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Lessons from Ukraine

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It is time for us to experience some positivity around despite all the chaos that has been swirling around our lives. Ukraine’s fight back against Russia and their hope is the kind of positivity we need to look upon. Six weeks passed and the Ukrainians still standing strong against the mighty Russian storm has become quite a sensation around the globe.

The stories of allegiance and bravery from Ukrainians have gone round the clock. The cause of humanity has thus received the support of many nations.

There's something to be gained from the time and events that occurs; it’s the lessons that gives a little optimistic growth in our endeavors'. Perhaps, the stories of Ukraine have something to offer too.

Story #1 Strong Leader

Ukrainians leader aka the comedian turned into politician, President Volodymyr Zelenskyy’s story is among the best to describe loyalty and bravery. Since, the Russia’s invasion of Ukraine, President Zelenskyy’s stand against the fight has been quiet an exceptional.

Despite US President Biden’s offer to evacuate, Zelenskyy’s decision to stay in Ukraine has made the Ukrainians proud of their president. "The fight is here; I need ammunition, not a ride," were the words of courage from the President. In such situation, many previous incidents have displayed leaders fleeing their nation putting their lives above the country at the same time. For instance, look at the Afghani ex-president, Mohammad Ashraf Ghanni's escape after the Taliban attack.

Thus, President Zelenskyy deserved the worldwide praised for his actions in defending his motherland. His story illuminates the true sense of leadership, courage, bravery and allegiance that one can really look upon. He has really proved himself to be the ‘Servant of the People” rather than just keeping it as a name that his party proclaims.

Volodymyr Zelensky (C) walks through the town of Bucha, northwest of Kyiv, the site of Russia's massacre of civilian residents

Volodymyr Zelensky (C) walks through the town of Bucha, northwest of Kyiv, the site of Russia's massacre of civilian residents

Story #2 The mess sergeants

In the midst of war and displacement, there is always a need of a helping hand and thus the story of Nadiya is an example of that. Nadiya, a retiree who has been living in a geriatric boarding house in Lutsk a city North-western of Ukraine bordering Poland, refused to leave the country. Despite having the opportunity to flee, she chose the opportunity to help.

She is helping by making varenyky (dumplings) for soldiers and internally displaced people while sitting in her wheelchair. This is an act of kindness, a symbol of mother’s love in other way.

Along with Nadiya, the entire geriatric house in Lutsk has stepped forward to lend a helping hand. About 140 wards and employees makes Varenyky (dumplings) to feed the military and displaced families, hence becoming mess sergeants.



Story #3 A willing volunteer

There is a similar story of 26 year old Anastasiya, an IT recruiter and a blogger who, despite being alone in her country, choose to remain and help the civilians and pets. Her husband who lives in Sri Lanka, even told her to leave Kyiv, but Anastasiya stayed back, chose to volunteer for the sake of humanity.

Amid heavy firing across the North-western part of the capital Kyiv, Anastasiya and her friends drove her car and delivered food and water to people living nearby the affected areas. Despite the fact that the Russians destroyed the bridge in Irpin that connected Bucha and Kyiv, she just didn't stop looking for other ways and routes to enter the city and helped many kindergartens, pet shelters, and private homes.

However, on 4th march 2022, sadly Anastasia along with her two friends were shot to dead by a Russian tank while they were returning home from their humanitarian mission. The death of young Anastasia and her friends can be very miserable but the legacy that they have left behind can be the inspiration for many.

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Anastasiya hugging a dog at a pet shelter.

Anastasiya hugging a dog at a pet shelter.

“I found today that people who live close to shelling consider even a bottle of water to be a wonder,”–Anastasia wrote two days before she died.

Story #4 The utility workers

Residents in Kyiv are living under fire as Russian rockets and bombs fall on their houses. Utility workers from the city's utility services are working overtime to clean up the damage, debris and garbage left behind.

Meet Roman Kryvokhatko, a heating network repairman who, has been in the frontlines to fix the city’s damaged pipelines. Roman had initially planned to join the territorial defense in the beginning of the war, but since his district was packed with volunteers, he decided to serve where he is needed.

Similarly, Igor Oveshkov, a garbage truck driver has been doing his daily routine fearlessly without a complain saying that it is his responsibility.

It’s scary for them at times but the most important is the work that needs to be done, is what they believe. It’s the positive attitude and the zeal towards their work that has made them special, unique and inspiring.

  Repairman Roman Kryvokhatko stands in a shell crater in the Vynogradar district of Kiev

Repairman Roman Kryvokhatko stands in a shell crater in the Vynogradar district of Kiev

Igor Oveshkov, a garbage truck driver, on his daily routine to pick up litter around Kyiv.

Igor Oveshkov, a garbage truck driver, on his daily routine to pick up litter around Kyiv.

Story #5 Ukraine’s own Hachiko

Yes, you heard it right; Ukraine has its own Hachiko too. The story that has been shared by the Nexta TV, a Belarusian media outlet where a dog is seen setting next to his dead owner, refusing to move has won the hearts on the internet. Many people have resembled it with Hachiko, a dog who is known for faithfulness’ and loyalty to his master.

This story once again reminds us the innocence and faithfulness of dogs to his owners. Where humans fail, dogs excel, which is why sometimes dogs are regarded as man's best friend.

For the ones, who is wondering who the Hachiko is, I suggest them to Google it and recommend to watch the movie starring Richard Gere.

On the streets of Kyiv, a dog sits by its dead owner

On the streets of Kyiv, a dog sits by its dead owner


Indeed, the stories above have taught all of us a lesson. The everyday life of the Ukrainians amid the war has defined the hope in difficulty times. Perhaps, we are blessed enough to be able to just sit around and enjoy a cup of tea watching the internet memes surrounded by our own comfort zones.

Through its actions, Ukraine has demonstrated the power of unity. People from all walks of life came together for one cause; a small act of kindness makes all the difference. While unity pertains to such difficult times, it can also be applied in our everyday lives, as we help each other in times of need.

There is so much to learn indeed from the inspirations of a true leader, an elderly mother and a faithful dog. However, it depends on who you are, what you see and think about it, and what you take away at the end of the day and what you use it for as inspiration.

Well, let’s hope peace will once again rejuvenate Ukraine and its people. Keep your stand and support Ukraine.

This content reflects the personal opinions of the author. It is accurate and true to the best of the author’s knowledge and should not be substituted for impartial fact or advice in legal, political, or personal matters.

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