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Like Sheep to the Slaughter; Do Our Neighbors & Friends to the North, Stand a Chance?

Ignore the in-my-face obvious issues and lend all of my attention to unwarranted, groundless non-issues? Not happening!

Prime Minister Justin Trudeau and Deputy Prime Minister Chrystia Freeland (Canada)

Prime Minister Justin Trudeau and Deputy Prime Minister Chrystia Freeland (Canada)

If freedom of speech is taken away, then dumb and silent we may be led, like sheep to the slaughter.

— George Washington

All Hail King Justin

The dynamic duo of Justin Trudeau and Chrystia Freeland are feeling their moment, in their element, making a name for themselves, at the expense of their Country and their fellow countrymen.

Unquestionably, at the expense of freedom!

Such an opportunity {Covid}...has presented itself and as a result, they have taken full advantage, by taking carte blanche over the lives of Canadians

Canadians and their many backers and supporters, including Americans, have remained peaceful throughout the three weeks of protest, they have been on their best behavior, going as far as making it a family affair and giving the word "protest" a nice backyard gathering, feel.

By making their children a part of it; they are teaching their children a valuable lesson and their children are learning, not only from their Parents, but from a type of Government...that they never want any part of voting into office!

Because they've dared to take issue with their overbearing, out of control Government, they are being treated as if they are the dregs of society!

Trudeau's response hasn't been to talk it through, have a conversation, compromise, work it, he went directly for the jugular!

There is no room for compromise, when a totalitarian regime sits on high!

Peaceful assembly is all that I have seen coming out of Canada from these truckers and I've watched a lot of video and whether professional reporters or man on the street with a camera in hand, the story remains the same.

The truckers and their many backers and supporters, have remained calm, cool and collected, as they've parked their big rigs and have simply asked to be recognized and heard.

They want Covid-spawned, restrictive Government mandates...lifted!

They want to get back on with their lives and back to work in those big rigs; they are truckers, I'm sure they'd prefer to be back on the road, making money, and not idling indefinitely.

All they ask, the freedom to go back and forth across the border with the United States, without additional restrictions in tow!

Vaccinated or not, it is for an individual to choose and does not and should not, compromise their ability to do their jobs.

The majority of these truckers appear to be vaccinated, but they are taking this stand in solidarity, on principle, for an individual's right to make such decisions for themselves and not have them mandated by their Government

It's all about freedom; having it, keeping it!

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A Losing Battle

Although the Canadian truckers have been far from extreme, their Prime Minister and Deputy Prime Minister have accelerated to extreme levels, very quickly, going from zero to we will crush head spinning record time!

From completely ignoring them to outright working to erase their identities, with threats of freezing both corporate and personal bank accounts/assets, by suspending their insurance, by making them out to be unsavory credit risks; going as far as threatening to take their kids and their pets.

Even those who have simply donated funds to the cause, aren't safe!

But then, Trudeau's response is representative of a Dictator

It is reflective of, tyrannical, totalitarian government

This protest isn't your typical protest, especially if you kept up with the events of the summer of Antifa and BLM, when destruction was key; it was expected and it was to be tolerated.

But, these truckers aren't tools, to be used in some petty political game, they are committed to this and they are committed to doing it smart, doing it right, doing it peacefully.

Dictators fear their resolve; knowing full well, they won't back down, they won't submit and therefore, they must be made an example of, in the public square!

These strong, independent individuals are not okay with control, they are not okay with living under the thumb of someone on a power trip...they are not willing to give up their identity, their self-reliance, for the blessing of one who Rules!

Again, Trudeau admires China’s dictatorship, but we must forget all about that and see anyone daring to call it out, as the true problem

The Canadian truckers, all who back them, all who support them, are being cast in the worst possible light by any and all who are perfectly okay with Government running and ruling over, their lives.

The United States has been tested too.

We messed up when we elected an outsider as President, and we have been paying for it ever since! Not because we made the wrong choice, quite the contrary, but because we dared to go against the grain -

We dared to reject the establishment candidate, Hillary Clinton. That is another story for another day, won't wade any further into these weeds right now.

But, we are about to be tested again, when the freedom convoy begins here in the States, ultimately ending up in Washington D.C.

The freedom convoy(s) have come on the hills of such a nasty time in America. The establishment would have us believe that no time was any worse than January 6th in our Nation's capital, but we know better.

We saw for ourselves, what BLM and Antifa are capable of and what they can get away with. We also know, for a fact, one person died in the Capitol Building on that day, but you won't hear her name! She served in the military, she was a Trump supporter and she was unarmed, but nevertheless, she was shot and killed.

We are to believe different, we are to forget that our fellow citizens, even those who did absolutely nothing more than walk through an open door that day, were arrested and haven't yet had their day in court.

We are to forget that the true fringe groups, Antifa and BLM wreaked havoc for months, targeting Police Officers and little old ladies with violence, setting fires, destroying Mom and Pop businesses and only remember the events of January 6th {other than the fact that Ashli Babbitt was made an example of that day)

The handing over of the torch, the freedom convoy making its way into the States, will be a true test of where Americans stand

Do they stand with the lovers of freedom or have they seen what has happened to our neighbors and that's a test, they want no part in?

An Admiration for all things China

Trudeau and Freeland have responded as we'd expect a Dictator to respond, but then, Trudeau is a big fan of the way China does it makes perfect sense!

Darn the past that continues to haunt him, first of him in black face and now him singing the praises of China

In 2013, Trudeau stated that he admires China's dictatorship.

What he actually said, "There's a level of admiration I actually have for China. Their basic dictatorship is actually allowing them to turn their economy around on a dime and say, we need to go green we want to start investing in solar."

So there's that...actually!

I first had to get past China going green, excusez-moi, while I laugh out loud!

China will only do what is in China's best interest and they will say and use anyone and everything to their full advantage.

Think about that, as you read up on the latest about our President's son, Hunter. I am not going to wade into those weeds today either.

Once I got past the image of a Green China, the horrific things about them set in; the inhumane treatment of Uyghur Muslims, their use of slave labor, their ruling over household decisions of their citizens, even going as far as limiting the number of children they can have, at one time, only one per family. Not out of any goodness which may exist in their hearts, but in an aging Country, they need new blood to carry the load and so they have increased that number in recent years. Last, but certainly not least, China introduced the world to Covid...

China is at the root of this evil, which has been so costly and deadly, but which has also been used against the people, by Tyrants, who wish to control them!

A short synopsis of modern-day China, speaks volumes, and yet, Justin Trudeau, Canada's current leader, "admires" for thought!

On the Side of Freedom

United States truckers, along with their backers and supporters and I'd surmise a good deal of Canadian truckers at this point, will be taking over from here -

What will we come to learn about our current Administration?

I, personally, do not see many differences between Trudeau and today's Democratic Party and today's Republican {in name only} Party.

True, they have that pesky Bill of Rights and Constitution in the way, but it doesn't seem to deter them.

We will find out when the freedom convoy hits U.S. interstates, when the rubber meets the road, it will be very telling.

I will follow up, when that time comes.

My suspicion is that a lot of Americans are watching and waiting too.

They already have developed a case of buyer's remorse, with their choice of Biden.

They bought into that whole, anybody but Trump mantra, now finding out that Trump isn't the monster he was made out to be, he wasn't colluding with anyone, but Hillary Clinton, that's a different matter, she's up to her eyeballs in collusion and worse and John Durham isn't quite finished yet!

Now this next test, how will the Biden Administration handle the freedom convoy, especially when it rolls into Washington D.C.

Our Canadian friends utilized what they believed to be the best measure for countering ridiculous Government mandates and what do they have to show for it?

Jail time and an erased identity

If they had been the slightest bit aggressive, I am left to wonder if they'd be around to tell their stories!

If it was ever about Covid for Trudeau, it hasn't been for a long time; at this point, it is all about him protecting his reputation and how he will go down in history!

Will he be counted among other ruthless dictators?

I suppose he is being tested as well and time will tell.

Some Canadians are on the side of their Government on this, some are siding with the truckers and some don't want to be bothered until it affects them personally.

Much like Americans.

Americans will either support the truckers or tune them out, unless and until it affects them personally.

Many will be watching very closely as to how this all goes down, they are on the fence when it comes to their party which has turned radical in recent years. They are wavering and how this plays out, how the truckers are treated, may be what pushes them over to the right side of the fence.

Others already know where they stand, it is where they always stand -

on the side of freedom!

© 2022 A B Williams

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