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Libertarians and the Enemies of a Free Society

Garry Reed combined a professional technical writing career and a passion for all things libertarian to become The Libertarian Opinionizer.


Commentary by Your Libertarian Opinionizer

It doesn’t really matter which elitist ruling political power wins whatever election in whatever year and takes over the puppet strings of power because government is still government.

Government is still an evil criminal mob because it is, was and always will mean rule by a few over the lives of the many. All governments, everywhere, to varying degrees of bad and worse, are based on attempts by the world’s psychopaths, sociopaths and others with antisocial personality disorders to seek control, power, wealth and personal glorification at the expense of entire populations.

Government, Deep State and The Swamp are three heads of a dragon that seeks power for the sake of power and will crush all who get in its way. The question is whether libertarians and other freedom-loving people can defeat it?

It all begins with government. The only hope for a free peaceful future is to abolish the age-old vicious, venomous, violent, barbarian concept of government and replace it with something more intelligent.


Libertarians in the Age of Mob Politics

Kevin D. Williamson admits that he took the title of his book, The Smallest Minority from Ayn Rand who famously—or infamously according to those who suffer from chronic Ayn Rand Derangement Syndrome (ARDS)—said “The smallest minority on earth is the individual. Those who deny individual rights cannot claim to be defenders of minorities.”

The best thing about Williamson is that he doesn’t pull his punches for libertarians or anyone else. Writing for the Foundation for Economic Education in 2016 under the header “The Nationalist-Socialist Moment Is Here” he made it clear that “the libertarian moment” was decidedly not here:

“The people who don’t like free markets and free people, who want to control who you can buy from and sell to, or regulate who can criticize a politician and when and how, don’t think that way simply because libertarians have never figured out how to translate the gospel into their language. They have other values and other agendas. The white nationalists in the Trump camp and the Black Lives Matters activists opposed to them do not secretly want to be libertarian individualists on the Randian model: They want their identities affirmed by state action. They want a politics of Us and Them. Populist movements cannot survive long without a Them.”

The key to the whole concept of real freedom is a society based on the libertarian non-aggression principle against coercion, intimidation and fraud.

The State of Freedom Today

The following observations point an accusing finger at the 2020 Election battle between Biden and Trump but they apply universally to all elections. The Republican and Democratic Parties do not occupy a straight Left-Right scale with each positioned on the opposite ends of the line; they sit on an Authoritarian-Libertarian scale that is forever sloping downward on the authoritarian side with a big bucket of slop waiting for us at the bottom of the slope.

Government always means the loss of individual autonomy, liberty, freedoms, rights, choice, voluntary action and personal sovereignty. The only option we get from this condition is what kind of authoritarianism we end up with.


The Swamp Will Continue to Swamp Us

The DC Political Swamp is safe. This was always going to be true no matter who won what vote. The establishment Dems and Reps fought with tooth, talon, fang and claw to keep their status quo power, wealth and egos intact. “White Privilege” comes nowhere close to “Political Privilege” yet few seem to care much about that. The psychopathic swamp critters are still in control and as long as those critters benefit the people who voted for them both the critters and their voters will be happy.

The Libertarian Party

At this writing following the 2020 Elections with lawsuits and vote recounting and name-calling still ongoing here’s a snapshot of the porcupine party.

The Libertarian Party reported at this writing “Presidential candidate Jo Jorgensen has over 1,788,000 votes, which is the second-best showing for an LP presidential candidate, following Gary Johnson’s performance in 2016.”

They also listed several actual LP office-winners around the country who became town or county council members, board members, commissioners, trustees, aldermen (alderpersons?), and two who gained Parks and Recreation seats. (No, neither was Ron Swanson of the TV comedy show “Parks and Recreation” but rather a pair of real Libertarians in two different jurisdictions.)


Did the Party Torpedo Trump?

Writing in National Review two days after Election Day The Smallest Minority author Kevin D. Williamson speculated that Libertarian Party candidate Jo Jorgensen’s bites from the ballot box lunch may have been bigger than the spread between Biden’s and Trump’s big mouthfulls. Her numbers, in other words, may have beaten the spread between the two contenders in states like Georgia, Pennsylvania and Nevada.

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On the (false) assumption that libertarians only take votes away from Republicans and never from Democrats Williamson imagined Trump supporters squawking, “Stupid Libertarians! Why you gotta be such spoilers?”

Whether this ultimately turns out to be the case or not changes little. Both establishment parties have long considered the LP to be a threat to their dual hegemony as evidenced by the many times various state parties have tried to manufacture laws to deny ballot access to the LP.

Williamson (described by one Goodreads reader as “a good conservative, and is also a proud libertarian”) sees all of this as a lesson for the future of the GOP: “A better reaction, especially for Republicans, would be to give libertarians something more attractive for which to vote than the Libertarian Party, the attractions of which are limited.”

That’s precisely how many libertarians and LP members feel. But that’s not to say that the LP should ever back off. Running as many candidates as possible all across the country is a great way for the party to become a mass super-spreader of the libertarian philosophy. They should keep the pressure on both the GOP and the Dems. That’s because we understand now that people can’t be divided as formerly believed on the basis of “fiscally conservative and socially liberal” because these issues are deeply intertwined. Libertarians have always known this. Fiscal AND social issues are equally important to libertarians and should be to everyone else.


Should the LP Occupy the GOP?

Many libertarians in and out of the party think the LP and the Republicans should make common cause as the only possible pushback against the New American Democratic-Marxist Party.

Some libertarians want to do exactly what the long-running American socialist and communist third parties have done for decades. They never won high office just as the LP likely never will but look what they did win: The Democratic Party.

It’s becoming ever more certain that the whole political world has flipped head-over-buttocks. Republicans used to be the party of big business while the Democrats were always “for the little guy.” But now the GOP is emerging as a working class multi-minority haven while the Democrats have clearly become the Big Politics Big Bankster Big Tech Big Corporatist Big Media home of the privileged elites, aka the expanded Deep State.

The sentiment of many seems to be that the Republicans had best begin the process of stealing more and more of the best ideas from the Libertarian Party and thereby their libertarian-leaning followers if they want to survive. Or, optionally and optimally, the LP should Occupy the GOP and turn it Libertarian.

Either way there is deep concern whether libertarianism could ever survive either process. Most libertarians are non-party now because they see too much compromising going on in the LP. What kind of compromising, conceding, watering down and just plain surrendering of principles would libertarians have to suffer to have any sway within the GOP?

Ultimately dedicated true-believing libertarians don’t care whether the Libertarian Party ever wins anything; they just want libertarian philosophy to win over the collectivist philosophy. The Democrats have become Marxist; whether political Libertarians become Republicans or Republicans become Libertarian may be irrelevant since we will still be living under the thumb of criminal government.


Figurehead Biden

Voting for Biden for President was always going to be a vote for Kamala Harris, his VP running mate picked for him by the establishment power structure. Good Ol’ Crazy Uncle Joe will eventually be diagnosed as suffering from senility, dementia, Alzheimers, feeble-mindedness, advanced dotage and otherwise mentally incapacitated and cognitively unfit under the 25th Amendment so he can be pushed aside for the VP to become Prez.

They may keep him around as a figurehead for a while if he will quietly do as he’s told. If not he will be subject to blackmail. His own party will begin threatening to leak new information about his son Hunter Biden’s corrupt dealings with the communist Chinese government. Devastate his family. Destroy his legacy. His Presidential Library will fit in the back of a Wilmington Delaware McDonalds if he doesn’t knuckle under.

Battling In the Belly of the Beast

Many libertarians believe that any voluntary contact whatsoever with government like running political campaigns or becoming an office-holder or simply voting as an attempt to push back the growth of coercive government makes one a “Statist.”

It’s why many reject the LP. But if that’s the case they will also have to reject other libertarian efforts doing the same.

For years the libertarian Downsize DC has identified anti-freedom bills in congress and exerts pressure against the politicians who support such bills by marshalling an “army” of volunteers to flood their DC offices with calls, messages, letters, emails and petitions and even showing up at local congressional offices. In short, they work against government aggression by working within the legislative system of government. Does that make them “statists?”


Also the “Merry Band of Libertarian Litigators” at the Institute for Justice, a “National Law Firm for Liberty,” identifies what it stands for and what it does this way:

“Since 1991, IJ has come to the aid of individuals who want to do the simple things every American has the right to do—including own property, start and grow a business, speak freely about commerce or politics, and provide their children with a good education—but can’t because they find the government in their way. The Institute for Justice combines cutting-edge litigation, sophisticated media relations, strategic research, boots-on-the-ground advocacy and much more to fight on behalf of those individuals who are denied their constitutional rights.”

In short, they work against government aggression by working within the judicial system of government. Does that make them “statists?”

These are just three groups working inside the belly of the beast as fifth columnists, saboteurs and monkey-wrenchers on behalf of freedom by using The State’s apparatus against itself. They are libertarianism’s Trojan horses.

The LP, Downsize DC and Institute for Justice may produce small victories for the libertarian movement, but every one is a double victory. They not only help people shake off the shackles of government but in doing so they introduce the libertarian philosophy to people who may never have heard of it before.

With time and effort small victories add up.

A Free Tomorrow?

Most people at this stage in human mental development, many libertarians included, aren’t ready to even imagine a world without governing egomaniacs. They will scream and howl and slur libertarians who are willing to combat today’s evil and work toward a world free from government.

A peaceful voluntaryist libertarian Post-statist society based on the Non-Aggression Principle against coercion, intimidation and fraud? That’s idiotic. Impossible. Pie in the sky. Fantasy. Utterly outrageous. Perhaps. But the only other possible choice is the even worse never-ending rule of governments run by elitist maniacal psychopaths.

Libertarians with such a vision can only tell their detractors, “Join us or get out of the way” and continue advocating for a free tomorrow.

New to libertarianism and the Zero-Aggression Principle? From “The Basics” to “Morality and Law” to many ideas in between you can jump in and learn about the voluntary post-statist concept of “governance” as opposed to coercive “governments.”

The Deep State includes parts of the federal bureaucracy that is unaccountable, secretive, opaque, permanent, and armed with extremely dangerous powers. It has now expanded to include big business, big banks, big tech, big media and big billionaires.

Drain the Swamp means to drastically reduce the number of self-serving, power-hungry Republican and Democratic politicians, lobbyists, and government bureaucrats in and around Washington, DC who crave self-enrichment to the detriment of all Americans.

Illegitimate Government All individuals own themselves under the non-aggression principle against coercion, intimidation and fraud and can therefore not delegate a power they don’t have to a government or any other individual or collection of individuals.

2020 LP Election Critique: Bold Future Activism


Garry Reed (author) from Dallas/Fort Worth, Texas on November 17, 2020:

Thanks. Always great to get some positive feedback. I fully expect entrenched political partisans from both major parties to counterattack.

Ken Burgess from Florida on November 16, 2020:

Excellent article, I can relate to quite a bit of it.

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