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Leaving Afghanistan Is Political

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Look, I get it. Fighting an endless war over 20 years grows weary. Polls mostly show that around 60% or more of Americans thought yanking the troops out was a great idea. On paper and in speeches, bringing the boys home is always appealing, whether it is WW1, WW2, Korean, Vietnam, Iraq. But the Biden debacle as to how it is being done just shows Biden and his team grossly miscalculated so many things, it was like he listened to nobody because he wanted to go down in history as the president who ended the Afghanistan war. He thought it would gain him more voters.

Granted, had Trump been re-elected, this sort of mayhem and incompetency might still have occurred because he was in the same frame of mind and it began with him with a bad agreement. It's all political and ego.

But, did we really need to yank everyone out? Since 1950, American troops have been manning the border between North and South Korea, even today, with 30,000 troops. How is Afghanistan any different? In the past year, almost no US losses were accounted for. The number of troops there is nowhere near the levels in Korea today. In fact, only around 3000 were there, mostly in the Kabul area. Are you telling me that America could not afford to maintain this force to support the Afghan army and airforce who were doing the fighting? It is far cheaper than maintaining 30,000 in Korea. Why is Korea more important? The North has a few nukes, I guess. It is also a terrorist nation. The same argument is said about having thousands of troops stationed in Germany and Poland. Is the Russian threat any worse than having a nation of terrorists in Afghanistan with large stockpiles of American weapons and bombs? Once the USA is gone, it will be a nation of Taliban, Haqqani, al Qaeda, and ISIS. All bad actors with a goal to conduct more terrorist attacks on Western countries.

Biden's decision ignored all this intentionally just to be the man to end a long war. The rational was to please the American people, well, those who wanted it to end. Instead of a well executed withdrawal, it has become a dangerous situation and one that may get worse. History will show it was poorly planned and expedited in order to meet the 9\11 anniversary date, as if it was a celebration. Now, when that date arrives, it will be the Taliban celebrating!


perrya (author) on August 23, 2021:

The fallout from what you say is very true and the damage will be very hard to repair. Every ally will have a backup plan when dealing with the US militarily.

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MG Singh from UAE on August 23, 2021:

History records that a battle is lost and an empire disintegrates when a nation loses its will to fight. As I have written Biden has completely destroyed not only American prestige in the world but sounded the death knell of the American influence all over. The way the Americans ran like rats from Afghanistan has not been liked by anybody in the world including American allies and NATO and even in Taiwan, there is a feeling that America cannot be trusted to defend anybody. Good points are raised by you.

Kathleen Cochran from Atlanta, Georgia on August 22, 2021:

After 20 years? It was necessary about 10 years ago. By now, it's common sense.

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