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Life Between the Rocks

I grew up loving our mother nature, since we have a farm and we lived in the countryside.

It makes me want to cry.

The unpicked seeds were scattered to the ends of the sea by the unpredictable wind. They lay their last hope in this crevice when they can no longer find the soil. They can share warmth from the sun and absorb moisture from the rain, but they must find the soil on which all life depends on their own. They are faced with such a cruel reality.


As a result, nature produced an amazing miracle, and resilient life sprouted among the barren rocks.

Or just clusters of unknown weeds that withered and flourished year after year, green in the spring and yellow in the autumn. Because they can't obtain enough nutrients to make grass blades thicker, they don't have the right conditions to produce broad leaves. Only three or two long, weak, thin leaves are found. The tiny veins reveal the difficulty of surviving.

Furthermore, they form their own roots behind clusters of thin leaves, and in order to avoid taking a little milk from the mother, they seek out the difficult-to-find cracks in the stone. This is the way things are. If this is an instinct, it shows how noble life's instincts are. Life has the right to conceive of itself as great, and vitality is completely uncontrollable.


Or a little bunch of mountain flowers, the most of which are bitter dandelions. Their roots are picked up as wild vegetables in the spring, and their stems and leaves are packed with bitter milky white pulp. However, the dandelions blooming between the rocks are not as strong as the same clan in the field.

Due to the ferocity of the mountain wind, they are unable to grow into tall trunks. Because of the barrenness of the mountains and rocks, they can't have many leaves. Only their roots are declining; their stems appear tough and old, and their leaves have lost their luster due to withering.They can no longer provide people with the fresh and tender wild vegetables, but silently climb the mountain trail, like the flexible and strong tendons, like the soft but inflexible vines buried deep in the tight spaces between the rocks. A reliable gripper was produced by the man. The environment regulates and changes life in this way.


Although the law of survival of the fittest is ruthless, all the fittest are strong against the environment. The phenomenon of life tells you that life is hard work.

If there are only small flowers and grasses growing between the rocks, it may simply evoke people's pity; but the most fascinating thing is that there are magnificent and vigorous pines and cypresses growing in the gaps between the rocks, majestic and tall. They give the mountains an ethereal aura that makes all life pale in front of them.

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This is how their torso grows stubbornly from rock cracks, twisting and twirling, and scars cover every inch of the tree coat. It's so difficult to keep going up, up, up. Every inch of growth must endure differing levels of cold and heat, as well as spring and autumn.


They did, however, eventually grow into tall trees with lush branches and needle clusters that never fell. Only the roots of the trees entangled in the rocky cliffs are silently telling you how difficult it is to grow them. They are standing on the cliffs, on the peaks of the high mountains, and only the roots of the trees entangled in the rocky cliffs are silently telling you how difficult it is to grow them. The tree roots are entangled and intertwined, thick as a python and thin as a grass snake.

They pierce through one stone crack and pierce into another. Then, like sharp eagle claws, they spread across the merciless bluestone. It was caught on the rock it lives on. To endure the storm and rain, a pine or cypress tree may have to climb half of the cliff with its roots, as if bound firmly with a strong cable. Living space that does not belong to oneself occupies a space for oneself.


If every life does not seek a grip in the crevices of the rocks, there will be a vast portion of the earth that will be reduced to permanent darkness on the day of civilization. Birds would have nowhere to live, and all lives that rely on flowers and trees to survive will have to become extinct.How can all lives complete their ability to control the environment and make themselves stronger in the reproduction of generations if they are simply greedy for the dark fertile soil? The world is a beautiful place.

Consider that once the grass seeds from the weeds between the rocks are scattered on the fertile ground, they will be more vigorous than the delicate seeds that have not been tested by wind and rain, and will grow more luxuriantly; The dandelions growing between the rocks will grow stronger than other flowers and can endure the heat and cold once their seeds, which sustain tufts of umbrellas, float to the humid countryside with the breeze. The noble manifestation of life, the pine and cypress are the appropriate symbol of endurance and willpower. It motivates and encourages people from all walks of life.


May no one's life be lost in the crevices of the rocks. May all lives be brave enough to seek out the most difficult circumstances. Life is about discovering and knowing oneself in the most difficult situations in order to adapt, mature, and eventually complete, sublimate oneself.

Between the rocks, there is a persistent life that is both biological and intellectual. It's a synthesis of biology and philosophy. It's also aesthetically pleasing. As an aesthetic phenomenon, it exposes a lovely and wonderful spiritual world in addition to the layers of greenery that cover the barren hills and mountains.


The tenacious life among the rocks has the emotional power to shock people's hearts, transforming our world into a magical and beautiful place.

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