there is good when hate crimes occur and there's such clear evidence of evil in the world. This is true particularly when things seem so bleak in and among things like lockdowns and living life largely online. It seems like a lonely existence when all you see is darkness, both in people and in the world in general, and it feels overwhelming.

Much as it feels impossible to do lately, we have to keep hoping there will be something out there that illustrates there are still good, kind people in the world. Hate crimes like the tragedy in London, Ontario, while they are stark reminders of how much hate still exists, can't be allowed to define our society.

We have to grab on to the good, for our own sakes.

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