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Let's Talk the Talk's Sharon Osbourne

If Anyone Should Be Crying It Should Be Me!

I tried to avoid writing about this hot button topic. In part because I wanted to at least see what the injured party had to say about what happened to her that faithful day on, The Talk. Sheryl Underwood finally addressed the situation on her fellow comedian, Steve Harvey's morning radio show. I will admit she handled it with perfect grace. In that moment as I listened to her speak I was very proud of her response and I realized she has arrived at a level of grace and forgiveness I have yet to reach.

She has chosen to look at the lesson and the bright side of things which is a great positive and wonderful way to see the incident that happened. For me, I commend her on that and I am wholeheartedly in support of that way of seeing things. I see things that way all the time, but the attack that Sharon led on such a national platform with the viciousness of a rabies invested dog. Let's just say what Sharon did was very triggering for the viewer.

By Sheryl Underwood asking a simple question her co-host Sharon Osbourne went bonkers in real time. According to Sheryl the f bombs continued well into the commercial break where she continued to berate Sheryl until the show went live. That account was somewhat confirmed by Sharon herself when she said she asked her friend during the commercial break to answer her barrage of questions. The question for me is when do we stop educating those about racism when their actions indicate that the deeply embedded elements of racism is intertwined with their ideology and will not yield to a change of thought?

When do we call a draw on some people? For me the moment Sharon aggressively began to tell Sheryl don't you start that crying because Sharon should be crying because she's the victim. That threw me for a loop. Firstly, when you defend the horrible behavior of your friend who is displaying a racial bias against a woman merely because his male pride was wounded. When you get behind a flee invested dog like that and you think you can get on twitter and strongly defend and rebuke others.

It is naive or presumptuous to assume that such a hot button topic will not be discussed on your show that deals with topics that are current. Are we to actually believe that Sharon suddenly forgot she is 1/4 of a nationally syndicated talk show? Did she think I'm Sharon Osbourne and though I made such a bold statement on twitter CBS doesn't want my opinion, even though they pay me handsomely for it Monday through Friday and have had Pierce on the show. Sorry Sharon I'm not buying what you are selling, if you naively thought that you were leaning to heavy on your privilege.

That thought also gives credence to some of the former talk show hosts that have spoken out disparagingly about Sharon such as Holly Robinson Peete and Leah Remini. They both accused Sharon of racist remarks about Holly and other former hosts such as Julie Chein and Sarah Gilbert. Sharon says she was set up by the producers on the show which as long as she has been in the business I am surprised this would be her response.

However to even buy into what she is saying, you must also say they did not put the words in her mouth nor did they cause the nasty demeanor nor the dehumanizing way in which she handled her alleged friend and co-host Sheryl. That lies at squarely at Sharon's feet because yes they could trigger her but we are responsible for how we respond such as Sheryl responded to Sharon's nasty behavior.

Sharon says Sheryl hasn't returned her calls to apologize. And rightfully so I believe, because if a longtime friend had done that to me on national television I do not believe I would have had the restraint or grace of Sheryl. Sheryl is entitled to take whatever time she needs or wants. For Sharon to presume Sheryl has to answer her call or answer to her is beyond me. Sheryl is well within her rights to never speak to Sharon again. I doubt that she will writer her off because she has chosen forgiveness.

She seems to not be at Sharon's leisure this time. I mean after ten years of education and explaining maybe you don't want to learn and you don't have to, because its a choice. We live in a country where you are free to have your own views as long as you don't embed upon someone else's right. Sheryl has the same rights as Sharon even if Sharon doesn't see it.

Sharon is reminiscent of an outdated mindset. One of oppression and it is very reminiscent of the uneasy relationship that some white women and black women have held in slavery. There were some white women that loathed the black woman and all that she represented. These women didn't see the lack of freedom that the black slave woman did not possess. How she was a captive that did not own any part of herself. They chose to look a them through the lens of a bruised ego that denoted that they were not enough for their significant other and somehow this slaved woman was.

They thought these slave women were filling a void in their men that they somehow couldn't. The truth of the matter was the black women fought as they might they did not have a choice and if they did I don't think they would have chosen rape and for some molestation. At the time Thomas Jefferson was not married. In the other cases I mentioned those rapes and molestation were under duress.

Some white women would not reconcile that truth and severely punished those slave women. They could not see that void they may have felt they couldn't fill in their partners was an insatiable appetite for evil and brutality. And if not for a slave woman taking the brunt of that it would indelibly have been them that would have to bear the brunt of their husband's sick desires. Both of these type of women are victims of the desires of an unhinged sexist and racist mindset. Do you know how many white women saw those slaves women and girls leaving the company of their rapist feeling lowly and violated and nonetheless in tears or crying and said either aloud or to themselves, "Don't you start that crying because if anyone should be crying it's me!"

This maybe a lot for some readers to hear but that is what came to my mind when I witnessed the way Sharon handled Sheryl. It was clear that the ideology was still alive and thriving in the heart of Sharon. In the heat of her outburst it was clear she felt Sheryl was somehow beneath her with the way she demanded an answer and it was clear nothing Sheryl could or would say would suffice. There are some people that you can educate and they will grow and learn and be better people for it but there are some that will not or chose not to be.

Given Sharon's last statement about being fine about being fired I would surmise that she and her viewpoints have made peace with the fallout. Not a need to restore anything or be truly be forgiven because she has yet to issue a public apology to Sheryl. She has apologized to everyone and their mama but no Sheryl. To be honest I can respect her apologizing to everyone even if I feel it was to save face, but to not issue a public apology to the person who is your friend. The very person you berated on national television I would say take everything you say with all the weight of a grain of salt.

It is my hope that someone can learn or grow from bad situations or experiences such as this but only if they are willing. I know I was educated from watching this experience in real time. I have come to the conclusion some will learn and they deserve a chance but there are those that you nod politely to and keep it pushing.

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Update: The Talk will remain on Hiatus throughout this week while March Madness goes on. They were supposed to return tomorrow so I guess we can expect them back next Monday while the investigation is ongoing. The Jasmine Brand has reported Sharon will be fired but receive a large settlement. I provided a link below with that information. I guess time will tell about the future of Sharon Osbourne and the show.

New update according to the Jasmine Brand Sharon Osbourne is out! Posted 23 mins ago on their instagram listed in the pictures.

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Sharon's Response to Holly

Sharon Response to Leah

Some of Leah's Claims about Sharon from Season 1 of Talk Before Controversy

Sharon's Final Response

Where do you see this going?

Update according to the Jasmine Brand

The talk Jasmine Brand update


UPDATE: Sheryl breaks silence in a major way!

Update Sharon's text response evidence to Sheryl's silence.

UPDATE: The Talk Returns from Hiatus with Talks of Race & Healing

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