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It Doesn't Take a Village; the Village is Harming Our Children

Ignore the in-my-face obvious issues and lend all of my attention to unwarranted, groundless non-issues? Not happening!


Interrupt the Madness

The following video is about to go viral -

As it should!

A lot of things go viral; many should not, but many, such as this one, definitely should.

The young woman in this video, Sophie Corcoran, is speaking straight from the heart.

An unplanned, unscripted, unloading, by one, whose life, as is the case with so many others, has been turned upside down.

Her school experience, unnecessarily and unapologetically, interrupted!

What have we done?

What are we doing?

The madness must be interrupted -

Destroyed Lives

This morning on the way to work, in a very rural area, I saw two boys, masked up, waiting for the bus.

This wasn't anything unusual, they have been masked up for as long as I have been passing them by.

Keep in mind, they were outside, the bus was not yet in sight, they stand in the free State of Florida, where they are not required to mask up, where our Governor trusts Science...and Parents, where the weather cannot be blamed for the bundled faces!

Perhaps paranoid Parents are behind the masking, but I doubt it.

Whenever I mention, kids still in masks, people often respond with, "well maybe they have the sniffles",

...for two years?

Maybe the mask is the culprit?

Here's my take; they count their mask as a part of their school gear:

Backpack - check

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Bagged lunch - check

Binder - check

Mask - check

The Village has made them to feel much more comfortable, whenever they are in their masks.

It has become a security blanket of sorts, a gift, of sorts, from the Village!

It helps them to get through the day.

As I type, I've just learned that my daughter must remove a trampoline, which has a protective mesh barrier, which is inside of their private, fenced in, back yard and has provided entertainment and exercise for her children, for over two years.

They must document the removal, the Village has spoken on this. Case closed.

They are fighting it, seeking alternatives.

These same kids... were outside recently, riding their bikes, in their neighborhood, on a dead end road, in a protected cul-de-sac. The only traffic; a random neighbor returning from work, returning from the store, returning from a jog, a bike ride, etc. even so, they (the kids) stay on the sidewalks, the majority of the time. Their Parents are outside with them, but none of this stopped an obnoxious woman, let's call her the Village idiot, from yelling and referring to them (the Parents) as, incompetent.

Just like us, children need to be naked-faced! They also need to be jumping on trampolines, playing outside, riding their bikes, building forts, playing sports, but they are being turned into helpless, sickly, little infants, no matter their age nor circumstance

For some, it's all they've ever known, it's all our youngest grandson has ever known, lucky for him, he is from a long line of those who aren't afraid to buck the system, who aren't afraid to stand up to the Village. Who aren't afraid of calling out the Village idiots, and doing it, without a mask!

The following article was written last year and here we are, still giving up on our Rights, still looking to the Village, still screwing up kids lives


It Takes Two Parents, not a Village

I remember yelling at my television years ago when the former first lady was making the rounds, promoting her book, "It Takes a Village".

No, it takes God, it takes two Parents. It takes a village...getting out of the way, I'd yell.

In the book, Mrs. Clinton, states that "children are not individualists, they need adults...", yes, they need their Parents guidance, they need their Grandparents wisdom, they need Faith in something much larger than them or any one of us, to get them to the point of independence and self-reliance!

They need Teachers, actually teaching them the basics; math, science, history, how to spell, how to write, individualists with a heart for teaching, not some agenda, they personally support and promote!

What children do not need, is a screwed up village of idiots, warping young minds, using everything in their power to keep them from becoming, "individualists", the person whom God designed them to be, not some assembly line, carbon copy, reinventions

Children were never meant to be protected in bubble wrap, they aren't that fragile!

They need wings to soar; their feet, hands, ears, nose, mouth, eyes and minds, will see to it that they will, if unencumbered

They need to be out in nature and discovering!

They need to be running as fast as their legs will allow, falling down, getting hurt, getting back up again, interacting with other children, building their immunity system.....

Parents need our love, support and prayers along the way; what they do not need, is "a Village", getting in their way, thinking they always know best with their one-size-fits-all plan!

One size does not fit all - and no one knows that any better than a Parent!

A Village, attempting to take away parental responsibility, jeopardizes a child's life, liberty and their individual pursuit of happiness.

© 2022 A B Williams

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