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Lions Led by Donkeys: Cummings.


It was inevitable, that when Dominic Cummings appeared before, the all-party committee, he would unleash a storm. And that he did, he did not hold back, he gave both Johnson and Hancock, the lashings of his tongue, both barrels.

Dominic Cummings said Boris, surprise surprise, is patently unfit for the job. When asked whether Boris had said: "Let the bodies pile up in the streets", Cummings retorted he had in the Downing Street, drawing-room.

Boris at first thought in the early days of 2020, that COVID, was nothing more than a "scare story". Boris refused to attend COBRA meetings in the early days, because, he thought his presence wouldn't help. Especially, over what he thought, was essentially nonsense.

Cummings continued that "tens of thousands" had died unnecessarily. Cummings said, from what he had observed, in the day-to-day running of the government, it was like "lions led by donkeys". By that, he meant, junior workers in the roles of government were great but were let down, by those, in senior roles.

Matt Hancock, also, came in for a vehemently, sustained attack by Dominic Cummings. Mr. Cummings labeled Hancock, a liar and blamed him for, the problematic track and trace fiasco. Mr. Cummings told Boris straight, (allegedly), that he should sack Hancock, otherwise the whole situation, would be a disaster.

Mr.Hancock, this morning is according to some, fighting for his political life. Mr. Hancock has denied and strenuously denied, all of Mr. Cummings' outpourings. Apparently, there was a point where Boris, thought about sacking Hancock. Cummings and other senior figures, in the cabinet, advised him, to do so. However, when it, actually came to it, Boris, for some reason was unable to fire, his Health Secretary. When asked directly today, about the allegations of Cummings, Hancock said he hadn't really listened to it. He was getting on with the job of working hard for the NHS and saving people's lives, apparently.

Cummings, coming back to Boris, said the Prime Minister, was going to get Chris Whitty to inject him live on air. To show that COVID, was nothing more than, something like flu and was of no harm.

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It seems though, Boris, was forced to change his mind as the NHS struggled and thousands died. Boris finally got it, but it came at the expense of people's lives.

Jeremy Clark and former Health Secretary, Jeremy Hunt, brought these proceedings to a close. Noting that Cummings evidence would be reviewed and published.

Next month, would be the turn of Matt Hancock, to give his take on how the government has handled the pandemic and indeed, his role in it all.

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