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Holding the Line for Middle America; The Working Man’s Battle Cry

Ignore the in-my-face obvious issues and lend all of my attention to unwarranted, groundless non-issues? Not happening!


Understanding Trump, Who Understands Us

We can call what has been happening, a blue collar anthem, the working man’s battle cry.

Devoted Patriots crying out, for the reputation of their beloved Country, has been tarnished, soiled and stained

A rally for the heartland!

Whatever we may call it, I dedicate this article to you, counting myself among you:

  • Showing up everyday, working hard toward a goal, eye on the prize
  • The prize? Retirement with a nice little nest egg to boot
  • Doing it right, following the rules, nose to the grindstone
  • Not looking for a handout and never forgetting that the head of our household, is God, not Gov!
  • Believing that a small, limited Government is and will always be, in our best interest

I know the left has a hard time grasping this, they feel Government is the answer to every question, at least that’s what the Democratic contenders for President keep telling us.

President Trump has a handle on who we are and what we are all about!

The Democratic Party/the left does not, how could they have a handle....when they do not even have a clue as to who we are, what we are about or what we value?

What’s worse, they have no desire to know, they dismiss all clues!

The President recognizes the backbone of America when he sees it and he doesn’t see us as "deplorable" or "expendable" or as Joe Biden has said, “the dregs of society.”

Something was instilled in Donald John Trump at an early stage in his life, by his parents or by someone equally as important to him and it was impactful!

Can’t deny that he knows all about rolling up his sleeves and getting to work in order to get things done!

We've all felt it at some point.

He gets us!

There is something very real and very genuine about him.

Not to say he is perfect!
But to those so quick to point out his shortcomings, no doubt they’ve given themselves a pass in the process...
I refuse to throw him under the bus, simply because of his lousy timing with an off-color joke or a New York mannerism, which this southern woman cannot relate to, isn’t reason enough!

He knows and understands the people much more than any Democrat that runs for office. More importantly, he understands that our form of Government is intended to work for us, we the people, not for the politicians!
The politicians, running against him, don’t seem to understand this at all and it is not at all complicated!

It is as simple as a simple song!

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Pandering for Votes

Remember the video or live feed of Elizabeth Warren in her kitchen {or in someone’s kitchen?}

In it, she’s popping a top, just wanting to have a beer with all of us.

Her problem and the problem with the producer’s concept...was that there was nothing genuine about it, about her.

I wasn’t buying what she was selling.

I haven't seen that much pandering since Hillary Clinton was speaking at a church in front of a black congregation and suddenly...her voice changed, she no longer sounded like Hillary.

Both of these women are as phony as 2 three dollar bills!

I’ve mentioned before, that I think Joe Biden at one point, way back when, understood the working man/woman, blue collar Middle America, but somewhere along the way, he detached from his roots.

Yes, I do have a point!

These people do not understand us, they obviously have no use for our Founding Fathers and the pain-staking measures they took to protect us from those who do not and who do not care to, understand us, much less represent us!

We are just a means to an end for them and if they have to pop a top, change their voice to include an accent, make up a story or go back in their memory bank to that one time they worked, they’ll do it.

It’s all about the power and the prestige.

I don’t think I had realized, just how out of touch, how artificial, the majority of them are, until recently, with this never-ending concerted effort to take out our President!

Red, White & Blue

Holding the Line - No Retreat

Could the true colors of the Dems and many Republicans too, be shining through, because this President has kicked butt, actually accomplishing things they‘ve put off year, after year, after year, so that we will bring them back, so they can get it done?

Something to think about.

Their areas of expertise, those delicate matters which take time, the miles of red tape which get jumbled up and in the way, have been excuses, we can see now that things really can get done in D.C.

So the left and the RINOS (never-Trumpers) are fighting with all they have, to try and remain relevant, by defeating Donald Trump.

They can’t deny the results, so all they can do, is attempt to scar the man, destroy his name, insult our intelligence, make us out to be uninformed.....which, in truth, is right where they need us to be!

They’ve thrown everything they can at him, at us!
Well, maybe not everything, there are still a few months ahead, so hold on tight.

Biden/Harris it is!

Hold the line, get involved, spread the truth, we must counter the lies and deception coming out of our so-called media.

Let us remind the left, career politician establishment-types just who it is that they work for and what it is...we are made of!

We can't retreat now:

We truly are in the fight of a lifetime, to save our Republic!


Post-election, the fight continues!
No surrender, no defeat!

God please continue to bless and protect these United States of America...

"It is a blessing that our people are reasonable; that they are kept so well informed of the state of things as to judge for themselves, to see the true sources of their difficulties and to maintain their confidence undiminished in the wisdom and integrity of their functionaries."

Thomas Jefferson 1810

Benjamin Franklin stated, they've given us a Republic, if we can keep it. Holding the line, keeps the Republic.

Benjamin Franklin stated, they've given us a Republic, if we can keep it. Holding the line, keeps the Republic.

This content is accurate and true to the best of the author’s knowledge and is not meant to substitute for formal and individualized advice from a qualified professional.

© 2020 A B Williams


A B Williams (author) from Central Florida, USA on February 02, 2020:

Florida has a lot of history too and it is taught. Our awesome Republican Governor has put a big emphasis on getting Civics back into our it! It will be so nice to see children begin to take pride in their their their Anthem, as was once the case. So much harm was done between Obama and Kaepernick and their constant America bashing.

No one can say that about Trump!!! It is a win-win with him.

Shannon Henry from Texas on February 01, 2020:'s become known the way you used it, though.

You know, when I first moved here, they gave me hell about being a transplanted Yankee. And I thought Texas/Texans was stuck on itself/themselves. I mean, I know of no other state that teaches state history as part of the school curriculum. Or that says the pledge of allegiance and then the state pledge of allegiance. Of course, there is no other state like Texas. It was its own country first and all. You really can't mess with Texas. ;)

A B Williams (author) from Central Florida, USA on February 01, 2020:


Shannon Henry from Texas on February 01, 2020:

That's funny. Especially since that slogan was actually for a liter campaign.

A B Williams (author) from Central Florida, USA on February 01, 2020:

....and yes, Shannon, we all know, don't mess with Texas! :)

A B Williams (author) from Central Florida, USA on February 01, 2020:

Give me Donald Trump any day over a Hillary or a Elizabeth or any of the other out of touch candidates. They don't have a clue, about what the majority of Americans are about or what they value....

I forgave him a long time ago for needing to take out Cruz, he was his biggest competition.

Shannon Henry from Texas on February 01, 2020:

Verbally insult someone one minute about something and then work together on something else the next. It's not the norm for me by any means, but Hilary does it too. I mean, her infamous Deplorables remark is an example.

But it's not the same. Cruz may be a Southern gentleman, but trust me, Texans have a culture all their own, too. When you anger a Texas gentleman, you know it. Same with the ladies. LOL

A B Williams (author) from Central Florida, USA on February 01, 2020:

Yes, he used to bug me so much when he would insult Ted Cruz. I thought, insult Hillary all day long, but leave my man Ted be!

Ted was too Texan to return fire though....wait, what!?! LOL (Too much of a southern gentleman. That works much better)

A B Williams (author) from Central Florida, USA on February 01, 2020:

Bushra, thank you so much for taking the time to read and for leaving a comment.


A B Williams (author) from Central Florida, USA on February 01, 2020:

Great points all Carolyn! Trump is being Trump, he isn't trying to be anyone else. More importantly, he is doing his job and doing it well....and that's a big problem for the do nothing Dems and career politicians.

Good to hear from you!

Shannon Henry from Texas on February 01, 2020:

Oh, I meant to mention your comment about the New York attitude. It made me smile and even laugh a little. Kind of like culture shock, huh? Well, I know you've made mention before of different parts of the U.S. seeming like different cultures to those from other parts. I can't relate to that kind of attitude either. Maybe I've been in TX for too long. It's a different kind of in your face down here than Trump's use of name-calling and verbal assaults whenever he's annoyed or angered.

Anya Ali from Rabwah, Pakistan on February 01, 2020:

Thought-provoking and well-written!

Carolyn Fields from South Dakota, USA on February 01, 2020:

Thank you for this. It's refreshing.

I find Trump to be a very flawed human being. The difference is that he isn't spending all of his time hiding it. He is just getting the job done, doing what he promised to do. And the progressives, who lost their collective minds when HRC didn't win, just can't deal with it.

The impeachment circus is just the latest distraction, to keep us from watching Trump win, again.

Good read.Thanks again.

A B Williams (author) from Central Florida, USA on February 01, 2020:

I see it! It is either that or he is anticipating an eye roll....

Shannon Henry from Texas on February 01, 2020:

And here I thought maybe he was just empathizing with modern America. LOL

A B Williams (author) from Central Florida, USA on February 01, 2020:

Thank you Shannon, that is always my goal!

I think Mr. Franklin and the other Founders were just tired and plumb tuckered out. :)

Shannon Henry from Texas on February 01, 2020:

I think you appeal to your followers here because of your conversational style when you're writing.

By the way, is it just me or does Mr. Franklin have the sort of disappointed expression that says, "Really?"

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