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The Warp Of Life

I am Central Govt. employee. I write poem story and blogs. I also interested in study.

The Warp of Life (All Human Beings)


"Some are woven, some are weaving
Sometimes we colour ourselves, sometimes we do colour myself in others.
Some chose and some choose.
At times, we and myself kept getting molded in the molded conditions."

True, we are weaving life through the threads of Muflissi and we are doing it on Ruffu.
Someone has rightly said that where does life get to the mind? Sometimes I wish I had a laughter and it does not stop here. This has to be done in life, it has to be done. If you do something, you have to tell it to the world - this is synonymous. We take time to make ourselves available and we are far away from reality.

On the day we die, our money remains in the bank and when we are alive, we feel that we do not have enough money to spend. Even when we leave, a lot of money remains left without spending it.

A Chinese emperor died. He left his bank with $ 2.5 million for his widow. The widow married the young servant. The servant said -
"I always thought that I kept working for my boss.
Now he understood that he always worked for me."

Or just say that sometimes he will be in a hurry to earn money and he will not be convinced that anyone's earnings will ever be handed to anyone. May also take.

As a result, we conclude that

  • It is more important to save more money and live more.
  • Always strive for a good and healthy body.
  • When we do not know all the functions of the expensive phone, then why the discomfort to get it?
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  • 70% of the whole Bunglow has no use of the corner.
  • 40% of the clothes of the entire wardrobe are lying for years.
  • Man wastes 70% of his life's earnings for sighting of others.
  • If man is not able to use 70% of his qualities properly then how will he able to use 30%? .

Must do this-

  • Make a complete sacrifice of your ego.
  • Be comfortable even when powerful.
  • Be perfect even when there is a lack of funds. Receive all possible ways of learning.
  • Live the best life and let others live as well.
  • Keep these things under control -
  • Your mind in times of trouble.
  • Tongue while eating.
  • If you go to someone's house, your dignity.
  • If you go to the meeting, then your tongue.
  • If you see the wealth of others, then your craving.

Always forget -

  • To do his favors for others.
  • The mistakes of others.
  • Yesterday's sad moment.

Never do -

  • Lowliness with others.
  • Ego on your success and jealous of the success of others.
  • Gain the wealth of others.
  • rat out.

If you are healthy, have food in your house, clean clothes on your body, right place to live and place to sleep, then you are one of the happiest people in the world. If you have money in your wallet and you want to go anywhere for some change or want to do something good, then you are among the rich people of the world. If you are perfectly healthy today, then you are happier than those millions. If you can really read and understand this message, then you are lucky among those crores of people. If you can really read and understand this message, then you are fortunate among the crores of people who cannot see and cannot read or have the power to understand anything.

Life does not mean complaining of sorrows. Whatever it is, everything is fine. Or just go on saying this is also fine. Understand the reality of life that according to others, what we live is not life. It is life to live according to our own. Be happy and be cool without thinking, "Why do we look for someone?" After all, what does this life want from us? "


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