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Let's Talk About Racism

Hlengiwe is a freelancer, a writer for different platforms. She just completed her studies in Public Management.

Let's Talk About Racism

I like diversity and seeing people from different races getting along. There are so many races, ethnicity, and lifestyles, and all we can do is love, respect, and embrace every race or ethnicity. But that is not the case with everyone. It is disturbing to hear people speaking in public or threatening to kill people of a different race. Genocide is a very horrible thing to think about it.

Violence is not the answer. We need self-inspection and to let go of hate. It is sad to know that some people are making fatal threats or massive property damage and, they claim to be the victims of racial abuse. I agree that it is hurtful to experience that kind of abuse, but violence is not the answer and, it cannot solve anything. Whether you are a victim on not, making fatal threats makes you a racist or criminal. You are probably asking, so what is the answer. Well, I wish that.

People have tried different approaches to deal with racism, but racism is still here. I believe this is a matter of how individuals feel about people of other races and, if there is hate in their hearts, they need to learn to let go of that hate. That is very hard because some people will never change the way they feel about other races.
Racism incidents are so common in our world, and the sad part is that it is not something new it has been here for decades. And it seems as if it is not going anywhere. Every day there are incidents of racism that we might never hear about, and there are incidents that make it to the headline, and everyone will be talking about those incidents. And those incidents disturb the peace of many because of debates and strikes that follow.

If someone were to ask you this question, what should we do to end racism? What would you say? That is a tricky question because it is up to the racist to change their way of thinking. Racism is ingrained in many people, and any movement of ending this hate seems impossible, and that makes you wonder, for how long will people endure being racially abused.

Racism at school is shocking, even at primary schools. Some teachers are racially abusing children of a different race. Without realizing they are teaching their students to be racist too. Other children are taught racism at home. Some parents have a wrong idea about people of different races, and they even ask their children not to play with the kids of other races. Some parents say hurtful things about people of a different race in front of their children. So they are teaching their kids to discriminate against other people because of their race. Please, let's not teach the whole generation to discriminate against race.

Racism at work. Many people experience racial abuse at work, and the sad part is that sometimes when they report this, it falls on deaf ears. And they are accused of being sensitive. I want to talk about salary. I don't understand why many companies and employers pay people according to their race. There are so many debates about this, and people are getting defensive about this issue. It is unfair to put in the same amount of time and effort as your co-worker but get less salary. Or not be considered for a management position.

Racism is everywhere. Just imagine taking a holiday to have a break from work. When you reach your destination, you still experience hate. Maybe you don't get the same treatment as other guests at the hotel because of your race. Racists are everywhere. You might be on the airplane, cinema, or amusement park and still experience racial discrimination. The sad part is when we discuss these issues, some people jump in and defend the racists. And that makes them racist as well because they encourage hate.

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It pains my heart to hear people say they are used to being racially abused. Some countries or cities and towns are known as the most racist areas. Every human being should be conscious about what they say and do to people of a different race. I am saying that is because many people claim not to be racist, and their acts say otherwise. I am not sure if there is something called being unconsciously racist, or maybe it is ignorance of the people who claim not to be racist.
We are from different races, and that shouldn't divide us, but we should consider ourselves a rainbow nation. And we should learn about other people's cultures and backgrounds. Above all, we should love and respect everybody regardless of their race.

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