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List of Expletives, Profanity And Cussing Words - How They Are Used



We humans do a lot of things. We have different ways that we express our emotions and feelings to others. We use various methods to express our disgust or anger with a situation or person. One way in which we vent our anger is by cursing. Cussing is one way for people to release pent up emotions even though some people will tell you that it's best to sit and talk. There are sometimes immediate situations that people find themselves in and are so angry at the moment that sitting and talking at that time is not an option. There are common words that are used across many countries for cussing out someone, here are the most common cussing words used.


I can tell you that the millions of people who use this word to curse or swear have no idea what the word really means. Here are some meanings to the word Damn.
Damn means to declare (something) to be bad, unfit, invalid, or illegal.
To condemn as a failure
To doom to eternal punishment or condemn to hell.
used as an expletive to express anger, annoyance, disgust, etc.
the utterance of “damn” in swearing or for emphasis.
something of negligible value: not worth a damn.

Other interchanges for Damn is Dammit, eg. God Dammit or God Dammit, normally used to express frustration. (Kinda like when i log into my hub pages account and see the views, everyday i saw less views, God Dammit!)


Parents, if you hear your child using this word and you there thinking that it was something taught at the Sunday school think again. Frig actually means to copulate, to shag, to grease that ole monkey, get the drift? It is sometimes used in expressions meaning to waste time by saying "frigging around". It is more like a sutler word for that famous cursing four letter word that begins with "F" Here are two examples of how they are used in negative descriptions.

  1. My Boss is a frigging idiot. He works all days of the week and never find time for his wife, but guess what? The mailman did!
  2. Lets go frig around with bill, he is one crazy dude.

In example one, frig is used to describe how much an idiot the persons boss is. While in example two, the word is used to mean mess around, fool around.

Ass H*l*

Something we normally scream to the next driver who cuts us off sending us screeching in the road or crashing into the truck collecting garbage. The Ass H*l* simple refers to a section of the body of an animal which secretes by-product known as quiet and let me explain. Long ago there was a royal family. They taught the children to be well-mannered and disciplined and taught them never to use common and vulgar words. In school, one of the children got into a little cass cass with another student. the student call the other a piece of shhhh...let me go further with my explanation. So the young lady came home and updated her mother on what had transpired. Her mother told her not to degrade her standards by calling the other child the same word. So the royal little girl looked up a word that was not as vulgar and on the next day of school when she was approached by the same child who began to hurl the same insult and name calling, the royal child simple said with her nose cocked in the air, "you are an ass h*l*" and walked away smiling. No one knew what she meant until the next day when everyone found out what she meant. The bully became quite a laughingstock at the school.
DISCLAIMER: (The story of the Royal little girl was actually made up by Clive williams so if you try to Google this Urban Legend you wont get one God darn result)


Some one calling you an ass can be considered derogatory to many. But if you take time to dissect this cursing word you would see how silly it is to call someone what you yourself are or for that matter have. Just like calling some one a d**k head. So an ass is another term used to describe your butt, your bottom, your booty. An ass is also a shorter for jackass. That stubborn donkey hybrid donkey type animal. So when someone says that you are an ass, you can simple be polite and ask which one, the booty or the jack. So in other words they are curing you and calling you a butt. Which is quite stupid, its like someone cursing you and calling you an eye hole.

Ass Wipe
So what the hell is an ass wipe? basically someone is calling you a piece of tissue. So the next time you want to curse someone and you want to be subtle, instead of saying ass wipe simple say " You are a piece of tissue!"



This word is mainly used as an expletive swearing word. A word so often used when you found out that you just locked up your home and left the keys on the bed. Let me tell you how the word came to be used as a swearing word. Cough cough! OK lets see now, Long ago, no i don't think that one will work. Alright lets go. Way back in the 18th century when king Williams was celebrating battle victory over the dragons, he ordered that meat of every kind be cooked and presented in the feast. He ordered one hundred different spices to be used in preparing this great feast for a great celebration. Barrels of the finest wines were given. The great chefs prepared from ants to antelopes, Everything that could move could be and was cooked. The wise king and his people celebrated ate and drank wine. The king divulged in curried porcupine and with mildly jerked crocodile tales. They all ate up a storm, but before you knew it everyone was feeling ill and suddenly all had the urge to shhhh...They all ran to the "throne" but it was too late for them as they couldn't contain themselves. They created a smelly and messy situation right their. So you see, when the swearing word shhhhht is used, it is saying that your situation is messed up. The word also is used as a cursing word to describe a person of no worth or something that is no good. eg.

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  1. My boss is a piece of shhhht...I asked him for a raise and he placed my desk on blocks
  2. This computer is a piece of shhhht....i can't find the "any" key it told me to press.

Dick H**d

Have you ever heard someone call another person (especially guys) a dick h**d? I used to wonder what exactly is a dick h**d and why would you call someone that. Well upon my research i got the shock of my life! I never knew that an organ of the body is also refereed to as that. That is the most disgusting thing to say to your fellow brothers. I am totally appalled, shocked and enraged. OK, now let move away from my greenish rants and look at the word or words for that matter. The word is meant as a mild insult to a guy who normally acts like a jerk around others, nothing more. But you have to go with the context of the sentence to actually understand what the word means in that sentence. Lets look at it:

  • Jonathon cheated on Miley, what a dick h**d.
    This doesn't mean that he acted like a jerk around other people, it means that he is actually stupid, foolish, untrustworthy and of little value because he cheated.

Nit Wit

What did you just call me? I have been called that so many times at one point i thought it meant handsome Greek God. Well, the last time my girlfriend called me that everyone began to laugh so i thought she told me something really nice and i hugged her and replied "same to you" I never saw her from that day. So what is a Nitwit? A very stupid person who always does or says silly things. Wait What! I'm gonna find you Barbara!

F..Y.. / FU

How can we leave out the most famous of them all the the Big FU! This cursing words have been used so many times you would think that it would start one mass orgy. Have you ever passed a couple guys arguing and back and forth you would hear them going at each other, "FU, No FU, No FU, No FU!" You would believe that someone would probably become pregnant with all those FU's. So what exactly is an FU. Well the killer word in this paired cursing word is the word Fukk. What does this word actually mean? The word actually means when two persons get together and do the nasty tango, the slippery dickery, the mamma slamma. OK enough with the silly terms. It means two persons coming together to perform the act of sex. So here is the stupidity in using this word to curse someone. Tom shouts to Jane "FU", Jane replies "FU2". Huh! I would love for a girl to tell me those two words, i would get out my appointment pad and scribble down a time schedule!

Dip Sh*t

Come on now guys, we as humans have got to clean up our language. What on God's Earth is a dip sh.. I have been going around asking this question a while before someone finally gave me a answer that was worth writing down. According my good friend Berk (a 72 year old relic) a dip sh*t is a person who is despised and is always doing crap....oh and smells like sh*t. So if you fit into that moron despised character and if you smell like sh*t, consider your self a dip sh*t!


Clive Williams (author) from Jamaica on June 12, 2015:

You seem like a nice guy Venkatachari M, you don't seem like the profanity type. Just saying...Thanks for stopping by man

Clive Williams (author) from Jamaica on June 12, 2015:

Thanks frank, but did not know how hubpages might have handled that word

Venkatachari M from Hyderabad, India on June 11, 2015:

Heard some of these words. But I never use such words in any language. Came to know the meaning and context of using these words.

Frank Atanacio from Shelton on June 11, 2015:

hey this was fun to read LOL but why did you sensor the word head in dick head? just curious..

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